Nintendo Direct: Updates on Fire Emblem Echoes and Smash Bros amiibo

Today, Nintendo posted their short and sweet Nintendo Direct, which covered quite a bit of incoming Nintendo goodness for the remainder of the year. Fortunately, Fire Emblem did get a bit of screentime in this quicker than quick Direct.

Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia will feature DLC (some free, some paid). Fans can take advantage of these by purchasing the DLC maps one at a time, or invest in a Season Pass, giving immediate access at a likely discounted rate. No information was confirmed for timing, content or pricing, but the Direct did hint at some new character backstories being fleshed out, as well as some new dungeons to explore.

The Japanese web site already covers this, so we can expect four initial maps to be available. Japanese players can purchase, in Japan, a 5000 Yen card which covers the cost for the first map free (with payment required for the following three sets of DLC). For translated details on what to expect, check out our Forum post covering the specs.

Lastly, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS will be releasing the final batch of amiibo, including Corrin, in June 21 worldwide. Interestingly, we’re getting both Male and Female versions of Corrin, which was revealed through some shared information covered from Fire Emblem Echoes’ usage of amiibo in battle, featuring both genders of Corrin.

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  • Fastesthe1

    They going to release a female Corrin amiibo, but not a female Robin… *sighs*

    • Alexander Bodine

      I can see them maybe going back to add the alternate models of characters like Robin and Wii Fit Trainer. I can also see it *not* happening, though…

      • Fastesthe1

        I hope they do if that’s the case!

        • TheBraveGallade

          I eman, it would only earn them MORE money…

    • Sentinel

      Probably because Female Robin is more of an afterthought character.

      Male Robin got the large majority of advertising for both Fates and Smash, while both genders of Corrin were advertised pretty well, especially with the whole Male Corrin for Birthright and Female Corrin for Conquest thing.

      In other words, I highly doubt Female Robin will get an amiibo.

      • MetalGear Lamia

        I agree completely

  • MetalGear Lamia

    Now I wonder IF they do summon characters like Fates (actual units) in the next game I wonder how each Corrin would be like if there’s any change in personality at all.

    • Fastesthe1

      Fire Emblem amiibo summon phantoms that look like the characters you can use for a turn at the cost of HP. All other amiibos summon a generic monster.

      • MetalGear Lamia

        I meant for the new Switch game

        • Fastesthe1

          Oh. Not sure about that.

          • MetalGear Lamia

            Yeah that’s why I hope they aren’t phantoms in it they miss out on a Hidari art treatment in Echoes which sucks…

  • Ninferno

    That FemCorrin Amiibo looks pretty neat. Might actually try to get it.

  • The M Corrin Amiibo looks like he has too much hair. All the others look great though!