Echoes: Valentia Complete / Heroes: New Character Trailer

It’s only been a day, but we have some more minor updates that we’d like to bring to your attention.

For those wishing to pre-order the the Japanese Fire Emblem Echoes Valentia Complete edition from the My Nintendo Store on 27th February 2017, there has been a change in plans.

Due to the “unexpected” amount of traffic during the launch of the My Nintendo Store, which resulted in the website crashing to a halt, Nintendo has promised to make amends, starting with the upcoming Valentia Complete.

Initially meant to be a “limited quantity” item, the Valentia Complete will now be available to everyone who pre-orders during the specified period. However, to accommodate this change, the starting date for pre-orders has been delayed until further notice.

Note: The final release date for the product has not changed.

Meanwhile, for the rest of the world, here’s a new character trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes to tide us over until its launch in a week’s time.

One rather interesting observation is that staff-wielders can apparently attack with their staves. Previously, staff-wielders were able to counter-attack in Radiant Dawn, but Elise here seems to be the one triggering combat.

Also, poor Nino, who’s the only character to get KO’d in the trailer.

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