Cipher Series 7 Promo Listing

The Fire Emblem Cipher Series 7 booster boxes may have already been released, but this particular set also has a large amount of related promotional cards. Many promos were still unrevealed by the time the set itself released, but now we can take a look at them and hopefully learn how to get our hands on them…

As usual, the first 2 promos were the preview promos included in the S7 Booster Boxes, and the next six are all special promos available to players who compete in Cipher tournaments in Japan.



Athos (P07-003PR) and Oboro (P07-004PR) are both completely new cards while Hector (P07-005PR), Nino (P07-006PR), Takumi (P07-007PR), and Sakura (P07-008PR) are alternate art reprints of cards available in S7 booster boxes. These are all characters from Blazing Sword and Fire Emblem Fates, the two featured games in S7.

Each player who participates in an official Cipher tournament receives one pack that contains two of the following cards chosen randomly, and winners receive an extra pack. Since these cards are only available to tournament participants, they cannot be bought from regular online retailers, but are often resold on Japanese auction sites.

The next promo card (P07-009PR) is a particularly cute festive card of Lyn building a snowman with Florina in the background. This card is available to everyone who attends the Fire Emblem Cipher booth at Comiket 91 in Tokyo. Unfortunately for collectors, many S7 promos will only be available at Comiket, so they may be expensive to purchase.


Two more Comiket promos are next in line. Swimsuit versions of Camilla (P07-011PR) and Hinoka (P07-010PR) from Fates will be included in Players Boxes available for purchase at the Cipher Comiket booth. Camilla is included in the Characters version of the box and Hinoka in the Dot Art version.


The final two Comiket promos feature special sprite artwork of Cain (P07-012PR) and Abel (P07-013PR) as musicians, representing two Fates composers: Hiroki Morishita and Takeru Kanazaki. These cards will be included in a Caranvan Concert CD that is exclusively available for purchase at the Comiket 91 booth.


The next two promos are magazine promos that can be found in the February issues of Nintendo Dream and Dengeki Nintendo. The magazine promos are super cute chibi-style cards of Xander (P07-015PR) and Ryoma (P07-014PR) respectively.

xander-promo ryoma-promo

The Nintendo Dream issue can be ordered from Amazon Japan here, and the Dengeki Nintendo issue here. Despite both magazines being February issues, they were actually released on December 21st.

The next promo is of Lyn (P07-016PR) and will be included in the S7 Guidebook that released on December 21st. The guidebook is sold out on AmiAmi but can be ordered from Amazon Japan here.


The final two promos for S7 are matching promos of Sakura (P07-017PR) and Elise (P07-018PR) from Fates. These promos will be given away to everyone who attends the upcoming Cipher Sai (Festival) events in Japan in February. We’ll hopefully get further information about what else will be available at Cipher Sai 2017 in the coming months.

sakura-sai-promo elise-sai-promo

With so many event- and merchandise-exclusive promos this time around, S7 is looking to be an expensive set for international collectors! For more discussion about Fire Emblem Cipher, please come join us in the Cipher subforum of the Serenes Forest forums!

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