Heroes: World of Shadows Paralogues and Banner Live

Summoners need to say “so long” to the Spring Festival Banner, but can enjoy the new World of Shadows Banner from now until


In this Banner, Summoners can pull characters from the upcoming Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia game, Alm (Sword), Faye (Bow), Clair (Lance) and Lukas (Lance). With these new Heroes come some new Skills, including the Firesweep Bow (Weapon Skill), Windsweep (Passive-B Skill), Hit and Run (Passive-B Skill), Bow Exp (Passive-C Skill) and Fortress Def (Passive-A Skill).

Along with the new Heroes comes a new set of Paralogues, which yield a total of 11 Orbs when completed with their associated Quests. This, combined with the new steady flow of 2 Daily Orbs, can help refill your Orb pool if you emptied it during the Spring Festival.

One thing to note, is that Nintendo released a small announcement, correcting one of their Quest features. The P5-2 Task requires a Green tome user, not a Red tome user, like the game describes.

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  • . (Omega)

    I got the 2 Focus girls. I wanted Alm.

    • yop

      i also wanted alm got clair not complaining

  • Eight 3* and two 4*, I guess I emptied my luck pulling four Palla’s in a row last banner.

  • O.H. X-1990

    The good news is I got Faye. The bad news is I didn’t get Alm. The other bad news is…Faye is weak! I mean, a bow where neither the player nor the enemy can counterattack?! They made her weak, dammit! Why?! Why did they made Faye weak?!

    • Laggalot101

      The weapon is really good! But… Faye is not… Sounds like great inheritance material to me. I’m sure some other Bow-unit could make that weapon effective somehow.

      Alternatively, Bow Experience 3 is also nice. Lets you train Bow units much more quickly, so that’s a neat long-term investment right there.

      Personally, I’d have rather had that than Clair, who I got…

      • スヴアレックス

        Actually, with all the Skill inheritance things and the need of SP, I would rather train my unit as slowly as possible now..
        In the training tower, you are guaranteed to earn 3SP whenever you kill an unit that is stronger than you, or at most 5 levels under you. Below this, it is not guaranteed and the odds are decreasing with levels (to 0% when 10 levels below).

        As a consequence, it is easier to gather a lot of SP during your first levels (1-35),it’s better not to rush into higher level ennemies as they will give you a lot of xp (“waste” of potential SP/stamina).
        Now, I only train in stratum that are weaker than my unit (by at most 5 levels): My Clair managed to get all her skills + Moonbow + GoadFliers when she just got to level 40.

        This is especially crucial for your 5* units that are not that OP, as you will probably struggle in the Lunatic level, once they’re 40.
        Plus, with the Hero Merits, you’re also earning feather more efficiently.

        Of course, if you’re grinding from 4* or 3* this is not a problem.

        Concerning Clair, I was kind of disappointed at first, but only 1 Palla 4* is needed to make her very useful: Moonbow + GoadFlier, as she already has Spur Speed lvl 3.
        I was training her with Palla + Dancer, and she was nearly OHKO every units, plus with her unique B passive, you can reposition her directly next to Olivia for next turn, or escape from danger zone, which is really fun

        • Laggalot101

          Yeah, mine is +HP/-Res, which really only serve to limit my options (+HP puts her at 41 HP, so there goes Ardent Sacrifice + Vantage/Desperation combos. And -Res nerfs possible Iceberg/Glacies, which are otherwise not bad options for her). Your suggestion seems like a decent one, though I’m wondering if I can really justify using her over other Lance fliers, who I could build just the same way to potentially greater effect. That said, I have her as a 5*, might as well try to find a way to use her somehow.

          If you put your unit in a decent team, I don’t find it difficult to grind a unit’s SP. I ran some Lunatic levels earlier to raise my (+Atk/-Def) Ninian’s SP and that went just fine. Ninian’s not the greatest combat unit to begin with, but I have her on a team full of units who can buff, as well as just hit hard, so she’s supported pretty well.

          On another note, you gain more Hero Merit at higher levels, so I’m not sure slowing down on the level ups is really more efficient.

  • MetalGear Lamia

    Got Alm, Clair and Faye that’s all I wanted sorry Lukas….I’m waiting for Celica and whoever they’ll pick after!

  • Stranger

    Shit-tier luck on my summon. Didn’t get a single one.

    I don’t really need any more sword users, but Alm’s skill looks so fucking broken that it ain’t even funny. If I understand it correctly, it basically translates into: attack basically anyone and be totally safe.

  • CombatMagi

    Got 2 Alm’s and a Lukas kinda wanted a Faye if only to give her bow to my main bow user. Considered giving Lukas’s ability to my tank but since its Hector I don’t want to lose Distant Counter. Am seriously considering sacrificing one of my Alms to give my Lucina Windsweep figure it would be a good combo with her natural Defiant Spd. Anyone care to give a second opinion? I would rather not waste an 5 star if there is a glaring problem with the idea.

    • スヴアレックス

      Don’t forget that if you’re giving it to Lucina, it also means no follow-up attack for her. So it may be useful in some specific cases where the opponent can kill you during the counter (Nowi, blue tanky units), but you’re loosing a lot of OHKO situation I think.

      And with Defiant Spd, Lucina reaches an average of 43 in Spd, which allows her to nearly double everyone.
      I would rather give Desperation to Lucina, which is complementary with her Defiant Spd.

      Windsweep is useful in cases where you’re only slightly faster than your opponent, as you only need +1 speed instead of +5, AND you’re not supposed to OHKO the opponent (which otherwise kills the purpose).

      Basically, you’re giving Lucina a support function to damage a unit safely before killing it with another unit or from a dance.

      While writing this, I really think IS released this skill as a check to Distant Counter Hector haha.

      • CombatMagi

        “Don’t forget that if you’re giving it to Lucina, it also means no follow-up attack for her”
        See? GLARING problem. I misinterpreted the description so I missed the “no longer gets 2 attacks” thing. Just a prime example of why I sometimes need another set of eyes on this. Thank you for pointing this out before I merged them. And thanks for the advice for desperation I’ve seen it before but haven’t really looked at it since I don’t use any of the 3 people that have it, looks like it will be a good fit. And yeah Windsweep will definitely screw over a lot of Hectors. On a slightly separate note any recommendation on special moves for Nowi? Im between Dragon Fang or Glacies. Already gave her Swordbreaker doesn’t help against Julia but should keep all 4 Falchion users in check.

        • Laggalot101

          Nowi has better Defense than Resistance, so if you have the option available, Ignis is strictly superior to Glacies. Ignis and Glacies are similar, but Ignis runs off the unit’s Defense stat rather than their Resistance, so it’ll yield more of a damage bonus.

          • CombatMagi

            Thought FemRobin was the only one that had that but apparently so does Henry so I just sacrificed him to give her that. Thanks for taking a little time to give me advice. I’m usually pretty casual but getting harder to get a streak of 7 in the arena figure I try to min-max my arena team so I have a slightly better shot.

  • . (Omega)

    Okay, anyone figure out why one of the tasks that says beat 5-2 with Red Tome user doesn’t work? I’ve done it twice now and it doesn’t give me my reward.

    • JamesBond007

      There is a mistake in quest description. Green Tome is correct.

      • . (Omega)

        ARGH! Screw over by yet ANOTHER typo.

  • Stranger

    >Lukas. Literally the only one I don’t want.

    >Got him twice.

    I swear this game is doing this on purpose.