Fire Emblem Heroes Sibling Bonds Now Live

Moments ago, Fire Emblem Heroes greeted us with a data update containing several new units, a new Paralogue and a new Focus, which can be seen as Sibling Bonds. This new Banner and Focus group gives us a single new Focus with six units (the most in a Focus thus far). There is only one Focus this time, but it’s the largest Focus released to date.

This new Banner bring us three new maps and six new characters, including Eldigan, Olwen, Reinhardt and Lachesis (from Fire Emblem Thracia 776),  Klein (Fire Emblem Binding Blade), Sanaki (Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn). Sanaki marks the first appearance of a character from any of the console Fire Emblem games released internationally, which is a surprise given the anticipation of Ike, who heralds from two popular internationally released games.

Additionally, Launch Celebration Part 4 exists, which is a two part map granting orbs as a prize. Lastly, a new banner appears to have been leaked…

The focus heroes for this banner are Nino, Setsuna, Felicia and Effie.

Take this opportunity to score yourself some more experience and over ten more orbs, and good luck with your summons!

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  • TheNightmareEX

    Finally, some Thracia 776 heroes.

  • Frans-Maria Freccero HU15

    Shoudn’t Eldigan be listed as a genealogy character since he dies before the events of Thracia 776?

  • CombatMagi

    Took some orbs but I got Sanaki, Tellius’s only representative so far 😀

  • Harvey

    Where’s Ares?!?!?!

    • Anne O’Namus

      Ares doesn’t have any siblings

  • esco Tanner

    I WILL get you Lachesis….

  • Destructive Overlord

    Why are Klein (Fe6) and Sanaki (Fe10) paired together they aren’t related at all right.

    • Miguel Fernandez Valles

      Well they even say it in the paralogue, I found it funny xD

    • Lucian Crowe

      Not to mention Sanaki’s big sibling isn’t there. Won’t say who for spoilers but I’d think they’d be there! Unless saving them for Path of Radiance banner.

      • Stranger

        If people are playing Heroes, they either already know or are going to get spoilered by the characters descriptions. Heroes hasn’t been shy about that sort of thing.

        In any case, I’m glad that we’re gonna start branching into the Tellius games. PoR is one of my favourites. Half of my salary is gonna go into getting Nephenee.

        • CombatMagi

          I’m in the same boat as you. Jill, Ike, Nephenee, Soren, Volke, Lethe, so many I want from the Tellius games

          • Stranger

            It might be asking for much, but I hope the Laguz royals are playable. Caineghis, Tibarn, and Nailah would be freaking awesome.

            And I hope they give lolFailBrigade some love. RD was fun, but had big balance problems where some units just had zero chance to be viable.

          • CombatMagi

            Yeah no Laguz in Awakening bummed me out but I understood why, however not as hard to animate these so I’d be disappointed if they are not included at least eventually. As for the Dawn Brigade……not gonna deny the only one I used once is Edward and that’s when I was just having every Swordmaster available in game. Everyone else got overshadowed by returning cast. I used Fiona once but I had to level her with bonus experience there is no chapters that you can train her everyone else you had a small chance but Fiona always got the short end of the stick.

        • Angry MoM

          I fell you i must get Nephenee no mater the cost.

    • Dem Figs

      Because they are adopted brother and sister o.O?

  • Stranger

    I have most of them already, but that new focus with Effie, Setsuna, Nino, and Felicia seems pretty generous. Asides Setsuna (who is by no means bad), they’re all pretty high-ranking units.

    If it’s like the Battling Robin focus, this gives a good hint as to what type of team to train up.

  • O.H. X-1990

    Oh GREAT, more new heroes that I can’t summon! I hate it when this game won’t let me summon new and powerful heroes instead of the same and useless heroes!

  • O.H. X-1990

    Wait, I went to Summon mode and (GASP) …I did it…I actually summoned Reinhardt! I DID IT, I FINALLY DID IT!! For the first time in my life, I have finally summoned a Focus 5-Star Hero!! YEAH, WOO-HOO!!