Amiibo News! New Zealand Gets Surprise Fates Bundles

That’s right folks. Nintendo appears to be releasing a special bundle for New Zealand (and hopefully, other EU/PAL regions), that will not feature a 3DS of any kind, but instead, will feature an amiibo and a NFC Reader/Writer.

The bundles announced for New Zealand thus far include:

FatesBR FatesCQ

The Birthright Bundle, including an Ike amiibo, Fire Emblem Fates Birthright and the NFC Reader/Writer.

The Conquest Bundle, including a Marth amiibo, Fire Emblem Fates Conquest and the NFC Reader/Writer.

I’m suspicious about future amiibo bundle releases, as the Lucina amiibo has a confirmed production through Nintendo’s CPSIA line. Could the US or other EU regions be getting a Lucina bundle? Regardless, there is no word on additional Roy, Robin or Corrin amiibo production releases or bundles as of now.Lucina Amiibo

These are set to be available on September 22, for $84.99. If you live in the region or play to order through MightyApe’s online ordering service, you can check out the Birthright and the Conquest bundles by clicking their links above.

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