Heroes: Navarre and Voting Gauntlet News

Summoners can now challenge the Scarlet Sword at his own game, by entering Navarre’s Special Map any time between now and April 9.

His map expires on April 9 at 1:59a EDT, so you have time to train up your team if you need. If you need a new unit to help your cause, the Battling Navarre Banner is also available for the duration of the Grand Hero Battle.

That’s not all, however. The Wyvern Riders vs Pegasus Knights Voting Gauntlet starts in about 15 hours, and the first round brackets have already been posted by the FE_Heroes_JP Twitter. The Round 1 Matchups are:

Subaki vs Beruka
Palla vs Minerva

Cordelia vs Cherche
Hinoka vs Camilla

While the ladder itself hasn’t been posted (meaning Round 2 Matchups are not quite confirmed due to layout variances), this implies a bit of a difference from the last round, in which each side fought amongst itself for the top representative of its side.

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  • Laggalot

    Interesting, unlike last time, each side doesn’t first fight it out amongst themselves. Well then.

    I think Camilla is going to crush Hinoka, and I expect Minerva to beat Palla convincingly as well. Subaki vs. Beruka and Cordelia vs. Cherche might be a bit more interesting.

  • kiu

    I have a feeling that Camilla will win this round lol, maybe Cordelia will come second.

  • MetalGear Lamia

    Cherche lets go she has good chance now! Hinoka might have a decent chance, Subaki bye!, Palla and Minerva are interesting still its gonna be another pointless one which I hate…

    • MetalGear Lamia

      So far she did a good job getting so high only thing I care about in these contest is the love each character outside the obvious gets show IS we love the other characters!

  • Yet another awfully easy GHB. Got it on my second try after I miscalculated the strength of the upper thief on my first go.

    Anyway, I’ll be supporting Palla. She was the first unit I got from 3* to 5*, and I also got another 5* on my first orb in this banner, which is nice.

    • . (Omega)

      I got it on my first try. Robin was perfect for the job. Even the Lunatic version was easy.
      I couldn’t decide, so I literally made my own tournament with the characters… and flipped a coin. Camilla won in the end.

      • lol yeah. We’re losing kinda hard here though, I seem to have a knack for liking characters the majority don’t.

        • . (Omega)

          I like Palla, too. To be honest, I like the characters given, some of them at least, but its just none of them really get my interests up that much. I only chose Camilla cause she won the coin toss. I’d have gone for anyone in the end.

  • yop

    Michalis was op on this map the ninjas do 0x2 to him XD

  • O.H. X-1990

    I got Navarre after beating Hard mode, but there’s no way in HELL I am getting him from Lunatic mode, because Grand Hero Battle Lunatic mode is bullshit!

    As for the second Voting Gauntlet? Well, guess who I will be rooting for? A certain Wyvern Rider and a certain princess of Nohr…

    • Laggalot

      Navarre is by far the easiest GHB, though. Have you not even attempted it?

      • O.H. X-1990

        FYI, most of my characters are 4-Stars, especially Kagero and Sophia, and they’re still weak in Lunatic mode. Face it, kid, none of the Grand Hero Battles in Lunatic mode is easy, never easy at all. So I’d say “Screw the Lunatic Grand Hero Battle”, it messes with our lives, hard!

        • Laggalot

          “Face it, kid…”

          Don’t do this.

          Kagero is actually stupid good on this map, as all the enemy units are infantry units. Kagero gets effective damage on all of them, so I imagine you could make it farther you may think, with a little bit of strategy. Maybe you can throw in some buffs, or maybe you have a dancer… perhaps you have a sturdy lance unit sitting around for the left end of the map to intercept Navarre?

          Besides, it’s only like 15 stamina, making an attempt or two surely won’t hurt that bad. You have something decent to gain, and very little to lose.

          • O.H. X-1990

            I don’t care if it cost low stamina, kid, I’ve had enough with those God forsaken Grand Hero Battles in Lunatic mode, and there’s nothing you can do to make me play those ever again, misguided kid! The Grand Hero Battle against Michalis in Lunatic mode is where I drew the line, I don’t even want to bother playing those tedious Lunatic modes of any Grand Hero Battles, ever again.

            So, I’m giving these Lunatic Grand Hero Battles a middle finger salute, f*** Lunatic Grand Hero Battles, f*** it.

          • Diovani Estivalet

            Lunatic Navarre is very easy. I used a sword user, a green tome user, a healer and a dancer.

          • O.H. X-1990

            Maybe for you, because you obviously used all 5-Star level 40 characters, while mine are all 4-Star characters who aren’t level 40 and still weak, lucky cheating punk!

          • Laggalot

            You’ve already been presented with a video of someone beating this GHB with purely free 3-star units of level 40. That’s proof that, so long as you put in the time and effort to grind some units up to level 40, and build your team with some care, you most definitely stand a chance in these GHB’s. Doesn’t mean it’s easy, of course, but at some point you have to stop blaming the game’s design and your poor luck, because even that can be overcome.

          • I beat it using just 4-star Units that weren’t 40 – Roy(34), who as far as I can tell got BADLY shafted in the overall stat department(the level took me about six tries because he kept getting slaughtered on defense), Sakura(36), who isn’t the most tanky healer nor the best attacker for her weapon type, Palla(30), who’s ok at 4-Star I guess, and Kagero(26), who only managed to not die because extra damage against infantry Units for those close shave kills. I would recommend abusing the Inherit Skill option together with the Training Tower for future Grand Hero Battles. I do feel your pain, though, this is the very first Grand Hero Battle I’ve been able to beat, period – I got wiped out against all the others, in part because I still haven’t pulled even a halfway-decent Blue Unit and in part because all my good pulls only happened in like the past couple days.

          • Fallen Crow

            In stead of responding rudely, you should have just gave him these tips off the bat. (:

          • Laggalot

            How was I being rude??? I literally just asked this person if they’ve attempted the GHB or not, as the opening comment implied they did not, but you really draw conclusions on it without having actually tried it. I’m seriously confused why I’m being accused of rudeness.

          • Fallen Crow

            So then give him the tips if you knew his statement implied he didn’t complete it. No use in leaving a vauge response, that can be interpreted in multiple ways. Personally, I saw that comment as snarky… I should probably stop being a pessimist though…

          • Well fine, I accept that first point, and I’ll try to keep it in mind.. I really didn’t mean to come off as snarky or anything of the sort though.

          • Fallen Crow

            Yea, online its sort of hard to tell peoples actual meaning with any sentence, but reading over, I definitely see your first comment as having little to no snark. Lol, I hate misunderstandings…

        • スヴアレックス

          A japanese guy is doing all the Grand Hero Battle with the free units at 3*…

          Plus as Laggalot said, you have Kagero who helps a lot, just find other teammate to support her better, or unit who handle her counters

          • O.H. X-1990

            Uhp, he cheated, HE F***ING CHEATED! Using two Olivias on his team?! That’s cheating! I don’t believe you!

          • スヴアレックス

            You’re definitely trolling haha.

            I don’t know what you meant by cheating, just look at the video and redo the same strategy, it will work..
            He just upgraded his two Olivia (the 1* and the 2*) to get two 3* Olivia.

            Plus, if you’re considering using 2 dancer is “cheating”, he did it with another team, and this one does only use 1 Olivia.

          • O.H. X-1990

            The only troll I see is you, childish troll. Nothing you can do can convince me to suffer playing Lunatic Grand Hero Battles. You failed, childish troll, Lunatic Grand Hero Battles are hard AF, and you know it. Ha ha ha ha ha! Good luck losing in the Voting Gauntlet.

  • For the Whitewings!
    …hahahahahahano – I’ll be fighting for Palla, but my hopes aren’t super high for her team. I mean, she has to beat Minerva? Really? And then she’ll have to do better than Beruka, Cherche, and CAMILLA?! Unfortunately, I don’t see how she’ll be able to do better than such fan-favs…but meh. I just binge-read Hasha no Tsurugi, so…can’t know unless we try!

  • CombatMagi

    Joined Minerva’s army probably do well until the final were she’ll probably lose to Camilla but Minerva is my favorite of the bunch so it is her banner I wave.

  • O.H. X-1990

    Calling it now, Camilla will win the Voting Gauntlet, guaranteed.