Celebrity Spotlight: Rena Strober Sings for Serenes Forest

As many of you may already know, Rena Strober, the English voice of Azura in Fire Emblem Fates, joined Serenes Forest a few months back. She’s been making herself known in our little forum since then, and has graced us with her own live rendition of Lost in Thoughts All Alone, with a special thank you towards the Serenes Forest collective and userbase!

While you can find the post in our Rena Strober Appreciation Thread here, I encourage you to support her and the voice acting community in general by posting within the thread and showing some appreciation of your own towards a fanbase that we all love!

Finally, Rena Strober has put together her own Kickstarter to raise awareness for The Academy of Music for the Blind & Gavins Groupies (A support effort raising hope for children with blindness). Find it in your heart to support this tremendous cause, as Rena supports our community just the same!

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