Cipher: Japanese Code Giveaway Round 1 Results

We have a few updates regarding our FE Cipher Japanese Code Giveaway, including the winners of the first round.


Following Bernie_man123, a number of very generous users donated their unwanted Cipher codes to the prize pool. A big thanks to wobblinghood, KirieDancingDanny and geozeldadude!

Originally we had 5 codes to hand out, but now we have 14 (and at least 2 of each unique code), which is a lot more than we could’ve expected!

Because there are so many codes, and to improve the odds of entrants winning at least one code, there will be at least two draws–the first of which already took place yesterday.

The winners of the first round:

  1. Opera theme — TBS Cosplay
  2. Cipher Minerva — Yaiba
  3. Cipher Marth — Nakhaw
  4. Cipher Lucina — LVL 100 Weedle
  5. Heroes theme — JohnnyMario
  6. Heroines theme — Siskan

If that’s you, please check your private messages to find your code. If for some reason you don’t want your code (because you have it already or can’t use it), please reply to the message to say so.

Those of you who haven’t won, don’t worry just yet because everybody will be automatically entered into the second draw. Also, if you have a Japanese 3DS and haven’t entered yet, it’s not too late to enter!

So long as there are no problems, the second draw is scheduled to occur during 29th August 2016.

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