Heroes: Grand Hero Navarre, Banners Galore, Arena Update and More

It’s been no surprise that Fire Emblem Heroes has been a hit, but Nintendo hasn’t slowed down in giving players any updates. There’s a few things coming up, some which you may know of and some which you may not.


For starters, you may have already notice the currently active Banners joining the Spring FestivalWyvern Riders (Camilla, Beruka, Cherche and Minerva) and Pegasus Knights (Hinoka, Cordelia, Palla and Subaki).

These Banners exist to promote the next upcoming Voting Gauntlet event, Wyvern Riders vs. Pegasus Knights, running from April 5th until April 10th.

With all of these Banners coming out, it’s a shame that the two free daily Orb reward is no longer active, but hopefully something else will come out that will let us bolster our Hero roster, maybe like…

The next Grand Hero Battle!  Navarre is arriving on April 4th, and with him comes a banner tailored to defeating him and his allies, aptly titled Battling Navarre (including Effie, Sophia, Caeda and Kagero).

Once this Grand Hero Battle goes live, as per the norm, it will be available for three days. Like recent Grand Hero Battles, you can complete two versions of the map, netting you a 3* and a 4* version of the Scarlet Sword.

Rules for the Voting Gauntlet this time around match the last round’s rules, with 45 hours rounds for Round 1, 2 and 3. Picking a Hero locks you to that Hero for the remainder of the Gauntlet, but if that Hero loses, you can re-join under a new one.

Being on the winning side during any battle nets you 500 Hero Feathers (so, 500 Hero Feathers up to three times), as well as a reward based on your contributions towards each particular battle with regards to your Rank (a minimum of 500 per Round).


The more Battle Flags you spend, the more points you earn for your Hero during each round and thus, the higher your Rank will be per round. Consider your options though, as there are a limited amount of Battle Flags per Voting Gauntlet for you to spend, and they will not carry over into the next Gauntlet if unused.

Lastly, the “grand reward” planned for this event requires a voting score of 10 billion, and if achieved, will yield all players 20 Orbs, 5,000 Universal Crystals and five of each Great Badge.

Back during the last Gauntlet, the rewards were retroactively increased due to a gigantic turnout, dwarfing the initial reward requirements. So chances are this milestone will be easily smashed.

Of course, this isn’t all that’s going on. If you noticed the FE Quiz Campaign hosted on the FE_Heroes_JP Twitter, then you should look forward to receiving rewards from the event, including 10 Orbs and 5,000 Hero Feathers. This is due to arrive on April 7th.


Additionally, the official Calendar artwork (determined from the Fire Emblem Heroes Choose your Legends event) has made April’s Lucina and Roy calendars available.

May will feature a calendar for Hector and Tharja, and hopefully soon, we’ll see the promised “Special Outfits” versions for Lyn, Lucina, Roy and [Path of Radiance] Ike, in case you forgot.

Finally, the Arena’s bonus units are now known, which will include:

Chrom, Xander, Lucina, Camilla (the Spring Festival quartet), Michalis (the last Grand Hero Battle) Palla, (a Focus unit in the Pegasus Knights Banner), SeveraSophia (both summonable), Gunter (a free Daily unit and summonable) and Alfonse (a Heroes Lord)

Arena activity doesn’t stop there, as a reminder is due for this month’s incoming changes being made to the Arena and other quality of life updates, including Experience Gain for lower rarity units, an increased Stamina Pool (from 50 to 99) and a Placement option, allowing users to adjust the location of each deployed unit before starting a battle.

No date is confirmed on these changes, though April was promised. Also expected soon are Hero Merit, updating Arena Matchmaking, equippable items for new abilities, reinforcements and other neat changes, though no date is locked for these either.

With all that said… Good luck, Summoners!

Thanks to reddit user /u/StarOnyx for the high-quality artwork

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  • . (Omega)

    Any ideas who to root for? I have no idea…

    • Rockocalypse

      Camilla is a likely candidate to win the whole thing.
      The only other unit I can see possibly having a good chance is Minerva.

      • . (Omega)

        What about Cordelia? She seems to have a possible chance.
        Ugh, this isn’t like the last one. I knew for sure Lucina would win. Granted, even if she wasn’t a shoe in, I’d choose her, since she’s my fav.

        • Rockocalypse

          Camillas a shoe in. Trust me. There’s a reason why her and Luci were the two chosen to be bunnies.

          Cordelias only claim to fame is that shes in Awakening which the masses idolize.

          But in heroes, they messed up her face like Eliwood. And shes not even the favorite in Awakening

          • . (Omega)

            Cordelia is very popular, given how she was voted as a top character apart from Tharja. Though for the Heroes poll, Camilla does rank higher. But yeah, Camilla does have the advantage given that she has the bunny outfit, complete with more sex appeal on it.

          • Rockocalypse

            When the last voting poll was up, I said “the only one who could possibly beat Lucina, prince, princess or otherwise, is probably Camilla.” I still think thats mostly true

          • . (Omega)

            I highly doubt that. In all honesty, only girl I can imagine beating Lucina is Lyn. And technically speaking, Lyn DID beat Lucina, in the Heroes Poll.

          • O.H. X-1990

            True, but Lyn is not a princess, not even in the first Voting Gauntlet.

          • . (Omega)

            Yeah, I know. But it would have been a close match if they went at it. Like Ephraim and Chrom.

    • MetalGear Lamia

      I pick who I actually like and thats My Awakening wife Cherche she, Cordelia, Hinoka and MAYBE Minerva(princess) are popular and has a decent chance but I really don’t care about polls like these too glorified and predictable I pick who I love show IS I care about the other characters!

      • . (Omega)

        Oh trust me, I would go for who I love most as well. But unlike the Prince vs Princess one, I don’t have anyone here that I really like. I love Lucina, so of course I chose her. But here, no one really gets me wanting to go for them.

    • Kazuya

      I’d say Minerva, but it’s really your choice. Pick which character you like

  • Laggalot

    So many focusses running at the same time, yet so few orbs to spare (and no, I’m not putting in money). Doesn’t help they decided to cut the login orb bonus now of all times.

  • . (Omega)

    Oh my god, the worst Grand Hero battle EVER. And I don’t mean its too hard. No, the opposite. Its too EASY! Didn’t even break a sweat beating everyone. RobinM literally SLAUGHTERED the Ninjas in an instant. Navarre went down quickly, and Lucina cut that axe user down to size. Rebecca could literally take the rest herself as well.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    A easy battle for a not that good unit. Navarre is not a good character… I have better sword users than him.

    • Kazuya

      I disagree, but that’s subjective. There are so many sword users, so it’s really up to what you get.