Camilla Figure Hits the Stage & Lucina amiibo Returns

Figure collectors may already know about Good Smile’s release of anime and video game themed figures and figmas (they sell the super cute Elise Nendoroid, for instance). This week, Good Smile Co. and several other vendors announced pre-orders for a new figure, a gorgeous full-“figured” 1/7 scale Camilla statue manufactured by our good friends at Intelligent Systems Inc.


Pre-orders at Good Smile Co. run at ¥16,800, though you can score a deal if you pre-order from AmiAmi, down to ¥13,820 (both available in September 2017), and for $171.99 from RightStuf (available in October 2017).

If you’re on the hunt for collectibles but find Camilla’s price tag to be a bit steep, be sure to keep a lookout for upcoming for amiibo re-releases, including the hard to find Lucina amiibo, now available at Best Buy for $12.99 but dipping as low as $9.99 on Black Friday (November 25). Ike and Roy can be found at GameStop for $12.99 as well, though Robin remains as the most difficult to find of the Fire Emblem cast, not being spotted on re-release charts anytime soon.

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  • oh.glory

    I’ve been to two different Gamestops in the last week, and each one had an abundance of Robin amiibo on the sale floor. I would just check with your local Gamestops and see if they have any. It’s worth a shot.

  • Harvey

    Give me a Camilla amiibo Nintendo and I will buy it day one!

  • RasenShot

    Of COURSE the amiibo gets a re-release and it’s on sale right after I buy in at almost $30 US.

  • Xyra

    Robin was rereleased! I picked up a figure at my local EB Games while picking up Pokemon. It seems to have stealthily increased in stock.

  • Dem Figs

    Figure collecting is expensive… 😡 rip wallet