Heroes: Egg-citing Spring Festival Banner Event

Barely any time passed at all since Fire Emblem Heroes teased an incoming banner to us, but between the seemingly unintentional Tweet by @NintendoOfAmerica (now removed) and same-day posting of their latest video, fans have some holiday units to expect in the upcoming Spring Festival Banner.

Summoners should expect to spot some variants of currently existing Heroes in the Focus, including an Easter-themed Chrom, Lucina, Xander and Camilla, all of which wielding unexpected weaponry. Chrom and Xander can be spotted toting their carrot-based Axe and Lance (respectively).

Lucina enters the battle with her Blue Tome and most surprising of all, Camilla with her Green Tome. This is pretty special, as Camilla is now the first flying unit to boast a two-range method of offense.

Interestingly, Lucina is not voiced by Laura Bailey, the long time staple voice of Lucina. She isn’t credited with voicing Lucina in Heroes thus far, and it’s confirmed that Alexis Tipton (voice of Dragon Ball Super‘s Trunks, among many others) will be voicing Lucina in this iteration.

While no stats and skills are known, the banner itself is set to run from March 30 until April 13, and may be the only time in which Summoners can obtain these rare eggs.

As an extra tidbit to look forward to, Heroes will be distributing Orbs and Hero Feathers from their Twitter Quiz event on April 7, in addition to the Orbs coming in through the Spring Festival maps!

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  • Lucian Crowe

    I had a feeling that wasn’t Lucina. But she’s in the banner anyway. Interesting. I like the new weapon types.

  • Hoping that Chrom turns out to be a decent axe user. I’m low on green units. To any neigh-sayers, you would be surprised. Some alternate outfit characters tend to be better than their original counterparts (well at least with my experience with Fate Grand Order). These all may be gag characters but there’s potential for them to fit within your team (or just use them for skill sacrifices if you’re into that).

  • MetalGear Lamia

    Great time to be a Lucina and Camilla fan als Lucina has 2 special outfits on the way!

  • Man this is cringe af.

  • Yamcha

    I have to say, I’m kind of disappointed by this set. Maybe they’ll turn out to be strong, but wen in that case it would be weird to put one of these four on your team. Im not really against alternate artwork as a concept, but I’m not a fan of these four.

  • Stranger

    A flying mage ought to be fairly nifty. Now if only they’ll finally give us some bow knights and perhaps Kinshi Knights later on.

    Also- pretty funny that we get this joke Xander before the actual Xander.

  • Laggalot

    I can’t decide. Do I spend my precious orbs and pull? Or do I not pull. I don’t particularly care for any of them, but Camilla is currently the only mage flier, and Lucina and Chrom both have at least one very useful skill in Swift Sparrow (I’d pass that on through inheritance for sure) or Axe Experience (which would just be an incredible long-term investment for training up Axe units). Xander… looks like dead weight, though. I’m completely F2P, so I don’t want to just throw in my orbs at the first opportunity I get.