Heroes: FEH Channel’s Livestream Breakdown

Well boy howdy, we got quite a pile of information for what’s coming up in Fire Emblem Heroes, and lots of it is coming sooner than you might think.

For starters, we have a new Banner coming up, featuring the 5* Focus units of Hector, Azura, Ryoma and Takumi. This banner starts in just a few hours (on 4/28) and will have unit pull rates boosted from 3% to 5%.

Two new events will also be running alongside the new banner. The “Hero Fest Log In Bonus” will continue giving players 2 free Orbs per day. There is also a “Double SP Event” wherein all heroes earn twice as much SP as usual when defeating enemies! The Focus Banner and both events will last through 7:59am UTC on May 7th.

Xander is coming up on May 2nd, and his map has been revealed. Enemy stats aren’t known beyond HP, but we do have Xander’s stats (both as an enemy, and his skills upon recruitment). If you can’t quite read the text, it points to Xander running Siegfried (16 Mt with Distant Counter built in), Armored Blow, Spur Def and the Blazing Light special.

Speaking of challenges, the next Voting Gauntlet is coming soon, and looks to be Female Mages (Linde/Sanaki/Julia/Tharja) vs Male Mages (Merric/Leo/Henry/Male Robin). The Voting Gauntlet will include some slightly altered mechanics.

If you’re on a losing team that is behind for over one hour, the score that you receive will be tripled after Battle Flag selection. As per the previous Voting Gauntlets, we can probably look forward to these banners existing as well, so if you’ve been struggling to pull that Julia or Linde, your chance is coming up soon.

Japan’s Golden Week is also upon us, and with it comes an omikuji (like an oracle’s prediction or fortune telling). On the FE Heroes site, you can click the large red button to “roll” and get your Fortune told. /u/Exalgar on reddit gave us a rough translation of this event, letting non-Japanese speakers understand what some of the kanji means.

The bottom line is that if you want to earn free Orbs and Hero Feathers, you can roll and reroll in hopes to earn “Great Luck” and thus, more goodies. More “Great Luck” rolls (indicated by the Hero using their Special Attack artwork) will actually contribute towards the Hero Feather prize, but the Orbs will simply be based on participation.

Additionally, each day from today until May 7th will feature a different color. Today is red, tomorrow is blue, the next is green, then white, and it resets back to red. However, May 6 and May 7 are “gold”. Could this be a hint that Golden Orbs will appear soon as a new summoning orb type?

Even more, we’ll have 5 new maps coming, which feature a Fire Emblem franchise staple, Terrain Effect. These maps will be available in the new Arena, which will have another method of scoring added in. As you move up the Arena Tiers (from 1 all the way to 20), you will be awarded with an increasing number of Orbs.


Finally, we get a sneak peak at what looks to be the mysterious “permanent death” mode. Now, you won’t lose Heroes permanently, so relax; this only applies for the mode itself. In this mode, there are several maps to challenge, each comprised of multiple stages. In these maps, you must deploy a designated team selected from the 5 teams you can build normally.

If one of your Heroes kicks the bucket, they disappear from the mode and you will have to replace them with another Hero. There may be a limit to how many times you can replace Heroes in a team. Progress in this mode adds to your score, which can earn you rewards like Hero Feathers or even a 5 star Hero… We even see Masked Lucina on the player’s side.

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  • CombatMagi

    Thanks for the info gonna try the golden week thing ASAP

  • I just have the opera music from the lottery link playing in the background as I’m doing stuff lol. So basically it boils down to rerolling until you get a character that has a special attack and then choosing the right option to lock it in? I’m assuming its saved when you hit the “Top” Button to go back for when you roll again the next day.

  • MetalGear Lamia

    At least IS knows of the ridiculous Gauntlet shenanigans going on and actually is doing something even though it’ll still not be enough anyway.

  • MetalGear Lamia

    Glad their putting the popular units as focus summons as well!

  • Paulo Cesar

    Yep it works got Hector bad nature but with how long it took already created a good Sheena,
    PSF if you cant hold the salt just say you summoned a Kagero.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    I got a Hector -ATK +SPD… that’s something… And I need Azura!

  • Diovani Estivalet

    Golden orbs = laguz?

  • 80 orbs, one Azura and a Fae… And no Takumi or Hector. Somehow I knew that would happen.

  • O.H. X-1990

    The good news is I got Takumi. The bad news is I didn’t get Ryoma, I ended up getting two 3-Star Hinatas, and they’re both weak and useless! Goddammit!

    • Laggalot101

      I wish I got two Hinatas. If nothing else, those make outstanding inheritance fodder, as they get Fury 3 at 4-star. A highly sought-after skill for probably obvious reasons.

  • Trying to get Hector so I’ve been only rolling green orbs. I managed to get my rate up close to 7% and then they give me 4 blues and 1 colorless….I go for the blue with the intention of backing out and I get a freaking 5 star Azura -_-. FYI I already have an Azura. Went through all my orbs so I’ll just wait until the rate up almost ends to go with the ones I save up from now until then.

  • . (Omega)

    Anyone pissed that some of the characters people want badly are coming JUST as we got Ike and the others? Its like we have to choose between Ike or the others. I still need to get Ike, Azura, Takumi, and though I got Hector, you can never have too many Hectors.

    • Laggalot101

      I’m on the same boat. I really want Ike and crew, but this banner with top-tier units, at a base appearance rate of 5% is seriously tempting. I really want the mercenaries, but the rational side of me is saying “Ike is bound to make more banner appearances, don’t sweat it and just go for the best odds”… But I want them so bad… I don’t know what to do. I’m at 17 orbs right now, soon it will be plenty to go for another round of summoning, but I am having a hard time deciding what banner I’ll pick.

      Doesn’t help that the upcoming Voting Gauntlet also means two banners for that, with the female mage banner in particular just being all solid units (and Linde who’s just straight up top-tier).

      • . (Omega)

        EXACTLY. This is literally making me ready to break my bank apart to get all my money into this. Damn you, IS for making this be so painful for me!!! ;-;

        • Skylar

          Its the entire point in my opinion… They know Ike is the most popular character and that everyone was saving orbs just for him… But once people get him they may lose interest. So they include all the other characters that everyone wants to make them spend orbs not on Ike that way they had a focus for him and he goes into the pool of characters and everyone goes out of their mind spending heaps more money. For the people who did spend all their orbs on Ike they will spend more and more money trying to get the top tier units. I bet you that next week will be a very good summon as well. I think most people underestimate how manipulative this game actually is.

  • O.H. X-1990

    Oh, I see, this “Golden Week” is exclusively for Japanese people who are playing the Japanese version of this game, right? It sucks, doesn’t it? Us, Americans, can’t play Golden Week, obviously.

    • Pokegee

      The website is international (I’m in America with an American Nintendo account) but I don’t know if the prizes will be.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    So… in May 2nd we will have another Focus Banner? Xander Great Hero Battle Banner?

    • Laggalot101

      No doubt. Question is, who will be on it?

      Only really obvious pick I see is Raigh, given the fact that Xander has poor Res and is a cavalry unit, and Raigh gets a Wolf tome by default, and there’s also a Green-tome Cav. Other than that, though, who knows?

      They might also slap in Ryoma, because of his rivalry with Xander, but given that he’s on a banner literally right now, I kinda doubt it.