Fire Emblem Heroes, Available Now On Android And iOS!

The long wait is finally over! You can finally download Fire Emblem Heroes on your iOS and Android devices!

Although, at the time of writing, Android users in the US cannot officially download the game from the Google Play Store. But if you’re smart you can search for and directly install the APK file instead, which does the same thing.

Otherwise–and if the game isn’t available in your region yet–you’ll simply have to wait a bit longer.

Warning: As expected with many mobile game launches, expect communication errors aplenty as you try to download the game (and the additional 80 MB and 300 MB downloads before you can properly play). The only thing you can do is keep retrying.

For those of you who are really serious about playing the game, you may even have to endure the grueling download process multiple times as you attempt to re-roll for 5* Heroes.

By the way, if you don’t know what re-rolling is or need any help with the game, be sure to keep an eye on our (in-progress) game section and discussion forums.

In addition to downloading and playing the game, there’s a bit more you should keep in the back of your head, such as the My Nintendo Rewards coins (which can be combined with your regular Platinum Points to buy among five different types of goodies).

Take note, that all Fire Emblem Heroes players are entitled to receive 10 Orbs for free, via a one-time redemption, along with some other consumable goodies as well.

Accumulating more Fire Emblem Heroes Platinum Points is as easy as playing the game, because you can receive up to 1100 coins just for playing.

You’ll be eligible to receive 100 for clearing each of the game’s listed chapters, being Prologue and Chapters 1-9, as well as collecting 100 for linking your Fire Emblem Heroes game to your My Nintendo Account.

Warning: If you’re planing to re-roll, you must do it before linking an account. (If you’ve linked an account, but haven’t summoned any heroes yet, you can still re-roll if you delete your data before summoning.)

To link a My Nintendo Account, while in the game, select Misc. and then Account Management.

Users should also be reminded that if they participated in the Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends event, that they should anticipate 200 Regular Platinum Points being deposited into their account.

These Heroes Platinum Points can be combined with your Regular Platinum Points, and can be redeemed for a variety of goodies including:

  • 500 Universal Crystals [100 Coins, no limit]
  • 500 Universal Shards [100 Coins, no limit]
  • 1 Stamina Potion [100 Coins, no limit]
  • 1 Light’s Blessing [100 Coins, 3 per account]
  • 1 Dueling Crest [100 Coins, no limit]

More information on what these do specifically can be found on the My Nintendo Rewards page.

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