Vestaria Saga: Early-game Character Profiles

Yesterday, Vestaria Saga (Part 1) released two weeks earlier than planned.


In lieu of an English translation of the game, here’s a look at the characters (friend and foe) that you’ll encounter near the beginning of the game, translated from this page.

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Note: All images belong to S_Kaga and Vestaria Project.

Portrait Name Profile
vesta-char-face006 Zeid (Zeidreese) A nobleman from the Duchy of Redessa, a territory of the Kingdom of Meleda. With the Lord Asral entrusted to him by his late father, he must confront a terrible fate. The hero of this story.
vesta-char-face003 Atol (Atolfis) The Princess of Medla and the Star Priestess of Vesta. Has the Princess’s Charisma and Priestess’s Blessing skills and can heal allies with sacred staves. The heroine of this story.
vesta-char-face005 Zechs (Zechsrias) Zeid’s brother, a hero to the Meledans. Serves as the acting commander of the Meledan military in place of his late father. He was engaged to Princess Atol by orders of the king.
vesta-char-face004 Garland An earl from the Duchy of Redessa with a tactical acumen. Although he was his brother’s right-hand man, after their defeat, he journeys with Zeid as his assistant. As a tactician, he makes cool-headed judgements, but he’s a complex person who sometimes shows an emotional side.
vesta-char-face007 Troy A horseback knight from the Duchy of Redessa, nicknamed Troy the Gale. He dedicated his sword to Zeid and is a loyal knight who fights by his side. With his high movement and Adept skill, he can cut through battlefields with ease.
vesta-char-face002 Banacel An armoured knight from the Duchy of Redessa and a reliable big brother figure. He serves as the knight brigade’s shield alongside his buddy, Prody. With the Shieldbearer and Wrath skills, he excels at counter-attacking.
vesta-char-face001 Prody A young footsoldier from the Duchy of Redessa, who serves as the knights’ shield with Banacel. People generally see him as a plain type of person, but he’s a hard worker who’s excited for the future. Additionally, his Adjacent Bodyguard skill is invaluable for improving defence while moving in formation.
vesta-char-face011 Jan A woodcutter who’s a member of the Lucca Village Vigilantes. He’s a big-hearted person who’s only interests are eating and sleeping. He’s capable with the axe and has the Axe Defence skill.
vesta-char-face010 Ash A woodcutter who’s the leader of the Lucca Village Vigilantes. He’s quick to argue and hates losing, but has a caring and gentle side. It seems he has a childhood friend who lives in a mountain village to the north…?
vesta-char-face017 Dune A hunter who’s a member of the Lucca Village Vigilantes. He’s an abandoned orphan whose parents are unknown. Due to certain circumstances, he was raised by the village chief. While hunting, he’s adept at hiding in the grass and ambushing prey.
vesta-char-face009 Alicia A neat and tidy cleric who’s staying in Lucca Village. Perhaps because of some deep reason, she hardly talks about herself. She’s a kind-hearted girl who’s admired by the village for her healing abilities.
vesta-char-face016 Haldia A swordsman from the mainland who’s now a mercenary serving the Garakia Bandits. He possesses a swordsmanship that’s clearly different from that of the Meledans. Possesses the Adept and Psych Up skills.
vesta-char-face008 Meredy A knight from a foreign nation met along the journey. She’s still a novice knight, so her skills are unrefined. However it’s possible that she has a hidden talent, which will allow her to blossom into an exceptional knight.
vesta-char-face015 Cezar A handsome treasure hunter on a journey to seek ancient treasures (or so he says). Appears to be a pauper at first glass, but he’s strangely able at gathering wealth. Despite his words, he’s a caring fellow and has a weak spot for the princess types.
vesta-char-face013 Sheila An aboriginal girl who resides in a mountain village. Excellent with the bow. She hails from an exalted family, but ran away from home because she longed for the city. Afterwards she met up with Zeid and the others. Since she trained in hiking, she has legs like an antelope.
vesta-char-face014 Zayed A gladiator from the Kingdom of Sphere who barely escaped with his life. He was saved by Sheila’s grandfather and lived peacefully as a woodcutter in Yapa Village. He travels together with the chief’s granddaughter, as her guardian, to repay his kind favour. He’s a man of few words, but dependent and honest.
vesta-char-face012 Caesar A nobleman from Fral, a territory of Meleda, and Zeid’s best friend since childhood. He studied at the Vesta Shrinedom to assist the mage knights. In addition, he can protect himself from attacks with his Magic Shield.
vesta-char-face023 Asran A member of the Vesta Shrinedom’s prized elite knight squadron. Leader of the  “Grunadler” Sky Knights. She’s adored as the big sister among the other girls in the squadron. She is trusted as Pontifex Neylea’s confident.
vesta-char-face024 Air A knight who serves the Vesta “Grunadler” Sky Knights. Despite her youth, she’s a sensible “chairman” type. Because her parents were clergymen, she is a devout believer. One of the Grunadler’s vice-captains.
vesta-char-face022 Luvina A knight who serves the Vesta “Grunadler” Sky Knights. She’s a novice knight who joined 2 years ago. Air and her are a year apart, but her mental age is much lower. She seems like the princess type, but is scary when angered.
vesta-char-face021 Lytton The governor of the Republic of Venecia and Zeid’s brother-in-law. He has a great understanding of Zeid and supports him both openly and secretly. He aims to reform the corrupt republic, which has created many enemies for himself. At home, he’s a good husband and father.
vesta-char-face020 Beatrice Zeid’s elder sister and the governess of the Republic of Venecia. She married Lytton in place of Zeid’s mother. A kind and intelligent woman, but her heart aches after her only daughter was chosen to be a priestess.
vesta-char-face018 Tyron The chief of the 1000-strong Garakia Bandits. He’s managed to rapidly expand his territory by taking advantage of the political corruption within Venecia. Now he intends to become the big chieftain who rules over the majority of Venecian territory. Despite being cruel and cunning, he has a friendly and caring side as well.
vesta-char-face019 Valerius The Archmage responsible for the Empire’s acts of conspiracy. He invaded Vestaria ahead of the imperial invasion and is working to prevent an alliance between the 7 nations. The movements of the Garakia Bandits are also a part of his plot.
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