Fates: Camilla Figure at NYCC 2016

First revealed at the Summer WonFes 2016, the 1/7 scale figure of Camilla from FE Fates made a surprise appearance at New York Comic Con 2016.


You can find loads of pictures over at NYGamer and Plastikitty. The biggest thing you’ll notice (except, uh, you know what…) is that the figure is now painted and in colour. Otherwise, there are no new details since last time.

Curiously, Intelligent Systems is still advertised as the figure’s distributor, although it’s unclear if they’re the ones publishing it or if they’re simply waiting to announce a partner (such as Good Smile Company).

Either way, Camilla’s appearance at NYCC is hopefully a sign of an eventual international release. (Although figures are “region-free”, it’d be nice to save on potentially hefty import costs.)

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  • Here’s something from Fates I could actually get behind. :^)

  • Cute-Chao

    It would be nice if they actually had some male figurines for once. We’ve had Lucina, Tharja, Cordelia and now Camilla. Apart from a heavily warped Chrom and Marth figurine, the only decent male figurines we’ve had have been from FE4, and even then there were more female than male released…

    • DimensionDrifter

      Dood you forgot about Amiibos man. You can burn me for not being full-size figure, but they are at least very nice. I will agree though that lack of bigger scale figures are not in the male variety. Hope to be proven wrong though 🙂

      • Cute-Chao

        Whoops! I’ll give you that. I knew I was missing some. I kinda count them, but still, no more detailed figurines for the male side is still sad to me, especially with Marth and Ike being everywhere for Fire Emblem :/

  • Just Some Guy

    Except you know what? That her hair is gorgeous?

  • Harvey

    That’s my girl! 😀

  • Ikewise

    I don’t want to imagine the things some freaks will unfortunately do with this.

  • Oharo

    There definitely needs to be more fire emblem figures produced