Heroes: World of Shadows Paralogues and Banner Live

Summoners need to say “so long” to the Spring Festival Banner, but can enjoy the new World of Shadows Banner from now until


In this Banner, Summoners can pull characters from the upcoming Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia game, Alm (Sword), Faye (Bow), Clair (Lance) and Lukas (Lance). With these new Heroes come some new Skills, including the Firesweep Bow (Weapon Skill), Windsweep (Passive-B Skill), Hit and Run (Passive-B Skill), Bow Exp (Passive-C Skill) and Fortress Def (Passive-A Skill).

Along with the new Heroes comes a new set of Paralogues, which yield a total of 11 Orbs when completed with their associated Quests. This, combined with the new steady flow of 2 Daily Orbs, can help refill your Orb pool if you emptied it during the Spring Festival.

One thing to note, is that Nintendo released a small announcement, correcting one of their Quest features. The P5-2 Task requires a Green tome user, not a Red tome user, like the game describes.

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