Fire Emblem Echoes: New Site and New Video

A few days ago, we were given update that a new Official web-site exists for Fire Emblem Echoes, featuring Shadow of Valentia. This site is just a preview of what’s to come, and it shows; the site is rather barebones. However, the main trailer and several screenshots are available on the site, so there’s definitely something a few things worth checking out.

For bigger news, Nintendo shared a new video for the game today, highlighting new dialogue and showing off more excellent animation and what looks to be a much more developed story from the original.

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  • Could it be? I’m hyped for a FE game again?

    Hope I don’t jinx it.

    • Bulun Song

      I wish I can finish my Gaiden playthrough before this game released.

      • I’m replaying it atm. Gotta build the hype further before it comes crashing down!

        • Dem Figs

          Who wouldn’t be hyped?! It’s Fire Emblem!!!

          • Yeah man!!

            But to be honest I was let down by Awakening and Fates, I’m making an exception this time since it’s a reimagining of one of my personal favorites.

  • dmlover1990

    Alms’ voice though…

    • 1% Crit Chance

      Kinda sounds like he got Bryce Papenbrook’d

    • Miranda Arends

      I’m excited if it is Bryce. I met him at a convention (dressed as Henry of course) and he is the coolest / nicest person ever!

  • This makes me sincerely wish it was dual audio.


    Canceling my pre-order. I wanted a real fire emblem game with a player avatar, and marriage, not this generic unispired shit. Wtf.are my children and face rubbing, some of the best features in recent games? At least Celica looks kinda sexy, but nowhere near the level of some of my favorite characters like Camilla and tharja.

    People need to boycott this shot. Its terrible when companies like nintendo ruin some of their beloved franchises and this unfaithfulness should not be looked at lightly

    • SomeUser

      You’re joking right?

      • Skylar

        About 99% sure he is joking. Saying something like that would be silly if it were sincere.

    • Miranda Arends

      Can I have your preorder?

  • Theroonco

    Are there more story changes than just Alm leading the Deliverance in this trailer? Please answer this with just a yes or a no, I don’t want any spoilers whatsoever. Thank you in advance!