Fire Emblem Heroes: Skill Inheritance and Orb Quests are Here

The wild ride through Fire Emblem Heroes and their constant updates isn’t slowing down, and today indicates one of the biggest updates of them all. We’re fortunate to have been around long enough to enjoy the Launch Celebration events, but with them coming to a close, Orbs might be running scarce for Summoners. Not to worry, however, as Nintendo has given us 17 days to earn 36 orbs via 12 “Training Tower Special Quests” to earn!

Some of the challenges may prove harder than others, as all 12 Quests require that in each instance, all four deployed allies must survive. If you lack a unit type for some of the Tenth Stratum quests (easily the most intense, as each requires deploying four Infantry, Armor, Cavalry or Flying units), you can still enjoy 24 orbs plus 3 for any that you’re able to do. Curiously, the Ninth Stratum doesn’t include any rewards.

Of course, we can’t avoid the elephant in the room. The most game-changing element of the update is the one thing has been drawing hype and tension from players since its announcement weeks ago…

Skill Inheritance is officially live, and before you start freaking out about the oodles of Vantage-equipped Takumi stuffed teams filling the Arena, here’s what you need to know about Skill Inheritance so you don’t give yourself any more stress than you might already have.

Skill Inheritance is a simple process that passes skills known by one unit onto another. You can currently pass up to three skills, and the unit that is passing down the skills (the Source) will be removed from your roster in exchange for the new skills on your “receiving” unit (the Target). In the case of Skill Inheritance, Skills refers to everything from Assist, Special and Passive skills, to even Weaponry, as weapons are classified as skills.

In order for a Source to pass a skill to a Target, a unit must meet specific criteria. In most cases, same-weapon type units can pass skills freely from one to another. However, there are limitations.

Character-exclusive skills, such as the Falchion for Marth/Lucina/Chrom, and Armads for Hector, cannot be passed down. In addition, skills such as Knock Back and Drag Back cannot be passed from their 1-range Source to a 2-range Target, and Dance cannot be passed to non-natural Dancer units (so no Dancing Wrys for us). Units also cannot pass down X-Breaker skills to colors that are normally at a disadvantage to that particular color (no Swordbreaker to Anna or Merric, for instance) and other skills like Hone Cavalry and Goad Armors are restricted to units of their particular movement type. Pretty much everything else seems to be free game.

Yes, this means that Takumi’s Close Counter and Hector’s Distant Counter can be passed to anyone, while Kagero’s Poison Dagger can be passed to any Shuriken user.

Additionally, you’ll notice that you cannot pass down skills that a unit has not yet learned. Sources only need to have skills available in order to pass them down.

You can see that my 2* Stahl cannot pass down Obstruct, because he cannot learn Obstruct 1 until he has achieved a 3* Rarity.

So long, extra Stahl, and thanks for the skills! Hopefully these will help!

There is no additional cost to pass a unit’s skills from the Source to the Target (meaning, no Hero Feathers, etc, will be consumed) other than the Hero of course.

I passed down my 2* Stahl’s Defense +1 and Defense +2 skills, but Defense +3 doesn’t exist for Roy.

To go even further, I could pass Defense +1 and Defense +2 from my Roy to another recipient, such as Marth.

As you can see, learning inherited skills costs [1.5 * Original SP], and passing the skills from a Source to Target really means that you’re passing the skill’s tree to a unit. Targets will need to learn the entire skill tree from the bottom, up. Furthermore, a unit must pass down each instance of a skill’s level to the Target. If not passed down, a unit cannot learn said skill .



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  • Laggalot

    So now that this feature is live, I am curious what sort of new, interesting, gimmicky or potentially broken inheritance options people have found. Slapping Close Counter/Distant Counter and Vantage onto everything remotely combat-competent is one idea, and I’m sure there’s gonna be plenty of Life&Death and Fury being thrown around as well. That’s viable and legit, sure, but that’ll be kinda boring, so I was hoping people would share some (more interesting?) ideas.

    • Mageblood

      If anything, a few things I thought of was passing Escape Route or Wings of Mercy to certain units, specifically dancers/singers/healers. The *raven tomes would be great to override any others without bonuses or *blade for countering Takumi or other colorless. *wolf tomes would also be another great choice for anti-cavalry. Breakers to improve one’s effectiveness against what they are already strong against can help, especially if they are slow like Effie. You already brought up Vantage, there’s also Quick Riposte that could achieve the same, or similar at least. Beyond that, maybe things that can boost a unit’s low stats like +Defense as the images above showed, or to just fill an empty slot. Hana’s been incredible for me, 1-shots Hector, I’d like to replace her Obstruct skill since that is completely out of place on her, so Pass may be an option, Desperation would be good too if she’s already low on HP, and Threaten Spd/Def/Atk would fill the void and give her better odds of killing or surviving. Any Threaten would be good on most units to weaken enemies as they are baited. Hone/Fortify could further increase the gap and almost guarantee victory. As for healers, transfer to them Rehabilitate and Recover and switch as necessary, warp healing, different Balms, Defiant or + Def/Res for durability. That’s all I can think of right now, not too many unique combinations.

      • Laggalot

        I was also thinking that skills like Swap and Pivot are probably great for the armour knights as a pseudo movement increase, and the ability to inherit Goad/Ward, etc skills would allow one to customize a team of units of a specific movement type, even more so with soon-increased availability of the shield skills (like Michalis, who will no doubt carry Iote’s Shield. Suddenly, a team of fliers doesn’t just die outright at the mere sight of Takumi).

        • Mageblood

          Very true, did not think of Pivot since I don’t use it nor do I use armored too often because of the 1 move. For something like the missions with “Beat X using 4 armored” it would be incredible to have all of them with Pivot, just flying across the map… Assuming there is space to do so, in which case Shove or Smite may help just as well. I have used Effie to Smite units across the lava and water tiles on certain maps. Pivot would also allow a knight to move in front of anyone that might have taken too much damage and they can immediately facetank a good hit or two (but I’ve always had knights too far away for that to happen thanks to the 1 move). I’ll certainly look into all of it more, just need more units now (and to not send home duplicates any more, but there goes some feather income).

          • Stranger

            Wings of Mercy on SURPRISE, EFFIE.

    • I plan on sticking a defiant skill on my 5 star Nino for that beautiful +7 atk, and maybe desperation. The only problem is making sure she doesn’t get 1hkod.

      • Stranger

        Miracle is pretty much the only way Nino would survive anything. She’s one of the Glassiest Cannons there is.

    • I was thinking about GaleForce – sure, it takes a freakin’ 5 actions to charge, but assuming it isn’t locked to Lyn/Cordelia that’s an option, especially for someone like Roy, who doesn’t seem to get any sort of battle Skill as far as I can see. Admittedly, you’re sacrificing Lyn for Roy, which a lot of people I know would say is a bad idea, but that’s a thought. Another thing you could do is give Olivia/Azura a battle Skill like Luna(Night Sky) so they have more offensive power. Also trying to figure out how I can get my Sakura to be better, so if anyone’s got a suggestion, mine is at 4S right now with almost all available Skills already unlocked.
      The real question: Can I get rid of my Alfonse/Sharena/Anna to give their decent Skills to a Unit that I’ll actually use? I’m assuming no, but still have fingers crossed.
      My only regret about Inheritance was that I pulled a second 5S Camilla and used it to boost my other Camilla – definitely would have saved her if I’d known ahead of time because Brave Axe/Draconic Gaze.

      • Laggalot

        You can’t get rid of Alfonse/Sharena/Anna. Ever. Trust me, I checked.

        Remember that you can also have a unit inherit a skill for a slot they already have occupied. Now, Roy does have a unique weapon, of course, but otherwise, as far as sword units are concerned, even without skills, he’s got stiff competition. So yeah, personally, I wouldn’t soon use lose Lyn for Galeforce on him (if I had either in the first place). Unless you really like Roy’s Binding Blade, I feel it may be more worthwhile building up another sword unit.

        That’s my personal opinion, though. Maybe you really like Roy, in which case, more power to you. After all, with in Inheritance, you can make pretty much anyone worthwhile. Maybe not the best, but hey.

      • Stranger

        Sacrifice Wrys to give his Whole-Party Heal to Sakura. So now she can heal at range as well as the entire party.

    • . (Omega)

      The sad thing is that Close Counter and Distant Counter belong only to Takumi and Hector respectively, and the odds that you’d actually want to get rid of them is nil. You’d have to get multiple Hectors and Takumi and then use them up.

  • Alexander Bodine

    I love that they example they gave us was Eliwood passing skills to Roy. Possible hint at a FE6+7 Echoes remake?

    • Diovani Estivalet


    • MetalGear Lamia

      No but it would be a cool implementation for Roy and Lilina!

    • Maybe – I think either Genealogy will get a redo first as it’s the next oldest game(plus nobody at Nintendo loves Roy as far as I can see), or we’ll get an English version of New Mystery of the Emblem, but after that, Binding Blade’s the only Japan-exclusive, plus even Nintendo should be able to see how much fans would pay to get to play Roy’s story legally, and not even just FE fans at that – the only reason I got into Awakening was because I wanted to know more about the two new guys from Smash Bros.(Lucina and Robin), so it stands to reason that the same rule would apply to Re:Binding Blade.

      • TheBraveGallade

        FE 6+7 only makes so much sense. they could get tactitian/mark as an actual playable charecter and it wouldn’t change much, and they could work with the children mechanic for FE6 charecters and actually introduce more charecters for desendents of FE7 charecters. and people loved FE4’s childern mechanic.

        • Genealogy’s 2-Gen mechanic is why I think it’ll be next for a remake instead of them fusing Roy and Eliwood’s stories into one game next – that was part of why a lot of people liked Awakening and Fates so much. Frankly, I doubt we’ll ever see New Mystery in English outside of fan-translations, but it is still an option. Either way, whichever we get probably isn’t coming for a couple years since they’re working on FE for the Switch right now.

          • TheBraveGallade

            I think we’ll see new mystery eventually.

  • yop

    Skill inherit broke the game. U can literally inherit anything

    • Laggalot

      Almost. For instance, special weapons like Falchion, Durandal, Armads, etc are character-specific, and some skills are specific to certain types of units. A Dragon cannot inherit Svalinn Shield. A Cavalier cannot inherit Goad Fliers. A ranged attacking unit cannot inherit Knock Back. Just a few examples of exceptions.

      Still, we’ll have to see how broken units can really get. And who knows, if any unit does get outrageously broken, perhaps we’ll get rebalancing measures to compensate. Maybe.

      • MetalGear Lamia

        I mean that part is obvious

      • decus

        The rebalancing measure is presumably arena matchmaking, but we need more details to know for sure. They made it sound like they’d heavily rate skills in matchmaking now. That would be nice if they do it well. A good matchmaking system would also allow them to more fairly reward points on factors like value difference between you and your opponent, survival and time to clear rather than just strict point value of your opponent and survival like they do now.

        To me, they’d need to both make the good matchmaking and re-work rewarded points like that in order to fix the system entirely. Beyond that, the only hope would be proper use of the tier system so everybody with broken stuff gets cordoned away in higher tiers over time.

  • Ember Hermin

    “No cost… other than the Hero” wait wait wait, your hero gets DELETED from giving their skill to someone else???

    • Stranger

      Yes. Otherwise it would just be entirely too easy to just giver everyone Vantage and Vengeance.

    • Laggalot

      How else would you have inheritance work? The demand for Orbs/Feathers is high enough as is, and without some sort of cost, I feel like the game would just explode.

      • Ember Hermin

        I figured it would involve deleting the skill from the other unit