Cipher S6 Weekly Recap: More Daily Reveals & Site Updates!

We’re less than two weeks away from the release date of Fire Emblem Cipher‘s Series 6, and the Cipher team is revealing many new cards and information as we get closer and closer to the final date! One of the most anticipated cards shown off this week is an SR card for Leo from Fire Emblem Fates, our third piece of the royal sibling panorama.


Other cards revealed on the official Cipher Twitter this week include an SR card for Deirdre and R cards for Eldigan and Bridget, all from Genealogy of the Holy War. The final revealed card contains a rather large spoiler for Revelation, so I won’t be showing it off here, but you can click here to view it.

deirdre-sr eldigan-r briggid-r

The FE Cipher official website has also had several updates this week, including a final update for the S6 page itself. The page update shows off small versions of a handful of S6 booster series and deck cards, some new and some old.

s6-cards st-cards

Additionally, we get final shots of the promotional items that will be included in the S6 booster boxes: two 1st Anniversary promos, two preview promos for S7, and two promotional packs of sleeves. Each booster box will contain one anniversary promo, one preview promo, and one sleeve pack chosen randomly.

The 1st Anniversary promos are reprints of the Male Corrin and Female Corrin promos that were given out by Nintendo Dream and Dengeki Nintendo respectively in November 2015 to coincide with the S2 release. The new promos are mostly the same, but have 1st Anniversary stamp in the upper right corner, as well as reprint numbering.


The S7 preview promos are of the next set’s starring lords, Eliwood from Blazing Sword and Ryoma from Fates, each with their official artwork. Both cards will be reprinted in S7 itself, but with unique artwork made just for Cipher.


The promotional sleeves come in packs of five and match the featured games for S6. The Genealogy sleeves use the game’s original box art, while the Fates sleeves reuses some particularly cute artwork of Elise and Sakura that was originally shown on special edition Nintendo pre-paid points cards in Japan.


We also get an official list of the cards included in the ST Deck. Deck exclusive cards are of Sigurd, Deirdre, Quan, Arden, and Lex. The deck’s holo cards are the ST+ card of Sigurd, individual holos of Deirdre and Quan, and also foil versions of the triple artwork cards of young Quan, Sigurd, and Eldigan that were shown off last week.


Event information for upcoming Cipher events has revealed the next batch of tournament promos. As usual, the promo set features two completely new cards—in this case, Arden of Genealogy and Charlotte of Fates—as well as four alternate art reprint cards of existing S6 cards: Deirdre, Ayra, Leo, and Felicia.

tournament-promo-arden-3 tournament-promo-charlotte-4 tournament-promo-deirdre-5

tournament-promo-ayra-6 tournament-promo-leo-7 tournament-promo-felicia-8

Each player who participates in an official Cipher tournament receives one pack that contains two of the these cards chosen at random, with winners receiving an extra pack. Because these cards are only available to tournament participants, they cannot be bought from regular online retailers, but are often resold on Japanese auction sites.

The final site update this week was a reminder about the upcoming livestream event that will be held over NicoNico on September 24th. Ryota Kawade and Young will be hosting again, and they will be joined once again by Eri Suzuki (Soleil’s Japanese VA) and Riko Wakana (the Felicia Cosplayer from Comiket).

They also announced three new guests as well: Masato Kouda, Hiroki Morishita, and Takeru Kanazaki, all composers who worked on the Fates soundtrack. Interestingly enough, Kouda was listed separately, while the two were listed as “Cavaliers”, with Morishita as the Red Cavalier of the duo and Kanazaki as the Green Cavalier.


Like most pre-release livestreams, next week’s show will mostly be focused on opening packs of the upcoming set and showing off cards, especially signed or other rare cards. We will also likely see some artwork and other tidbits for the next few upcoming sets.

Cipher Series 6 will release later this month on September 29th. We’ll continue sharing new cards and artwork as they’re released in the meantime. For more information about Cipher, including links and information on where to purchase cards outside of Japan, please check out my Newcomer’s Guide to FE Cipher.

Want to discuss these cards or speculate about what else we’ll be seeing revealed in Series 6? Feel free to visit us at the FE Cipher Subforum on the Serenes Forest forums.

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