Heroes: Three Additional Updates Coming in April!

The official Twitter account for Fire Emblem Heroes tweeted out some exciting announcements earlier this morning!

Previously this month, @FE_Heroes_JP announced a series of updates scheduled to arrive in April. Now, three additional updates will be arriving at the same time. These updates address a few complaints that players have had about the game in its current state.

Starting Placement

Starting with the new update, Heroes players will be able to change the starting positions of their four units at the beginning of battle! During the very first turn, before moving any units, you can tap a new “Change Positions” button along the bottom that will enable you to freely move your units.

Experience Gains

The experience formula will be tweaked slightly to enable better level progression for lower-rarity units. 1★, 2★, 3★, and 4★ units will gain more relative experience when fighting lower level units. The lower star rarity of the hero, the more EXP they’ll be able to earn from fighting weaker enemies. Experience gains for 5★ units will be unchanged.

Increased Stamina Pool

The maximum amount of Stamina available is being raised from 50 to 99 stamina. Additionally, Stamina Potions and Orbs are also being updated restore a full 99 stamina when used.

There is no set date for these updates to arrive yet, aside from sometime in April.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • Fastesthe1

    These are great changes, especially the unit placement! I know I had been screwed over on a few maps simply because my units were in the wrong spots… >_<

    • yop

      Just imagine that map that places 2 units at bottom left and 2 top right. Won’t get screwed as hard there

      • Or the one that puts just one in the room that would normally have Ryoma. That one sucks when you get your squishy Nino stuck in there with nowhere to run.

    • Airsh Bornely

      It only was bad when certain in-closed a unit really. Otherwise, it

      hardly matters when your whole team isn’t in the danger zone since enemies don’t move until you’re close. (Arena a different story)

  • Laggalot

    All of these are big YES-ses. Starting positions should’ve been a thing from the start. This will take a LOT of RNG-screwage out of the game. Especially in a game where movement range is so small, this can be absolutely crucial to the outcome of a battle.

    Increased Stamina Pool is also long overdue. Stamina is EASILY the most complained-about aspect of the game, especially since literally just TWO runs of the later story maps would already consome almost the entire gauge. The increased gauge should make it a lot more forgiving, and it buffs up the value of stamina potions as well. Better be saving those till the update hits.

    Increased EXP for lower-star units? …To be honest, it’s not the first thing I’d have thought of, but it is a logical change, since these weaker units are in fact harder to train. I welcome the change.

    • . (Omega)

      Most definitely. It was annoying going into battle, only for my placement to be so bad that I get screwed over. This should have been the thing that was given from the start. Not being able to change placement is really bad.

      My god, how this will make using the stamina up so much easier. Like, now I don’t have to worry that I gotta wait forever, and if the stamina reaches 50, then it won’t continue and if I’m working, that’s stamina points that could be recovering being lost. XP
      Good thing I have all that stamina potions saved.

      Given how little we get 5* units, and get a lot more lower* units, this is good.

  • Jose

    That is impressive.

  • Yamcha

    I can understand that stamina and exp are concepts that needed some testing and feedback before being updated, but I feel like the ability to arrange your units prior to battle should’ve been included from the beginning.

  • So with all these new changes coming up, hopefully they start working on the story and events to be more….impactful? Like having 99 stamina to use is nothing if there’s nothing to spend it on since at this point I don’t need to train any of my units and I just do 3 arena battles a day. When they updated the story last time I kind of expected to have more than just one xenologue chapter. Even these banners take too long to change. While gacha games do have banners for 1-2 weeks, they create content to go along with the banner that’ll help players be occupied (like Fate G/O and GrandBlue). But them just creating short paralogues that can be completed in a day is wasteful since the remaining 13 days are spent in boredom or random grinding. But seriously, is there a place fans can actually write their concern about this game to the creators?

  • O.H. X-1990

    Well, it’s about time they’re gonna add the “Battle Preparations”. Why didn’t they add this part in the first place?!