Echoes: Japanese Website Update + TV Commercials

In roughly 2 weeks time, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia officially launches in Japan. To keep fans excited, Nintendo has updated the game’s official website with tons of new content.

Firstly, the Movie section has updated with three short, but very exciting, TV commercials. Typically, these are meant to be aired in Japan.

The first commercial (which we’ve linked above) briefly goes through the game’s basic premise, while the second one focuses on the story, and finally the third one is more about the gameplay.

Of note, the story-based commercial features a very curious scene at the very end, which you may have to pause and slow down to see what’s going on. Additionally, the gameplay video shows off a bunch of skills, some new, some old.

By the way, you may have noticed we’ve started added post-release content for the game, including a full list of skills. Of course, be wary of spoilers if going in.

The next section to receive an update is Characters.

This time we have 3 more characters from Alm’s party, Celica’s party and the Rigelian side.


Initial Class: Pegasus Knight
Voice Actor: Aya Endo

Clive’s younger sister; also a member of the Deliverance. Her overbearingness is her one big flaw, not that she pays it any mind. A cheery and pretty girl who loves to interact with any and everyone.


Initial Class: Mage
Voice Actor: Atsushi Kakehashi

A Mage who lives in a village located at the Zofian borders. He has fully devoted himself to mastering the art of sorcery and shows nary an interest to the people of society. Finds it impossible to deal with his younger sister’s selfish streaks.


Initial Class: Mage
Voice Actor: Eri Suzuki

Luthier’s little sister. Possesses a talent for magic that surpasses even her brother, but she herself is not interested in pursuing the Mage’s path. Bright and cheerful, but a bit(?) of a selfish girl. Currently in the midst of a rebellious period against Luthier.


Initial Class: Pegasus Knight
Voice Actor: Risa Taneda

The eldest of the three Whitewing sisters from Archanea. She’s mild-mannered and down to earth, always caring about her sisters. However she also has a stubborn side and absolutely will not budge after a decision is made.


Initial Class: Pegasus Knight
Voice Actor: Hitomi Nabatame

The middle sister of the three Whitewings of Archanea. Often acts as the buffer between her older and younger sisters and rarely pushes her own thoughts on the matter. Has a cool and serious personality.


Initial Class: Pegasus Knight
Voice Actor: Rie Murakawa

The youngest of the three Whitewing sisters from Archanea. As the youngest child, she’s pure and innocent and often gets told off by her sisters. Cheerful and chatty with a straight-forward personality.


Voice Actor: Takayuki Sugō

The 4th generation Emperor of Rigel. Also a renown general who stood on the battlefield from a young age, with numerous victories to his name. Within the empire, the people fear his reign of terror.


Voice Actor: Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Born into the Rigelian royal family; the Emperor’s nephew. A highly ambitious and prideful man. In a bid to become the next emperor, he directed the invasion of Zofia to prove his military prowess.


Voice Actor: Hibiku Yamamura

A Rigelian noblewoman; Berkut’s fiancee. Even within the Empire, she’s renowned for her beauty, but she’s a quiet and modest woman and the one person who Berkut trusts without reserve. She loves Berkut dearly and cares for him during the on-going war.

Lastly, the System section now includes details about Mila’s Turnwheel (finally!), as well as character growth.

The example shown is rather vague, but how Mila’s Turnwheel works is that you can rewind whole turns from the map. For instance, say you’re on Turn 2 and a character was defeated during Turn 1, you can go back to the start of Turn 1.

Like with all good things, there’s a limit though. From the looks of things, you can rewind a maximum of 3 turns to start with, but there are ways to increase your turn limit, such as by using an item…

As for character growth, the most interesting thing is the class chart, although it’s rather vague. Basically, the classes and class paths are the same as Gaiden, but female Villagers can access Pegasus Knight and Cleric.

If you don’t mind some very mild spoilers, here’s the full class chart. (Note: The Villager’s Fork item may not be accessible right now.)

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  • Noktis Zariah

    Updates like this are why I regret reading the datamined info 🙁

  • Noktis Zariah

    jk, it was totally worth it

  • Alexander Bodine

    I am loving the character designs! I wonder why they changed Clair’s hair color, though.

    • Familyplayer

      Probably because it makes her look more like Clive. After all, they are related.

      • Alexander Bodine

        That makes sense. But take a look at the Whitewing sisters. They’re related, so…
        Totally possible for Clive and Clair’s parents to have either blond or red (or blue) hair, btw.
        As far as genetics go in early Fire Emblem titles, there really wasn’t much of a reason to change her hair color.

        • Kazuya

          They were always like that, so I don’t think comparing the white wings to Clair is a good idea

  • 1% Crit Chance

    Hidari’s qt game is on point. Hope they stay as the artist for a couple more games.

  • Laggalot

    I can’t help but appreciate the aesthetic of the character designs in this game, generally being more grounded and modest, especially after some of the designs the more recent games have been putting out. Granted, Fire Emblem has never been terribly much a stranger to characters in questionable attire here and there, but some of the outfits of characters in Awakening and Fates especially were just kind of ridiculous.

  • Andres Marquez

    If the pattern is still up, she can very well do the character designs of the next remake of fire emblem! I hope they can remade shadow dragon/mystery of the emblem with a better story, focus on certain characters,etc!

    • An Tran

      I don’t think we need yet another FE1+3 any time soon. And the wish for better story might not be possible at the moment considering their horrible track record for the past two games. Hopefully Echoes’s story is done well enough.

  • Sentinel

    Dang, Berkut’s got a cute fiance.

  • Fastesthe1

    It’s odd. These comments are all on the character designs, while here I am wonder why the heck Celica is a ghost. I’ll admit I don’t know Gaiden’s story to the fullest, but what is going on there?

  • An Tran

    Game is looking less crappy the more I see it. I’m not a fan of the game mechanics of Gaiden nor do I want them to keep going in that direction after this game, but in the context of just this game I think I can bear with it. I really hope we get a return to form in terms of Radiant Dawn gameplay some day. Or if they decide to remake 4 and 5, I would hope they retain as much of the gameplay there as possible, and not infect it with the new age FE carp.