Heroes: New Banner + Voting Gauntlet Results + Retweet for Orbs + Play Everyday

In anticipation for tomorrow’s Fire Emblem Heroes update, the official Japanese Twitter account has teased a new banner, which focuses on characters from Blazing Blade.

The characters included are Ninian, Karel, Priscilla, Jaffar, Rebecca and Lucius. As usual, there will be new Paralogues and timed quests to accompany these new Heroes.

Earlier, the Princes versus Princesses Voting Gauntlet reached its conclusion, with Awakening‘s Lucina winning by a predictable landslide.

Even if your team(s) didn’t win, we hope you had fun and that you managed to bag a good number of Hero Feathers from the event!

In the end, players racked up a final score of 45,336,037,088 between all teams and rounds, which is 4 times the highest milestone (which was extended after the first round).

While it’s unclear if further milestones will be added retroactively, we can at least look forward to 20 orbs, 5 of each Great Badge and 5,000 Universal Crystals in the near future.

Not to feel left out, Feh, the owl mascot has challenged the Voting Gauntlet champion Lucina to an exhibition match on Twitter.

You don’t have to worry about Lucina butchering the poor owl though. If users can break 50,000 retweets (this applies to Nintendo of America and Europe’s tweets too, when they appear), everyone will receive 5 Orbs.

The deadline is 15:59 (Japan time) on 15th March 2017, but we’re sure this target will be achieved and then some!

As one event ends, another comes to take its place. Starting today and tomorrow, players can enjoy the Play Everyday Event, which as its name suggests, encourages you to play every day.

Part 1: Daily Special Quests for the Arena

From 14th March 2017 to 11th April 2017, there will be daily Arena quests that reward Hero Feathers and Orbs.

No details about the quests and amount of rewards were provided, but we’ll find out tomorrow regardless.

Part 2: Bonus Dueling Crests

Players that log in between 13th March 2017 and 1st April 2017 can receive 10 Dueling Crests from the Present List. No doubt these will be useful for the daily Arena quests.

Part 3: Arena Rewards

Starting 14th March 2017, it will become easier to earn Hero Feathers for achieving a high score during an Arena season.

It’s unclear if this change applies to your personal (offense/defense) score and/or player ranking. No matter the case, it’s hard to say “no” to easier feathers!

Part 4: Daily Log-in Bonuses

The Weekend Log-in Bonus will be upgraded into a Daily Log-in Bonus starting from today. This means you can now earn an extra 200 Hero Feathers, Stamina Potion and Dueling Crest a week.

Tomorrow will see the end of the Launch Celebration Maps, App-release Log-in Bonus and Sibling Bonds banner, so it’s important we have new things to replace them.

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  • MetalGear Lamia

    Ninian yes!!!!

    • . (Omega)

      Does that mean she’ll be a dragon and a dancer? Pretty sure if that’s the case, she might become an S+ tier rank.

      • Laggalot

        Not necessarily. Olivia and Azura don’t have very impressive stat totals, for instance, and dragons will always suffer the eternal Falchion curse of the omnipresent Marth/Chrom/Lucina. It’ll very much depend on the details of her weapon and what colour type of unit she is, is what I’m thinking.

        • . (Omega)

          Azura is a very strong fighter though. Her attack strength is very good, and against red units, which most units are comprised of, she can be very deadly with her Sapphire Lance. Also, even if she goes against Green units, she can easily turn over to a red unit that can fight green units. Its why she’s one of the S+ tier units.

          We have Tiki (both versions) as red dragon units, Fae as green dragon unit, and CorrinF as blue dragon unit. Ninian will likely be a blue dragon unit, but at the same time could also be a green dragon unit.

          Also, Julia with her Naga tome can also kill dragons, so the 3 Falchion users aren’t the only dangers.

          • Laggalot

            Fair enough. And personally, I imagine she’ll be a Blue unit, ’cause to me that just makes sense (closest colour association with ice. They seem to do that almost everywhere in this game.)

            Though I’m thinking she’ll probably get a brand new weapon. After all, none of the existing breath attacks would make sense for her. It’ll be interesting what they’ll do with that.

          • . (Omega)

            Yeah, blue unit is my first guess. There are no units that cannot attack. Even healers can attack, though they are very weak, the effects they give from it is somewhat useful.

            None of the breath attacks makes sense for Tiki either. She’s a Divine Dragon, so her attack should be a Mist breath, but instead she has a Fire or Lightning breath. And Corrin is more associated with water, but has a dark breath. But yeah, since she’s an ice dragon, she should be using a different kind of breath attack.

          • Honjitsu

            Ninian is an ice dragon iirc. So it does point towards blue unit

          • decus

            Ice is usually wind magic though which is green in this.

      • MetalGear Lamia

        Probably both

        • . (Omega)

          That’s what I was saying. She’ll be attacking as a dragon, but has the support of dance.

          • MetalGear Lamia

            Every character has to have an attack so it makes sense I do wonder if they’ll do it with her younger brother Nils since he never transform in the main game then again Sophia is also half Manakete but uses tomes but also I hope in a future remake they make her wield stones!

          • . (Omega)

            Don’t both Ninian and Nils perform only support and never any attack?

          • MetalGear Lamia

            Yeah but Ninian via cutscene transform while Nils doesn’t

  • I run out of Orbs aiming for Nino(failed to get one, not even 3*), Now Ninian show up!

    • yop

      i got her 4* but she was -atk +hp was kinda sad

  • Theroonco

    Given I finished The Blazing Blade last night, this announcement hit me right in the feels and stopped my heart for a split second so of course this gets all of my yes. I just wish I hadn’t spent 20 Orbs this morning and of course this is when FEH starts to phase out the daily Orb bonus…

    *sob* All these characters look so beautiful with updated art and I want them so much and why can’t I have them all right now?! Especially Ninian! Having her at the top in portrait like that adds such a mysterious air to the whole piece (P.S. I downloaded this image as soon as I saw the tweet).

    I WANT THESE CHARACTERS SO BAD!!! *bursts into tears*