Fire Emblem Heroes: New Banners, Voting Gauntlet, Hacking Countermeasures and More!

Fire Emblem Heroes rolled out two important updates yesterday. The first discusses countermeasures that the game will be taking to help combat players who are hacking or otherwise exploiting the game.

Although few specifics are mentioned, the update states that they have “detected improper use” from some players, and that countermeasures against these players will include limiting access to certain features. Anyone subject to these measures will be notified individually through the “Personal” tab of the Notifications screen.

To go along with the upcoming Voting Gauntlet theme, there are two new Banners featuring the Princes and Princesses within the Gauntlet, aptly titled Princes and Princesses. Each includes a 5* Focus instance of their respective units (Chrom/Ephraim/Leo & Eirika/Elise/Lucina).

Additionally, the main Log-in screen now provides details on the game’s main units, and this ties in to the now live Voting Gauntlet!


In this event, there will be three 45 hour rounds, each of which will require that you pick a Hero’s army to join. The army you choose will be the one that you stick with, unless your army loses, in which case you can reselect in the next round. If you’re late to join, you can always join in the next round, so latecomers need not worry about punctual attendance.

You will have no way of knowing what each army’s point count is until you join one, but with some research on Serenes Forest and even Reddit, I’m sure you can come up with some assumptions to work with.

Next, you’re tasked with winning battles against the “Rival Army”. For instance, selecting Alfonse pits you against Chrom’s army. You can enter these battles by entering the previously unnamed Battle selection on the lower right corner of your Battle screen.

Each battle is marked as a 3:v:3, with each unit calculated:

  1. Your Leader (left-most unit of your first Ally team)
  2. A friend (the unit that you see representing them in your Friends list)
  3. Someone else from the same army (which appears to be randomly decided)

Lastly, if you win your battle, you get to vote. Voting power is based on two things: Quantity of friends and Leaders of those friends. Having up to 10 friends boosts your voting power, but for this event, that shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve.

What this means is that if you want to strategically boost your team’s winning chances, you will want to add friends that have their Leader set to the leader of your preferred army.

You’re also given Battle Flags, which function as vote multipliers. Apply Battle Flags to your voting stage (in pre-selected increments, up to 100), to boost your voting power. Earn these through Voting Gauntlet Quests or through the frequent Log-in Bonuses. Battle Flags will expire at the end of this Voting Gauntlet, and presumably future ones as well.

The more you battle, the more points you achieve for the end prize, which are decided upon in categories of Army Victory PointsRank in Army Rewards and Total Rank Rewards. While the specific prizes have not yet been announced, there is one known prize.

The end prizes will be distributed at the end of the event as a Log-in Bonus. There will also be a “Grand Reward”, based on the overall voting score, which appears to be anticipated to hit billions. This affects not only you but all players regardless of how your army places, so if you want to contribute, be sure to join!

Before we wrap up new activities, there’s also a new Story Map titled Xenologue 1: Detached Princess. This map is the first campaign map to feature 6 enemy units, one of which includes Veronica herself. Complete it and earn 3 orbs per difficulty (Normal/Hard/Lunatic).

Among other things to do like Xenologues can be the Arena, which has reopened to include the previous Banner’s Focus units (Sanaki, Klein, Reinhardt, Olwen, Eldigan and Lachesis) as well as Female Robin, Jagen and Sully. Good luck in this season’s arena!

Finally, the fifth and final Launch Celebration map is now live!

Earn up to six Orbs by completing both the Normal and Hard versions of the map. This is the final week of the event, so make sure to complete this map, and the all previous maps, by March 14th before they disappear!

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor