Famitsu Reviews Echoes with Franchise High

If you’re an avid review reader, then you’ve probably heard of Famitsu, one of Japan’s most prominent gaming publications. Today, Famitsu published an article covering their ratings of Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia. Fans can continue to have high hopes for the game, as Famitsu awarded the game with a 37/40, which is the highest score they’ve ever given to a Fire Emblem game.

One of our reliable translators, Kirokan, was kind enough to fully translate the Famitsu reviews:


A full remake of Fire Emblem: Gaiden which was released in 1992. The story of the two protagonists has been expanded upon with new dungeon exploration and combat mechanics.

Although it’s a remake of a 25 year old game, there have been substantial additions that make it feel as good as new. From being able to use “Move” and “Examine” commands in towns to freely moving characters around on 3D maps to explore dungeons are just some examples of new features that breathe fresh life into the game. Despite these additions, players will find that the core appeal of the series –strategy and raising characters –is certainly there! Once you start, you will be so engrossed in the experience you will not be able to quit! – 9

A major point is how the fully voiced dialogue and animations make for an incredibly dramatic story. A lot of fun is in managing and training your units, where you steadily become more and more attached to each and every character through the conversations you see them have in the towns and at base. It is all done very naturally. I was enticed every step of the way with exploring the 3D dungeons and towns like one would in an adventure game, and the conversation scenes were always something to look forward to. It all left me with an extremely favorable impression of the overall work. – 9

Originally, Gaiden had been the black sheep of the series. But, with a complete remake that conforms to a new generation’s standards, it’s been given new life. The game mechanics such as switching between two armies, bringing along characters you like and want to train, as well as receiving quests from towns makes this a game where players will constantly enjoy and look forward to progressing. Very little is left to the player’s imagination because the story and characters are so perfect and complete. Very dramatic! – 10

A flexible growth system and emphasis on “heroic adventure” were strong features of the original Famicom version. These points have been greatly expanded upon, with the player now able to easily visualize the full extent of the enemy’s strength and range. They clearly aimed to make the game easier to play down to the finest details. The original story and fantastically depicted characters are complemented perfectly by the scenario’s structure, and, while still simple, it is incredibly easy to empathize [with the characters]. This is a must play for veterans of the original!  – 9

In addition, here’s a breakdown of the other area released in Famitsu’s article, covering forging.

This week’s Famitsu also includes a big Fire Emblem Echoes blow out just in time for the game’s launch. However most of the information was already covered in previous issues or is available from the recent official site update.

The only new piece of information (if you haven’t been following the leaks) is an explanation of the new forging addition. Like in previous games, certain weapons can be forged to improve their Might and Hit stats (and possibly Crt).

The stars under a weapon’s name indicates the strength of the forge–the more the better. As hinted in the PAX East footage, Silver and Golden Marks are used to pay for forging. To forge a Steel Sword straight up to 5 stars requires 300 Silver Marks, for example.

In addition, some weapons can be transformed into other weapons. In the example shown, the player hands over 10 Silver Marks to transform a Rusted Sword into an unknown weapon, which then reveals itself to be a Steel Sword.

By the way, a little spoiler: The final result of a rusted weapon is determined once you obtain it (or as soon as it’s generated if an enemy can hold one).

With little time between now and the official release of the game, fans can continue holding on to their excitement, as the hype certainly isn’t slowing down.

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  • Neghini neghini nasanucolò

    I really do hope this game has better characters and story than Fates, which was incredibly screwed from these points of view.

    • tbh, characters have been fucked following FE12. Maeda dun goofed since he took over as director.

    • Noktis Zariah

      Fates’ story was rock bottom so it wont be hard to accomplish that.

    • MetalGear Lamia

      Its waaaay better!

  • John Freeman

    Hopefully the character balance is better than Fates. So many characters screwed by low bases + late joining.

    • Familyplayer

      Especially in Revelations where they just plop in randos just because they exist.

      • John Freeman

        Chapter 9 Revelations was painful. They give you all these characters and almost all of them are worthless. That route desperately needed some stat changes.

    • Laggalot

      I don’t think that goes for the entirety of Fates. Some exceptions aside, I think Birthright and Conquest are rather well-balanced for what they set out to accomplish. Revelation, though… Oh boy, now that’s a mess. There’s no defending that.

      • John Freeman

        Birthright’s okay other than a few outliers like Ryoma being a god and Rinkah being bench juice. The biggest problem I remember in Conquest is how late Benny and Charlotte join, compared to their starting levels.

        • Familyplayer

          Thankfully, I’ve heard they are pretty good units to make up for it.

          • John Freeman

            Charlotte’s pretty good at what she does but I think Benny really suffers for it.

  • Noktis Zariah

    REALLY hope the writing is better than Fates, good god.

    • MetalGear Lamia

      It will easily trust me I read the translations also no botched localization!

      • Noktis Zariah

        The localization issues and so called “censorship” in Fates weren’t as bad as people make them out to be, although there were some REALLY stupid decisions made in the process.

        • MetalGear Lamia

          Problem is it never made sense especially for a literal JRPG series.

  • Not surprising that the Fates-Hate is still going on around here…. (don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Fates, I just don’t bring it up at every available chance I get like some people).

    Because face it people, ANYTHING is basically better than Fates writing. Like some of your concerns are so freaking obviously answered. Like still seeing people concerned that this is going to be separate games when it is obvious its all in one game. Seeing people just hoping that the characters and story aren’t as bad as fates, which is obvious anything will trump fates. Hell, a good way to know is that in Echoes the supports are mostly platonic and limited. While I did kind of hope that more people could talk to each other that aren’t directly related to one-another, it at least makes room for better written supports. Like how Valbar and his 2 crew can only support with each other.

    In short, people are really beating the clearly dead horse with a stick still. Like at this point its past dead, the skull that is Fates is just being pulverized into mush instead of burying the damn thing.

    • Noktis Zariah

      Eh, I guess I could stop bitching about that game. I guess people find it hard to let go of considering it was easily the biggest disappointment the franchise had to offer, but a dead horse nonetheless.

      We’ll probably all forget about it once Shadows of Valentia comes out.

    • Freya

      The question is if can it at least get close to Fates’ sales.

    • Semi Colon Parenthesis

      “Like still seeing people concerned that this is going to be separate games when it is obvious its all in one game.”
      Do people seriously think this? Bet they’re the ones who are unaware it’s a remake too. Like jfc I agree it was a bit of a cash grab, but they charged you 50% off the alternate route; which is a full game. They handled it pretty decently. They really shot themselves in the foot with the limited edition being a thing though. Which costs basically just as much as all the games combined (granted you have to buy them the intended way) anyway.

  • MetalGear Lamia

    Not surprising you can see the faithfulness, new features and love put into this remake makes me even more excited for how good FE Switch could potentially be if they keep this momentum!

    • jugss

      Like Shadow Dragon? The Lunatic mode locked in a DLC of sort will hurt this game even more when this come stateside.

      • MetalGear Lamia

        No it won’t…..

        • jugss

          Says your crystal balls?

          • Fallen Crow

            No need to bring balls out…

  • Ale. A. Santi

    Im hyped for this game. I really liked Awakening and Fates, so im looking foward for the remake of a cult game that never was available for us westerns

  • superdawge

    Every new news I hear about this game makes me really happy. From the forging system to the expanded provision items, I see IS REALLY putting effort into polishing this coal into a diamond. Can’t wait to see it for myself

  • An Tran

    Eh…Famitsu reviews and score are never to be trusted…