Heroes: New Quests and Rewards / Echoes: Official Screenshots

Earlier, Fire Emblem Heroes added a bunch of quests and perks for beginners; on the other side of the spectrum, a set of difficult “Lunatic Challenge” quests have just been added!

These quests last until 7th April at 7.59 AM UTC and provide expert players with a generous 20 Orbs after full completion. While they’re tough for beginners, the quests actually aren’t too hard, especially compared to the later Training Tower quests.

Players who aren’t ready for the Lunatic Challenge don’t need to feel too left out since all players have been gifted with a Log-in Bonus of 10 Orbs, 10 Stamina Potions and 5,000 Hero Feathers for smashing the early Michalis map milestones.

Besides Heroes, we’ve got some new official screenshots of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow of Valentia, which releases in Japan in a month’s time and in North America, Europe, etc. in two month’s time.

Furthermore, thanks to @theprinceofiris we have our first look at the illusory heroes summoned using amiibo. In case you missed it, these are computer-controlled allies who assist you for a single turn.

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  • MetalGear Lamia

    This remake is so gorgeous!! These scenes in the game are amazing and clean!

  • Laggalot

    Hmm, those Lunatic Quests don’t seem so bad. And unlike another recent set of quests, these don’t demand you do the same thing 5, 10 or even 15 times. This is pretty easy by comparison. And in total, that’s 20 orbs in all. Thank you kindly! And those 10 extra stamina potions make the process that much quicker and less painless, if you want to use them for this. I think I’ll save my orbs for the next banner, though.

    Echoes looks great so far, but I think we knew that already.

    • . (Omega)

      You manage to get through 9-5? I managed to get through the others with some difficulty, but this last one is the toughest, since I need to bring an axe user, but hardly anyone seems suited to fight.

  • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    I just love how completely nucking futs Slayde looks.

  • Kind of wish Heroe’s would produce more time-consuming story-content. (I know they said they’ll update the story every 2 weeks and yes I’ve played other gacha games before). Because while its normal for banners to be up for like 2 weeks, typically when new stuff comes around the events that follow take up that amount of time. (This is from previous experience from Fate Grand Order and GrandBlue Fantasy)….because basically Heroe’s just gives us a new banner but only paralouges that can be finished in 1-2 days. Leaving the remaining 12-13 days of boredom and grinding. Or when they last updated the story like a week ago it was only one brief xenologue…..like I kind of expected to get a full chapter (5 battles)….but….yeah….we waited that long for just one chapter with one battle. I would be fine with the way they’re currently doing things if instead of having 2 weeks of Blazing Shadows it was instead 10 days….considering I finished the paralogues in one day.

    Plus they’re really taking too long to update these characters. Considering they have all of these games to utilize they’re releasing new characters at a snails pace (again, I know they basically want it every 2 weeks. That means that we’ll only get like 28 new banners in a full year. At the very minimum if there’s 4 new characters per banner that means 112 characters a year. Not counting that they literally will take a break from new characters to do a rate up of existing characters whenever we have a grand battle…..so what I’m saying is that they’re able to stretch this content out for years (I’m guessing they want to so they’re able to somehow incorporate the new FE that’s coming out on Switch).

    I mean hell, I’m not saying just release a full games worth of characters at once. What I’m saying is that at least change things up by replacing some existing characters with newer -not as important to warrant their own banner- characters. Like would it kill them to replace Virion with like….Will from FE7? Neimi from FE 8? Or hell, even give us the same characters but as different colors to go along with class changing. Like instead of having red Stahls, give us a blue Stahl…..ugh.

    So this can be summed up that while Heroes has been generous with the amount of freebies they’re giving out, they’re still working at a snails pace. They need to create content that is able to last as long as the banners they release. Not give us 2 weeks of the same new characters while only giving us paralogues that can be completed in a day.

    Inb4 someone tells me that there’s still stuff to do in that game. Because oh yeah, just arena grinding for feathers is “So Fun” If it wasn’t for these new quests I would be bored as hell. Difference is that these missions are being played on already existing chapters so its not anything new. After the April updates come in they really need to take a look at the actual story and work on that.

    But I’ve been spending money on this game so its not like I’m stopping anytime soon. I just hope there’s more for me to do than just to log in at night and get my orbs, do 3 arena battles, and do random orb quest grinding.

  • Noktis Zariah

    The art for the Amiibo characters is amazing, no offense to the last guy but Hidari does a FAR better art style for this series.

    • MetalGear Lamia

      I’m sure mostly everyone agrees with you there including me I hope she stays and does more! 🙂

  • . (Omega)

    … Sigh… so any idea how to beat 9-2 – 9-5 on Lunatic? Because I am having a shitty hard time winning without losing any comrades. Its like you HAVE to use the Light’s Blessing to win.

  • O.H. X-1990

    Well, I’m glad this game allows players like me to use Light’s Blessing in Chapter 9 on Lunatic mode, otherwise I never would’ve earned Orbs.