Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Now Available for NA & EU

That’s right! TMS #FE is now available for download from the eShops of Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe, as well as shelves of stores today.


If you weren’t sure about the game’s reception, reviews for the game have been above average. You’re hard pressed to see a rough review of TMS #FE, as the median has the game scoring a pretty solid 8/10 across dozens of reviewing organizations, rarely going more than +/- 1 point either way.

If you find yourself enjoying the game and wanting to do more with it, we here at Serenes Forest are looking for knowledgeable and passionate volunteers who can help build and manage the TMS#FE section.

Right now, the most efficient way for others to add content is via our wiki. We’ve had great success with the Berwick Saga section and our recent Cipher section, and aren’t opposed to branding into the TMS #FE world as well. If you’re interested in applying for a role, let us know in this thread!

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