Vestaria Saga: The Final Stretch + Difficulty Concerns

In a recent blog post from 21st July, Kaga revealed that Vestaria Saga I is currently in the final stage of debugging and that it will be released as scheduled during Summer 2016 (by 21st September).


Additionally, Kaga updated his Q and As post to clear things up for those concerned about the game’s advertised high difficulty. A special thanks to Kirokan for helping me translate the post!

To begin with, Kaga states that the game is designed for experienced strategy RPG players. Typical strategy RPGs tend to get easier towards the end, but Vestaria will become more difficult the closer to endgame.

If players don’t properly plan how to distribute experience, items and funds from the start, the game may end up unwinnable. Also, Kaga advises against only training a select few characters, as all units are fielded in the final map.

Moreover, Kaga warns players not to go in expecting a “modern” game–in other words, one that’s easy to pick up and play. Rather, the game will hark back to the classic era of videogames, where your brain needs to be in full gear.

In a later update, Kaga explains that offering varying difficulty settings goes against his policy of creating game balance. However, for those interested in playing for the story, he plans to make a separate, easier version in roughly six month’s time.

Conversely, if players end up finding the game surprisingly easy upon release, he has no plans to provide a more difficult version.


In his final update (for now), Kaga revealed that, after careful consideration, he will be providing an in-game difficulty setting after all (despite it going against his policy).

If players choose “Rescue Mode” rather than “Normal Mode”, player characters will gain 2 points of Attack and Defence while Atol (the heroine) is fielded, plus the base experience gain is boosted by 20.

According to Kaga, this makes the early-game much more easier and the end result is a difficulty level similar to TearRing Saga. Even still, he recommends that players stick with Normal Mode where possible.

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