Heroes: Midterm Rankings + A Little Bonus

There are only 7 days to go before Fire Emblem Heroes debuts on smart devices.

That also means the Choose Your Legends event–where users can vote for their favourite character(s) from across the series–is soon coming to an end.

More precisely, we’re on the 7th day of voting, with 5 more days remaining. (At the time of writing.)

Not long ago, we learned the top 3 characters as of 23rd January 2017, but now the picture has become much clearer after Nintendo of America (among others) posted a list of the current top 20 male characters and top 20 female characters.

Overall, the male list doesn’t have many surprises. Over half of the top-scoring male characters are main (or plot-important) characters, while the rest are a mixture of fan favourites.

The biggest outlier is probably Dorcas, who we’re pretty sure only got in because of the infamous “What happened to Dorcas?” line from the North American Blazing Blade commercial.

The female list is even less surprising. We’ll just leave it at that.

That said, it’s nice to see that country gal Nephenee from Path of Radiance has her fans–and she’s not far behind the more outgoing Mia either.

Also, from a personal standpoint, it’s interesting to see Lute from The Sacred Stones outperforming Nino. Not least because Nino was once the most popular Blazing Blade character in Japan.

To finish off, here’s a little bonus: all 783 character icons from the Choose Your Legends mini-website zipped up and ready to download.

>>> Heroes Icons <<<

One really cool thing is that all the character icons from Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn are much higher quality than in the actual games.

Before you jump to conclusions about an upcoming HD collection (which we admit would be really cool), bear in mind that these assets likely already existed but were downsized to fit into the game.

This would explain the existence of the Elena icon above, which is never used in any of the games (as explained here).

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