FEE3 2016 is Just Around the Corner!

Fire Emblem E3 (FEE3) is an annual tradition in the Fire Emblem fanproject community, where Fire Emblem ROM hackers and game designers come together once per year to present their fantastic work for everyone to see.


During the past five years, a ton of absolutely magnificent and jaw dropping fan-games and ROM hacks have stepped into the limelight to strut their stuff, and this year they’re at it once more! Some veteran projects have made yet another return to the FEE3 stage, some projects are here for the first time ever, and some projects are just here to absolutely blow our minds with some insane engine defying hackery.

Now, some of you might be seeing FEE3 for the first time ever and could be wondering what this event is. But, if you thought that this was a Fire Emblem related showcase of some kind, you’re on the right track!

As far as the schedule goes, there’ll be 12 days of excitement to look forward to:

October 7th | FEE3 Introductory video

October 8th | The Road To Ruin/ Primefusion Interview

October 9th | The NICKT Collection Trailer/Bloodlines

October 10th | Elibean Nights

October 11th | Zane’s Tech Demo/ Teraspark’s Tech Demo/The Grand Archipelago

October 12th | Staff of Ages

October 13th | Fire Emblem 7x: Immortal Sword

October 14th | Zahlman’s Tech Demo/Book of Eden

October 15th | Circles Everywhere’s Tech Demo/The Fallen King

October 16th | Make a Fun Chapter: The “Teq” Demo

October 17th | Carcino’s Civil War

October 18th | Make a Fun Chapter: Barhara Revisited

October 19thConclusion Video

Preparation for this year’s FEE3 has never been so thorough, thanks in no small part to its leader, Ghast, cohost, Melissa, designer, Mina Tangerina and the staff here at Serenes Forest for accommodating the event this year in full force.
If you’d like to get involved in next year’s FEE3, reach out to either of them here at Serenes Forest. Ghast will most likely be running the event next year as well, and if not Ghast, someone close to Administration like Melissa will take his place. That being said, If you want to join the threads and chat with the hosts and developers of these projects, or even just get involved in romhacking yourself, stop in by the event thread here and we’ll be happy to welcome your interest and support!
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