TMS #FE and FE Mobile Updates

Nintendo has been dropping tidbits of information over the past two days for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and the upcoming mobile version of Fire Emblem.


For starters, the mobile Fire Emblem will be free to download and play, and will feature “a ‘free-to-play’ strategy, allowing no-cost downloads and in-app purchases.”


Nintendo also posted a tweet, advertising the DLC that will be available immediately upon release. The packs include:

Costume Set
Get new costumes for Itsuki, Tsubasa, Touma and Kiria.

Tokyo Millennium Collection
Participate in a fashion show and get extra outfits for Tsubasa, Kiria and Eleonora.

EXPeditious Hunter
Battle through a dungeon filled with enemies that yield experience.

Masterful Hunter
Gain materials used to level up weapons by fighting enemies in this dungeon.

Savage Hunter
Defeat difficult enemies in this dungeon to earn rare items.

EXPeditious Hunter, Masterful Hunter and Savage Hunter DLC can also be purchased together for a reduced price** in the Hunter Support Quest Pack. Also, it may be safe to assume that these are the five DLC card codes that are included in the Fortissimo Edition of TMS #FE.

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