TearRing Saga Full Translation Patch Project Compete!

Long time Serenes Forest user Aethin has been hard at work for over a year, working on a translation patch for the Japan-only release of TearRing Saga. If you’ve never heard of the game, you’re not alone.


TearRing Saga is a strategy game produced in 2001 by Shouzou Kaga, the creator of the Fire Emblem series. Many similarities exist between the two games, notable through the grid based map movement, unpredictable level-up stat system and more. It’s truly a treat to play, and is regarded as the spiritual successor to Fire Emblem Gaiden.

TRSIf you’d like to give this game a try, Aethin has finally released his completed work, the TearRing Saga English Translation Patch. Aethin’s release will allow fans and newbies alike to experience the game in a language they can hopefully understand, and share new appreciation for Kaga’s fantastic work!

Special thanks (from Aethin) go to:

  • Original Hacker – alamone
  • 2nd Hacker – LCKhoa
  • Old Translation – Firelizard, Eien ni Hen, akage, sumi, Oboro, Runan
  • Recruitment – FoxStar74
  • Major Contributions to Proofreading the Script – Miacis
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