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As you probably already know, the English version of Fire Emblem Fates was released a little under seven months ago (February 19th, 2016). Since the game’s release, popularity for the franchise once again jumped, as fans of the series flocked to the streets to pick up copies for themselves. Interest skyrocketed during the game’s initial release in Japan and here in the US when the protagonist, Corrin, was revealed. Heck, I myself found myself drawn to the female version of Corrin, due to my use of the game as a stellar strategy game and a great reading tool to help my daughter learn to read.

I found myself fortunate enough to have a chat with Marcella Lentz-Pope, the voice actress of Corrin, and while things just started off as an interview, I’d say we’ve established a friendship, too! She’s voice Scarlet and Corrin (Female) in both Fire Emblem Fates & Super Smash Bros for Wii U & 3DS, so just on this alone, I’d say she’s already quite accomplished! She’s super friendly, and I’m definitely glad that we had this chance to chat!


If you think you recognized her voice from somewhere but just can’t put your finger on it, you might recognize her from other games such as Halo:Reach (Sara), Moira Burton (Resident Evil: Revelations 2) and League of Legends (Kindred), or from television series like The Fosters (Chloe Hendricks), Criminal Minds (Emma Phelps) and Avatar: The Last Airbender (Jin).

After the interview, Marcella was kind enough to join our forum and participate in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) event, and you can only assume how ecstatic I am about that!

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Chris “Elieson” Offner: What are some of your favorite things about being a voice actress?

Marcella Lentz-Pope: There are quite a few things I love about voice acting. Getting to create a voice and character from nothing is very special and really just so much fun. And when it comes down to it, that’s what matters, I have so much fun doing my job! I also love that I’m following in my dad’s footsteps. (Tony Pope was a big VO actor who voiced Goofy, Furby and many many others). Every time I’m in the studio behind the mic I think of how proud he would be of me.

(CO): You’ve done lots of work as a voice actress, and you’ve also been an actress in live action movies. Do you see yourself pursuing any particular focus, or do you enjoy both roles?

(MLP): I love doing it all! I think that’s the wonderful thing about being an actor, your job is transforming into someone else. Whether that’s on stage, in film, in a video game… I love performing and I love creating, so as long as I’m given the opportunity to work in any medium I will take it. But Voice overs do hold a special place in my heart. I’ve been doing it professionally the longest, since I was 8 years old.

(CO): What would you say you’re move proud of as far as your past performances?

(MLP): I’m proud of a lot I have done, I think it’s important to appreciate you’re own work. But If I had to choose something specific I would say my work for League of Legends. It was a very unique recording experience since I got to work with another actor in the booth and not just speaking to myself. Myself and the creative team at Riot worked on a couple variations of my character and it was so great to hear (and see) the final product. And it’s really wonderful seeing how much others appreciate and enjoy my work as well.

(CO): You’ve done lots of work for some pretty big names (Disney, Nintendo). What’s it like working for them?

(MLP): To be honest it’s just like working for any other company except there’s more paperwork. But you do also get the feeling of working for something legendary.

(CO): How about the job itself? Is it difficult doing what you do?

(MLP): Yes it can be. Sometimes it can be vocally stressing and I will lose my voice, which means I’m not doing my job properly. It can also take a little longer to find the character, that right voice that the client hears in their head and you have to create from the words they use to describe it. I guess that’s something that every actor worries about “am I giving them what they want, do they like me”. No matter how long I’ve been in this industry the same thoughts always come into my head.

(CO): Based on my research, you don’t seem to do that much voice work for video games. I recently watched Avatar: The Last Airbender and caught your voice as Jin, (where it was spelled differently from how I expected it to be, which is why it stuck out to me), but I haven’t heard you in many game or animated series related roles. How did you end up getting involved with the voice work for Fire Emblem Fates?

(MLP): Hmmm that’s weird as I mostly do video games! I’ve done about 6 or so video games this past year alone. How I get involved with any project is usually the same way. Either I audition for it through my agent or the director and/or casting director request me. Now that I’m doing more and more projects some companies are requesting me based on work I’ve done. I believe for Fates the director had requested me as I’ve worked with her many times before.

(CO): What was it like doing the voice work as Corrin in the three Fire Emblem Fates games and Super Smash Bros?

(MLP): Voicing Corrin was so much fun! She has a lot of energy and a lot of the work was doing “efforts”, which is what we call all the grunting and screaming and hitting others and being hit. If I remember correctly we had 2 recording days and they were very relaxed and low key sessions. Everyone was enjoying themselves and it wasn’t tense at all, which sometimes you get that feeling from the client. She kicks ass (literally). And I love playing women who kick ass.

(CO): What about Scarlet? Was it an easy transition to do two different kinds of voices for the same game?

(MLP): Scarlet is very different from Corrin, a completely different character and voice so it was never an issue. She has a whole different attitude and swagger about herself, which I love!

(CO): Did you get to play the game after doing voice work for it? What did you think of the game and the characters that you “are”? Is it weird to listen to yourself?

(MLP): I haven’t gotten to play the game personally! I’ve watched some others play it online in tutorials trying to figure it out! It’s always a little weird hearing yourself, I can get very critical. But it’s also great seeing it come together and knowing you had a part in making it happen.

(CO): Do you have any other projects you can share with us that you’re working on?

(MLP): I’ve recorded a couple other video games recently but… I can’t talk bout them just yet. But I think everyone will be very excited about them 😉

(CO): Is there anything else you’d like to add before wrapping things up?

(MLP): From the bottom of my heart, thank you for playing and for all the beautiful and kind words said about my work. I love entertaining, and having people react so well and enjoy playing or “being” me in a video game is the best compliment. Soon I’m going to start going to conventions so I’ll be able to meet fans and players in person… Which I can not wait to do. Thanks again! xo Marcella

And there you have it! Marcella’s been great to talk to, so I’m sure she’ll be a star here at Serenes Forest!

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