TMS#FE Coverage at E3 and Spiffy New Trailer!


Finally, some Fire Emblem news at E3! At 5:30p, Nintendo offered up some coverage on Tokyo Mirage Sessions # FE, highlighting a few nice things, including this exciting new trailer!

In short, we get a lot of translated material, from locations (Daiba Studio, etc) to Spells (Traport, Estoma etc) to Items (Strawberry Mochi, etc), Enemies (Excellus, Bord, Cord) and Carnage weaponry (Balmung), and Skills (Carnage Blast, Strike a Pose, etc).

Immediately, we’re brought into a sidequest for Kiria, highlighting her learning the Seducing Pose skill with Tsubasa, while battling throwbacks Bord and Cord. We also got to check out some neat combo attacks, referred to as Duo Arts. Following the battle, we’re greeted with a neat cinematic featuring the girls performing together.

Up next this, we’re loaded into the Bloom Palace, the party’s main organization HUB, where Tiki can always be found. Chrom was reclassed into a Conqueror (as opposed to a Great Lord) and we got a view of some of the Carnage customization options, including creating the Balmung for Itsuki. Kiria also learned a new Radiant Skill from her battle with Bord and Cord, Door of Reincarnation.

Finally? Some Level-up scenes in an unidentified Idolasphere (Labyrinth) and boss battle with producer Tacachino…or rather, Excellus, that went unfinished due to time constraints on stage.





I’d say we got quite a bit to whet our palette and hold our attention until the 24th! Nine more days until we can play it ourselves!

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