Cipher: Series 6 Pre-Release Livestream!

Yesterday, the Fire Emblem Cipher team hosted another livestream as a pre-release event for the upcoming Series 6, which releases on September 29th. During the steam, they showcased many of the missing cards from the series, and also discussed upcoming events and later series releases.


Ryota Kawade (Cipher Producer), Young (from Intelligent Systems), and Eri Suzuki (Soleil’s Japanese VA) were our starting hosts. They opened up the stream by showing off a few pieces of artwork from the upcoming Part 2 of the Tellius Recollection books featuring Micaiah and Ike from Radiant Dawn.


Afterwards, they started showing off some cards by opening one of the ST Decks. Kawade showed off some of the deck’s holo cards, such as the starring lord card for Sigurd from Genealogy of the Holy War, the holo versions of the joined artwork of younger Quan, Sigurd, and Eldigan, and other ST Deck cards of Lex and Azel.

st-deck-holos lex-azel

They also opened up a fresh booster box to show off some of the contents, including the promo sleeve packs and included promo cards. Each S6 booster box comes with one sleeve pack and one promo pack containing a preview promo card and one anniversary card. Ryoma is packaged with Female Corrin and Eliwood with Male Corrin.

 promos-1 promos-2

Once the pack opening began, our hosts were joined by a few guests: Masato Kouda, Hiroki Morishita, and Takeru Kanazaki, who were all composers that worked together on the Fire Emblem Fates OST. Riko Wakana also made another appearance in her Felicia cosplay to dole out and help open packs.

pack-opening-1 pack-opening-2

During the opening, the penultimate SR card was finally revealed: Lewyn of Genealogy. Many people have predicted that he would get the last Genealogy SR slot, but it was still a happy sight to see. The final Fates SR card, however, was purposefully withheld, much to the audience’s dismay.


Much attention was given to the special SR+ cards. All four of the Nohrian siblings get signed cards this time around. They also do not have alternate artworks for these cards, so you can put all four signed sibling cards together to form the full panorama! We can assume the same will be done for the Hoshido siblings in the upcoming S7.


We do however still get alternate art SR+ cards for two of the Genealogy cards: Sigurd and Deirdre. In their regular SR cards, Deirdre is by herself and Sigurd is paired with Arvis, but the couple’s SR+ cards feature joined artwork of both of them together.


In addition to the SR cards, Kawade also showed off a number of other cards from the set, confirming the appearances of some characters that had not yet been confirmed. On the Genealogy side, we were given glimpses of Ethlyn, Finn, Ayra, Dew, Taillte, Holyn, Sylvia, Jamke, Mahnya, and Beowolf, of which Sylvia and Mahnya are R holo cards.

ethlyn finn-ayra

dew-tailto holyn

sylvia-jamke mahnya-beowolf

For Fates characters, Kawade showed off cards for young Garon, Leo, Arete, Shigure, Percy, Ignatius, holo Effie, young Felicia and Flora, and also a new holo Felicia.

garon-leo arete-shigure

percy ignatius-effie

felicia-flora felicia-r

There was also one surprise card revealed, but it happens to be an endgame spoiler for Conquest. If you’d like to check it out, you can see it by clicking here.

In between the pack opening, our hosts and their guests had a bit of fun to keep things entertaining. Kouta played a few Fire Emblem songs on a piano provided by “Felicia”, and Young showed off some videos of himself visiting some Japanese card store for Cipher cards, and also dressing up in a Stoneborn mask.

kouda-on-piano stoneborn-young

Towards the end of the pack opening segment, Kawade showed off some original sketches by Riza Suzuki for her work with the Genealogy of the Holy War manga.

suzuki-art-1 suzuki-art-2

suzuki-art-3 suzuki-art-4

suzuki-art-5 suzuki-art-6

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper Cipher livestream without teasing some more art from upcoming series as well. S7, releasing on December 8th, will feature characters from Blazing Sword as well as Hoshidan characters from Fates. Four new art pieces were shown off of Rebecca and Guy from FE7 and Setsuna and Yukimura from Fates.

rebecca-guy setsuna-yukimura

During the previous livestream, we were given a teaser for S8 as well, which will release sometime next spring and feature characters from Awakening and the second generation of Genealogy. Two new pieces of art were shown for this set, full art for Tiki as well as an unfinished coloured sketch of Shanan.

tiki shanan

The presentation ended with some discussion about upcoming Cipher events. Cipher will have a booth at the upcoming Comiket91 this winter, and there will also be two Cipher Sai events in February! It’s likely that more promo cards and additional merchandise will be available at these events, but we don’t have any details yet.

With that, another successful livestream comes to a close! There are still a few more hidden secrets in S6, but we’ll just have to wait until the set formally releases to learn them.


In the meantime, feel free to come chat and speculate with other Cipher fans in SF’s Cipher Subforum. If you’d like more information about FE Cipher, including information on purchasing cards outside of Japan, please check out my Newcomers Guide.

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