Heroes Gets a Villain: Grand Hero Battle Ursula Now Live, Plus New Focus Banner

Fans have been anticipating a certain Blue-tome user on a horse for quite some time, and with today’s latest Grand Hero Battle now available, we now have what we anticipated.

Ursula, from Fire Emblem (The Blazing Sword) can now be challenged in her Grand Hero Battle, and this time, recruited as a Three-star and Four-star unit! She’ll be available for roughly 70 hours, but her missions have her requirements set to Level 40 Five-Star Lunatic difficulty, so don’t dawdle if you want to recruit her!

Additionally, the new Banner, Battling Ursula, is now available, featuring Effie, Nino, Setsuna and Felicia as the Focus units. While none of these are new, Nino is quite the powerhouse and Effie can help complete some March missions for those struggling to get past Armor-based tasks.

Good luck, Summoners!

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  • Stranger

    The Focus doesn’t actually look that good for this battle. They’re all infantry, and the map has two nasty ninjas with Poison Daggers, Poison Strike, and Savage Blow. The other enemies are an Axe Knight wit Pavise, a Sword Cavalier, and Ursula herself.

    Like the Female Robin map, you start off in a nasty bottleneck, but at least this time you have the option to bait some of them for some duels across the walls.

    I just beat the 3 star version with Lissa, Saizo, Selena, and Female Robin. Saizo can duel with the ninjas, Female Robin kills both the cavalier and Ursula no problem, Selena can handle the knight, and Lissa to heal.

    • Bulun Song

      If you have two tanky fly units such as Subaki, Cherche or Beruka. This map is pretty damn easy.

      • Stranger

        I only pulled Cherche a few days ago- there’s no way that I can raise her up in time.

        I’m gonna try Camilla and Catria. I want to bring my Young Tiki, too- but those fucking ninjas double her. Almost all of my best units (Except Camilla and Catria) are infantry. I have pulled zero Armour from summoning.

  • The 4 star was surprisingly easy. Got it on my second try after I missed that the cavalier had draw back.

    None of the grand hero battles have been too difficult though.

    • . (Omega)

      Mind telling me what your strategy was? Cause I’m a bit stuck, since my issue is that I need to keep all my characters alive.

      • Sheena, male Robin, healer, and Leo. Moved Sheena to hold the choke, while letting Leo combat the ninja at the top. This aggroed Ursula who moved into range with the general behind her. Then I basically just used Robin + Sheena to pick them off one by one, starting with Ursula, then the general, then the final ninja, and the cavalier.

        • . (Omega)

          Shit, I don’t have Sheena… or Leo. :/
          I do have Effie and Gwendolyn, though.

          • Wendy or Effie could work, the reason Sheena worked for me was because Ursula had weapon disadvantage, so you could give it a shot to see if it works for you. Otherwise try some other tanky axe user. Leo can be substituted for anyone really, as long as they’re on horseback. That poison dagger is spooky.

          • . (Omega)

            Shit, this is gonna be challenging. Mostly because most of my units at max level aren’t even green units. The only max green unit is 3* Narcian. But the main issue here is the Poison Dagger users, which makes sense. Its why Kagero is so terrifying. Alright, better start grinding my characters more.

          • Yeah, good luck with it. Hope you manage before the time is up.

            Too bad you can’t lend units, lol.

          • . (Omega)

            Okay, managed to get luck and FINALLY got that 5* Lucina I always wanted. And a 5* Elise as well. I have a 4* Nino, so she might be able to help. But I’ll have to look at character’s strong suit and make use of it. Least I got half of the team needed, being a healer and Male Robin.

          • . (Omega)

            Good news. Managed to get 3* Ursala. Bad news? Unsure my strategy will work for the 4* map one, since the enemies are even stronger.

          • Nice! Honestly, it might probably be easier to use that stamina, grind her to 20, and promote her with 2k feathers instead if you’re struggling that much.

            What’s your user ID btw?

          • . (Omega)

            Yeah. I don’t have the characters I need and can’t grind as often because I have other issues to deal with. Better if I focus on the fact I got her 3 star at the least.
            It’s 9531125025

            BTW, look at this:

            Pretty accurate, eh? XD
            I’m gonna root for Lucina all the way, since she was Robin’s pairing in Awakening, and I absolutely love her character. X3

          • ‘The entered ID is not valid’ Hmm seems odd, don’t know what the problem could be. Mine is 2861457768 if it works from your end.

            lol though. Blew Elise away in the first round, but Lucina is leading over us with almost 3b now, jeez. Not a big fan of Awakening and SS was my first FE, so if Ephraim goes through I’ll probably join his side in the final. 😉

          • . (Omega)

            Oh shit, I forgot to add one more zero.

            Sent the request to you nonetheless.
            I will be honest though. I am one of the few people that cannot stand Ephraim. So I’m hoping for Chrom to win, but if Ephraim wins, it’ll be Awakening vs Sacred Stones. In that case, may the best character win. It’ll be fun at the very least.

          • Well, guess who’s winning. Surprise surprise!

            But how can you dislike Ephraim? He’s clever and righteous, can’t think of many other protagonists that match his conviction. If anything Eirika is way more naive, characters like that annoy me quite a bit.

          • . (Omega)

            Simple: he’s even more of a Gary Stu than Corrin was, and he gets away with it. He is so strong, and so powerful, he can solo the Grado Empire, with even if he’s betrayed, even if he’s surrounded, Ephraim will always win out. “I don’t pick fights I can’t win” is nothing than another way of saying, “I’ll win because I’m Ephraim”. And the biggest thing that pissed me off is that to actually stop him, it required a literal plot device, a plot device that Eirika gave Lyon that has gotten her bashed on, to stop Ephraim. Like, REALLY?! There was no real development for Ephraim. They made him out to be this perfect warrior and so on. Marth lost his home and knew that he was powerless on his own. Ike was only decently strong in the beginning, but had to train harder later on.

          • I believe this subject is touched upon in his supports, in particular with Kyle. He is that way because he dislikes being above others because of his social rank, and was incredibly weak and didn’t have many friends. But his resolve was his main strength and was what made him grow up into the strong character he is now. So he wasn’t always like this.

            That said, he does get into quite questionable situations at times. It seems unlikely that he would escape Fort Renvall (that only has one entrance, the bridge) when it’s surrounded by Valter and his troops. But he is a tactical genius, that’s why he’s away from Renais in the first place. He showed that as he managed to fight off Tirados men by using the field to his advantage even when he was vastly outnumbered. So I don’t think it’s that Ephraim is amazingly OP, it’s that he’s clever and inspires hope in his companions.

            But he is a main character and can’t really be killed off, so I think that fact has more to do with his role in the plot and the way people perceive him than anything.

          • . (Omega)

            That’s the issue here. Him being a tactical genius so great that he can come up with the perfect strategy to escape and once again SOLO the Grado Empire. It works with Chrom and Robin, where Chrom was the leader and could inspire moral and lead, while Robin was the tactician that supported everyone. It helped there because we have the two support one another. But Ephraim was basically performing things by himself. He hardly ever got into any real trouble. In fact, he got Eirika out of trouble when she thought he was in trouble. They have him have virtually ZERO weaknesses.

            Also, the entire thing about how he was weak and all in the past is great, but if all that’s done is that he’s mentioned to have been weaker, it ceases to be that great, because that’s how Garon’s role in Fates got so bad, because we only hear how he was at the supports, but we never saw the real Garon’s glory days so it really is hard to imagine him as anything more than a prick.

            Ephraim shouldn’t have been the main protagonist at all in my opinion. It should have remained with Eirika. Protagonists should develop and grow throughout the story. Ephraim hardly grew at all, whereas Eirika did develop and grow, going from a naive girl to a more strong independent person.

            In my opinion, Ephraim should have been something like a Gotoh archetype, very powerful and already in the pinnacle of his growth. Making him a protagonist ruins it for me because he’s not really growing. If he had to be a main protagonist, show that he wasn’t really that perfect, that the death of his father and his kingdom in ruins, and Lyon seemingly betraying him, all that has made Ephraim become colder and more ruthless little by little and that worried others and even gets reckless that it costs him dearly, and Eirika acts as his light that keeps him from losing himself. It would show that Ephraim needs Eirika to remind him not to lose his humanity in the face of sadness and anger, and Ephraim teaches Eirika how to be wiser and not so naive.

  • CombatMagi

    Hector wreaked the ninjas and Ursula by being buffed by Sheena for me and Sanaki made quick work of the general the only hiccup was the cavalier but a Hector and Sheena were able to take him out

  • O.H. X-1990

    I got a 3-Star Ursula after beating Hard mode, but getting a 4-Star Ursula from Lunatic mode?! HELL NO! I got my 5-Star Effie, but how is she not enough?! None of my 5-Star characters are powerful enough to beat Ursula or those Goddamn Ninjas in Lunatic mode! So, screw this!

    • Caffeine Stalker

      Well, if you do not mind spending money you can get a booster pack from the store. These are guaranteed to contain at least a 6 star.

      • O.H. X-1990

        Stupid childish troll, Fire Emblem Heroes is an App game, not some “Yu-Gi-Oh!” wannabe cards. Fire Emblem Heroes is where you summon the heroes using Orbs.

        • Caffeine Stalker

          And what are you doing with an app game? Diablo II is where the fun is at!

          • O.H. X-1990

            Diablo II? That’s irrelevant coming from a childish troll like you. Also, Diablo II sucks balls, and so do you. Now be off, Fire Emblem haters such as you are not allowed here.

          • Caffeine Stalker

            Hater? I finished Fire Emblem Fates last week for khorne’s sake! Also, you can’t disallow people in forums.

  • DimensionDrifter

    Lunatic map is pretty tricky without the right units. You essentially get screwed being bottlenecked with infantry units by the Ninjas and Ursula basically kills off your cavalry from behind that walls. My setup that got me through this was with a flying squad composed of Caeda, Minerva, Cordelia, and Lissa as my healer (you pretty much want to use anyone who has rehabilitate like Wrys). You can probably get similar results with a heavy unit duo + mage support (but i have almost no heavy units to try anything out) since heavy armors don’t count as infantry. Essentially what I did was charge the first breakable wall with Cordelia who has been buffed by Caeda’s Fortify flier and within range of Minerva’s Ward flier to shrug off Ursula’s attack easily, and I also used Caeda to bait the ninja, allowing Cordelia to follow up next turn for the kill. I essentially just positioned Caeda where the broken wall was to maintain Fortify Flier, and had Minerva above Caeda to create a wall for the heavy knight and ninja above. The bottleneck is effective for allowing my healer to keep minerva’s HP at max after every assault (not attacking the heavy knight during your turn), without being in range of the ninja above. Cordelia can clean up the red cavalier and Ursula with the help of galeforce (and if you need an extra hit, Caeda can help too). The rest is easy after that since Minerva can effectively just wall the heavy until it dies.

  • Stranger

    Finally beat lunatic after several failed attempts with several different team comps.

    Who would have thought that my best shot at this map with infantry-killers and high-resistance enemies would be a team of entirely infantry and two mages? Serra, Eirika, Nino, and Male Robin. It was right down to the wire. Eirika and Robin survived with 2 hp.