Heroes: Retweet Reward + Michalis Incoming + April Update Announcement

Thanks to the efforts of many, the second Global Retweet event was a success! Between the Japanese, North American and Europe accounts, fans managed beat the 50,000 requirement by a fair margin. Look forward to your 5 Orbs in-game!

Already, Nintendo are teasing the next Grand Hero Battle, which offers a chance to recruit Macedon’s ambitious King Michalis. There’s plenty of time to prepare your troops as Michalis spreads his wings from 24th March 2017.

If that wasn’t enough, four more upcoming Grand Hero Battles have also been revealed:

  • Early April – Navarre: Scarlet Sword
  • Late April – Zephiel: The Liberator
  • Early May – Xander: Paragon Knight
  • Late May – Lloyd: White Wolf

Additionally, if you’ve seen today’s in-game Notifications or you’ve been following the official Japanese Twitter account, you’ll know that some big changes are coming April. For your convenience, here they are again:

The Fire Emblem Heroes development have been attentively listening to feedback from fans and the April Update promises a lot of gameplay tweaks and changes to further improve the playing experience.

1) Changes to Inherit Skill and Merge Allies

When Skill Inheritance is added on 16th March 2017, merging source allies who have inherited skills will not cause the inherited skills to be transferred to the target.

However, this will be changed in April. For example if a Marth has inherited Sol and this Marth is used as a source ally, the target Marth will inherit Sol as well.

This should hopefully alleviate a lot of stress with planning how to merge allies and also make it much more easier to inherit skills!

2) Hero Merit

Heroes that participate in battles can earn Hero Merit (HM). Once a Hero has accumulate enough HM, it will be possible to earn Hero Feathers. Duplicate Heroes will share HM.

No information has been provided about how many Hero Feathers will be rewarded or how much HM is needed, but more ways to gain Hero Feathers are always a good thing!

3) New Rules for Combat

Bored of routing all day long? Two new battle rules will be added, which should be familiar with series fans.

Defence: Clear the map by defending against enemy attacks for a set number of turns.

Reinforcements: Enemy reinforcements will appear on the map.

It’s going to be interesting to see how these changes will work with Heroes’s smaller scale maps and player teams.

4) Adjustments to Arena Scores and Matchmaking

At the moment, the way players are matched with opponents in the Arena is solely based on the total base stats of their characters. This can be problematic for many reasons.

In the future, matchmaking will based on a combination of the four values below:

  1. Character levels and rarity (star rating)
  2. Number of stat bonuses gained by using Merge Allies
  3. Total base stats after removing the effects from all skills (including weapons)
  4. Equipped skills

This change should make it easier to match players with fairer opponents. In addition, it will slightly increase the score you can obtain on all difficulty settings.

5) Bonus Hero Descriptions in the Arena

Eventually, it will be possible to check the description of a Bonus Hero by tapping their icon. Useful if you’re unsure who a character is (especially since there are loads).

6) Notification Display Adjustment

When you log into the game, Notifications will be changed so they only display once a day (starting from 7 AM UTC).

7) A New Way to Expand Your Heroes’ Abilities

There are plans to add a new equippable item that slightly expands Hero abilities. Keep an eye out for more details soon!

Future Plans

That’s not all! The development team is currently hard at work creating an exciting new in-game event. All we know is that you cannot revive fallen allies in battle. However no allies will be permanently lost.

The purpose of this event is to recreate the thrill of playing a classic Fire Emblem game, where the threat of permanent death follows you at every step. Furthermore, players can gain battle achievement evaluations that can lead to special rewards.

We’re guessing the event will feature multiple maps and allies who have fallen in the event will be unable to participate anymore. So perhaps like a mini Fire Emblem campaign? In any case, it’s great to see that the developers are hard at work!

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  • Miguel fernandez

    Permadeath, now we are talking 🙂

    • . (Omega)

      For this kind of game, no way will it be a true kind of permadeath where units are forever dead.

      • Miguel Fernandez Valles

        U might have to level up again the unit again in this mode if you die for example, that would be a good punishment.

        • . (Omega)

          Do you realize how easy it is to die in this game? Not to mention that you can only bring 4 units, so you might not even have a healer on you. To send you back down to Level 1 or even drop a couple levels is downright cruel still.

  • Laggalot

    So they want to have an event that features permadeath… but it isn’t actually permadeath? How is that going to work?

    I have a theory, but it’s only that. I was thinking that they will set up a series of map, that we have to challenge in sequence (with a select team of units?) and any units that get KO’d in the process won’t be usable in the event for its remainder.

    Though honestly, I can’t really see that working any other way (yet). Gonna be interesting to see what they have planned.

    • . (Omega)

      Isn’t it something where you can’t use Light’s Blessing to revive fallen units?

      • Laggalot

        Possibly, but I doubt it, seeing as we already have maps that deny the use of that item, so an event of the sort hardly seems new. And if you don’t use the Light’s Blessing in the first place, it would change nothing.

        • . (Omega)

          Yeah, but consider this. If we have an actual loss of units if they fall here, and how hard some units are to get, you essentially make yourself lose a unit that you could have spent so much money on for all we know. Such a thing would be absolutely unacceptable and would get Heroes to get a lot of bad publicity. So it has to be those maps like Arena battles where you cannot use Light’s Blessing.

          • Laggalot

            I never suggested ‘actual’ permadeath. What I am speculating is a special series of (temporary, I didn’t mention that, but seeing as it’s an event, it seems like the logical conclusion) maps where defeated units cannot be used again on those maps specifically. So you could still use those units, just not for those event maps. I realize my wording may have been confusing, so sorry for that.

            Believe me, I am very aware of the impact of actual full-on permadeath in Heroes and wouldn’t support it for a second myself. As part of a seperate event, though, and purely isolated to that event, I think that would be fine.

          • . (Omega)

            If it was something like a consecutive kind of battle or something, but units that lost cannot be used anymore would be interesting as if you want to keep using those units, you can try using some extra units you don’t use as possible canonfodder while saving your strongest units for last. That would indeed be interesting.

          • Laggalot

            It would also promote the use of units with more longevity and the ones that help others survive, primarily all the healers that are just a little neglected right now.

          • . (Omega)

            Actually, aside from Elise, very few healers are that good, mostly because Elise has mobility and can heal 15 points of damage, and her special raises attack power by 4 points.

          • Laggalot

            I’m aware of that, that’s why I say they are neglected. Though I did not know Elise was the generally favoured healer. I personally thought the ones with Rehabilitate were typically the most useful due to how much they could potentially heal. From low to full in a single turn seems really strong. And on that note, at first glance, I’d probably say Priscilla, who combines Rehabilitate with 3 movement. Fear also seems more useful than Slow, though the latter has a niche with a Draw Back user.

          • . (Omega)

            I found Elise to be pretty useful, probably cause she was the first 5* hearler I got in my team, and the second one I leveled up to 40. But she is pretty good, as her attack can actually do some form of damage to some units, meaning that she does have some offensive power, and Gravity works quite well in reducing unit movement if used right. And her Special Skill when healing makes you be able to give 4+ attack to all units, which is always helpful since the other units are essentially the attacker. Not to say that the additional 10 points heal special skill is bad, because that would be very useful, especially for Physic users.

    • Diovani Estivalet

      This is my opinion: You play the “pemadeath maps” with your 4 units team (Exemple: Marth, Robin, Camilla and Takumi). And then, Robin died in a battle. Now, you can not use that Robin in the “pemadeath maps”. If you want to use Robin, you need to have another Robin, a different one.
      So, if your unit die in theses maps, you can not use this unit anymore… in this mode, of course. This unit will be blocked, not be allowed to fight in this mode again.

  • Moosey

    … Still no Tellius.

    • alatartheblue42

      Not a designated focus yet, but seeing as how I run a Sanaki, I’m pretty sure there’s Tellius characters.