Heroes: Grand Heroes Battle Revivals Live + New Quests!

Grand Hero Battles for Female Robin and Navarre have returned for a limited time in Fire Emblem Heroes! If you missed getting one or both versions of these heroes previously, now is a great time to pick them up.

Even if you already earned Robin and Navarre, the update comes with some quests relating to these battles. Entitled “Grand Hero Battles”, these new missions can earn you additional copies of both Heroes. You can also earn up for four Orbs!

Both the Grand Hero Battles and the associated quests will be around through 2 May at 7:59am UTC.

Additionally, another series of quests entitled “Helping Hand” is now available. Like the original Helping Hand quests, completing these quests earns you a large number of Universal Shards. You have until 5 May to complete these quests.

Grand Hero Battles Quests
Quest Description Reward
Defeat Robin With Alfonse on your team, win the Grand Hero Battle against Robin: Mystery Tactician. 2★ Robin
Defeat Robin With Navarre: Scarlet Sword on your team, win the Grand Hero Battle against Robin: Mystery Tactician on Hard. 3★ Robin
Defeat Robin Using Robin: Mystery Tactician, defeat a level 35 or higher Robin: Mystery Tactician. 1 Orb
Defeat Robin Using Navarre: Scarlet Sword, defeat Robin: Mystery Tactician. 1 Orb
Defeat Navarre With Sharena on your team, win the Grand Hero Battle against Navarre: Scarlet Sword. 3★ Navarre
Defeat Navarre With Robin: Mystery Tactician on your team, win the Grand Hero Battle against Navarre: Scarlet Sword on Lunatic. 4★ Navarre
Defeat Navarre With Navarre: Scarlet Sword, defeat a level 40 or higher Navarre: Scarlet Sword. 1 Orb
Defeat Navarre Using Robin: Mystery Tactician, defeat Navarre: Scarlet Sword. 1 Orb
Helping Hand Quests
Quest Description Reward
KO Foes w/Red Use red-type allies to defeat 5 enemies. 1,500 Universal Shards
KO Foes w/Blue Use blue-type allies to defeat 5 enemies. 1,500 Universal Shards
KO Foes w/Green Use green-type allies to defeat 5 enemies. 1,500 Universal Shards
KO Foes w/Colorless Use colorless-type allies to defeat 5 enemies. 1,500 Universal Shards
KO Foes w/Infantry Use infantry allies to defeat 5 enemies. 1,500 Universal Shards
KO Foes w/Armored Use armored allies to defeat 5 enemies. 1,500 Universal Shards
KO Foes w/Cavalry Use cavalry allies to defeat 5 enemies. 1,500 Universal Shards
KO Foes w/Fliers Use flier allies to defeat 5 enemies. 1,500 Universal Shards
About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • . (Omega)

    Okay, anyone know how to beat Robin’s quest in its hard version? Cause regardless of position, I’m gonna be assaulted by a weapon disadvantage.

    • Cosimo Valdrighi

      Have a Dancer like Olivia (free unit) and a ranged unit with Draw Back like Nino. You should be good.

      • . (Omega)

        Holy shit that was easy! I used Ryoma, Nino, and Olivia really and Ephraim was just there. XD

        • TheBraveGallade

          I just beat it using a 5 star julia while olivia danced once… killed the axe guy first.
          then again my julia has vantage 2 so…

    • Diovani Estivalet

      I used Marth, Navarre (for the quest), Ursula with Rally Res, and Ephraim. You need a good unit to survive the Lance Knight, the Red Mage and Robin attacks. Ephraim with Rally Res bonus survive all the attack and defeated the Lance Knight. I used Marth to defeat the Blue Mage and the Axe Knight. I almost lost the battle, when Robin attacked Ephraim and he survived with 1HP.

      • . (Omega)

        You were more lucky if anything.

        • Diovani Estivalet

          Hahaha, A little bit. But the idea is having a unit with good Def and Res, which can resist the attacks from the mages and knights, and a good support unit with Rally Res. Cecilia have Rally Res and she was a quest unit some days ago. A Dancer can be very useful, and a Healer is also a good unit to have. But be careful with yours Cavalry units, because Robin have Gronwolf.

          • . (Omega)

            I’m okay. Ryoma took care of all of them starting with the blue made. Olivia and Nino helped a bunch. The tricky thing will be to beat F!Robin with F!Robin.

    • Just have someone who can tank it and stick them in one of the corners.

      • . (Omega)

        Easier said than done.

    • Stranger

      Camilla can tank two hits from the red mage if she’s not -HP or -Res. As long as you have someone to kill the red mage, she can then kill/tank the rest for other units to move in.

      Camilla, Peri, and Lyn were who I used to beat it the first time, with Sakura healing from distance. (Lyn kills Robin so Peri can run around and slaughter the red mage).

      Since Inheritance, Camilla and Eirika are able to handle most of the map, which mean that for the requirements (bring Navarre, have Robin kill herself, etc) that leaves you with a free slot to bring whatever support/dancer/etc. you need. Felicia’s pretty good for that; mage-killer, debuffer, and spot healing.

  • Kotg Everest

    I absolutely forgot how i beat Robin in my first run…

  • . (Omega)

    Oh you have GOT to be kidding me.
    Its one thing to make me do this battle again, but now there’s specific requirements like making Navarre or Robin specifically defeat their other self? UGH!

  • Daaang, Kirie, that’s a buttload of Orbs you’ve got sitting around. Waiting for Ike?

  • O.H. X-1990

    SON OF A B****!! It’s bad enough that I can fight Female Robin and Navarre on Hard and Lunatic modes respectively, but clearing these quests using both Female Robin AND Navarre as requirements in order to get Orbs?! Not only “NO”, but “HELL NO”! So, F*** IT, I’m not gonna bother clearing these asinine quests!

  • Hmm, completed all of the quests. Julia soloing Robin’s map pretty much. Had to grind 3* Robin to 40 though in order to even deal some damage once defiant res kicked it, she’s gotten too much of my attention already and there is no way am I spending any feathers on that shitty character; in the inheritance bin she goes.

  • mrkisukes

    To deal with the Hard mode Robin challenges, I used a Rally Speed user (stars and Lv doesn’t matter), Kagero (mine was 4* Lv40) and Dancer to help out either a Robin/Navare (mine were 4* close to Lv40). A Rally Speed Kagero would eliminate the Axe user and was left with 1 HP after dealing with the Red and Blue Mages (despite being -Spd). The Lance guy and Robin will charge towards you, you can then Rally speed Robin and have her take out both with a dance. With Navare you’ll need Kagero to help with the Lance guy, but the strategy is basically the same.

  • mrkisukes

    It took a lot of trial and error and AI manipulation to beat the Navare defeating Navare on Lunatic challenge. I used Olivia (needs a lower Res that Navare, but bulky enough to survive being attacked by the healer), Sheena (5* Lv40), and Kegaro (4* Lv40 +Def/-Res, HP+3 sacred seal equipped), and my Navare was (Atk+1 sacred seal equipped he also needs a 36 Atk, and a 34 Spd minimum; mine was a Lv38 4*). The only character here that someone might not have is the Kagero at that specific build as my Kegaro was left at 3Hp at the end of all of this.
    It involved taking out both Ninjas with Kagero (Sheena Fortify Def her) while having Sheena weakening Navare so my Navare can 2 shot him with a dance. Having the Olivia bait the healer to attack her instead of taking out Navare. Finally, Olivia would dance aid Kagero to weaken the Axe guy so Navare could take him out as Sheena takes out the healer.