Kirie Joining as Cipher News Editor

In an on-going effort to improve Serenes Forest’s Fire Emblem Cipher coverage and also to bring new talent aboard the staff, I’m delighted to announce that Kirie will be joining the team as the Cipher news editor.


Some of you may already know of Kirie from her reports and posts on the Serenes Forest Cipher subforum and on other communities such as the Fire Emblem subreddit and FE Cipher Foreign Community.

With her knowledge and passion of the Cipher card game, plus her experience with penning website content, I have every confidence that she’ll be able to carry on the Cipher torch and make it burn ever brighter.

Anyway, expect a new Cipher post from Kirie in the close future. In addition, if you have any feedback or suggestions for Cipher content, you can leave a comment in this news post, on the forums or this reddit thread.

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