Echoes: Japanese Pre-orders for Valentia Complete Now Open

Those of you in Japan (or who have a contact living there etc.) can now pre-order the Valentia Complete edition of Fire Emblem Echoes, which is sold exclusively from the official My Nintendo Store.

As we reported earlier, pre-orders were originally meant to start from 27th January 2017, but were later delayed due to overwhelming activity during the launch of the My Nintendo Store.

To make amends, Nintendo has promised that everyone who pre-orders the Valentia Complete between now and 16th February 2017 at 13:00 (Japan time) is guaranteed to receive a copy.

However, while Nintendo has prepared a lot of stock, should the initial stock run out, buyers may have to wait until after the game’s 20th April 2017 release to receive their Valentia Complete. But better late than never, right?

Anyway, below you can find details of the Valentia Complete and the other editions available from the store.

Note: You must have a Japanese Nintendo Account to access the My Nintendo Store. In addition, you need a Japanese postal address to receive your item.

Valentia Complete

This is the ultimate collector’s edition of Fire Emblem Echoes, available from the My Nintendo Store only.

It comes in two versions, which contain the same contents, but one of them (the cheaper one) does not include the game card.

Both versions include the following:

  • The game box (with or without game)
  • 1x Fire Emblem Cipher card of Alm
  • “Sound Selection Echoes” soundtrack CD (contains 30 tracks from Echoes and Gaiden)
  • A code for downloadable content
  • 1x Fire Emblem Cipher holographic card of Celica
  • Valentia Artbook (A4, hardcover, 40 pages)
  • “Fire Emblem HD Movie Collection ~ From Radiant Dawn to Shadows of Valentia” Blu-ray (contains HD movies from Radiant Dawn, Awakening, Fates and Echoes; 90 mins in length)

Limited Edition

This is the “standard” limited edition that will also be available from participating retailers.

It includes:

  • The game box (with game)
  • 1x Fire Emblem Cipher card of Alm
  • “Sound Selection Echoes” soundtrack CD (contains 30 tracks from Echoes and Gaiden)
  • A code for downloadable content

Standard Edition

Last, but not least, we have the game by itself.

While the store does not make mention of this, the game’s official website states that the Alm Cipher card will be included in all first-print/early editions of the game (packaged version only).

Besides this, the store features two new screenshots from the game.

While there isn’t a lot of new information to gleam, I believe this is the first time we’ve seen the bottom screen in action.

In the first screenshot, we see Alm battling with his semi-trademark Levin Sword. (Yup, it existed long before Robin made it popular.)

Curiously, each unit’s class (Fighter for Alm and Soldier for the Royal Soldier) is displayed below their Level, which could be handy for newcomers.

Meanwhile, the second screenshot reveals the unit’s status screen. Compared to Awakening and Fates, the status screen looks super slick with the character’s portrait taking up a huge amount of the space.

It’s also vaguely minimalist, with combat stats (Might, Hit rate, Critical rate and Avoid) completely absent, replaced with the generic “Power” (a unit’s overall strength) instead and not a Skill in sight.

That said, there seem to be buttons along the bottom-left corner that could alter the status screen display or display additional information.

The space to the right seems to be reserved for the unit’s weapons, accessories and/or spells. Right now, Alm just has a generic “Sword”, so it’s hard to tell how Echoes intends to handle Gaiden’s unique inventory system.

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  • Doctor Robert

    I hope there’s something similarly awesome for us humble westerners…

  • SuperNintendomaniac

    I think POW is all your stat (excluded MOV) + HP (I’m not sure but I used a calculator). Also I remark there is no MAG or STR, just ATK. (like in Fire Emblem Gaiden or the GBA one). oh and thanks for this site Vincent! (I check out this website since Radiant Dawn when I need information!).

    • Aveyn Knight

      いかづちのけん and いかづちの剣 are the same thing.

      On the NES/Famicom, it generally wasn’t feasible to use kanji, so games typically used hiragana in its place. However, nowadays, there’s no excuse and kanji is more friendly to read.

      That’s also why Alm’s class (Senshi/Fighter) is written in kanji and not hiragana.

      Very interesting that the stats are similar/identical though.

      • SuperNintendomaniac

        I’m still a beginner at japanese but I know ken is sword/blade but 剣 is けん (google translate help me ahaha).

        I remark there is a sword after the name of the class (similar to Gaiden, which demonstrate it too?).

  • Francisco Miranda

    now i’m worried with what kind of reception the game could have thanks to stupid media focus of what makes fire emblem a fire emblem

    • Skorm94

      Haven’t seen any of that tbh. What do they say?

    • Harvey

      Me too. I honestly think that this might not sell as well as expected from Nintendo.

      What timing too…if only they removed marriage in Fates….

  • Ale. A. Santi

    Movies as in, the in game cinematics?

  • Jonathan Alexander

    So like would there be anyway for me to get this? living in the US? Highly doubt America is getting something like this

    • Easy enough on paper – convince someone in Japan to get it and send it to you.

      • Mito Requiem

        I actually tried this maybe playasia will resell some >.>

        • rubysp

          If you have okay understanding of Japanese use forwarding service eg Tenso or Big In Japan (I use this). Fill in the address of the forwardee and they will ship it to you once they receive the items.

  • Harvey

    Ok…that HD movie alone sounds like they can easily port RD and PoR to Switch….

  • MetalGear Lamia

    Gotta wait till someone extracts the HD collection!

  • Siskan

    Too bad Path of Radiance isn’t included in the HD collection.

  • An Tran

    Don’t give a wyvern’s plop about 13 and 14’s cutscenes, but HD CUTSCENES FROM RADIANT DAWN? I NEEEEEEEEEED THIS!

  • SomeUser