Heroes: Xander GHB Live And Other Approaching Updates

There’s quite a bit of news to cover for Heroes today, so without getting carried away with fluff, let’s just start with the elephant in the room.

Summoners hopefully used their time well to nab Female Robin and Navarre from their Grand Hero Battles, and complete their quests, too. While they’ve now departed, Summoners can quell their anticipation for the next Grand Hero Battle, as Xander has finally made his face known and his challenge available.

Of course, what would a Grand Hero Battle be without a dedicated Banner? This time, you can look forward to pulling Linde (convenient for the upcoming Voting Gauntlet and overall good unit), Arthur, Cordelia and Chrom.

Xander’s Grand Hero Battle and the Challenging Xander Banner will be available to challenge from today, until May 8 This is convenient, as on May 7, We’ll have the Fire Emblem Heroes v.1.3 Update available.

While little is absolutely confirmed for the 1.3 update, we could assume that much will be seen that was covered in the FEH Channel Livestream, including the new Veronica challenges and mysterious Masked swordfighter.

For other things to do, look no farther than the Arena, which has its new list of Bonus Units already revealed, both in game and on FE_Heroes_JP’s Twitter feed. This season, Bonus Units will feature Ike, Soren, Mist, Titania, Zephiel, Barst, Clarine, Hana, Felicia and Anna. This season will be a day shorter than the usual to prepare for the May 9th Arena Update patch. The May 9th Arena Update will likely include the five new maps as announced during the FEH Channel Livestream, as well as the scoring ladder, which will have more details hopefully shared as time draws more near.

Speaking of special units; Celica made her Heroes debute today in the form of the “Best Luck” roll for the Omikuji event. You can try to roll it yourself, but here’s the artwork just in case you’re curious.

That’s not all for the Omikuji event, however. Diligent fans should notice that all of the reward milestones have been achieved, so we can look forward to receiving some Hero Feathers and Orbs in the coming future.  The Omikuji event will still be going on until May 7, so don’t give up on it yet just because the maximum goal’s been met. For all we know, another sneak peek might appear in the coming days, or as Intelligent Systems has done before, they may append the reward milestones list with another one or two milestones due to popularity.

If you’re looking for other ways to score some Orbs, look no further than the three May Quests lists, which contain up to 22 Orbs and 1,300 Hero Feathers (among other goodies like Dueling Crests, Shards and Crystals) for dedicated Summoners to earn. If you’re saving up for Celica or spending more orbs on Ike or the Hero Fest quartet, this might help you out.


Lastly, the May artwork for Hector and Tharja, as selected from the Choose Your Legends event, is now available, also via FE_Heroes_JP’s Twitter feed.

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  • CombatMagi

    None of the new quests had hero’s light as a reward. I still have over 20 but I like having them there for quests that just start grating on me.

  • Laggalot

    Did the Xander GHB just this morning. It wasn’t too hard, though it helps that I happened to have good units for the job. I think so long as you have a strong red mage or bow user, a dancer, a lance-slaying unit with Draw Back, and another unit that can beat Xander in a duel reliably (preferably a Blue Dragon), you should be able to beat this GHB fine. I don’t think that’s too demanding.

    • I managed to beat it with just Sheema, Linde, and Thany. One of the easier ones so far, but I doubt we will get a really difficult one judging by the ones we’ve had.

      • Laggalot

        Sheema? Thany? …Who?

        • That would be Sheena and Shanna in English.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    So… Celica is a red unit. But is she a sword hero or a Mage?

    • She could be either, but I’d say it’s more likely she will be a mage.

      • MetalGear Lamia

        Doubt it she has her own legendary sword in echoes so Sword.

        • Is that so? I don’t remember anything like that in Gaiden. There she always turned out being a very good magical unit for me, and less so as a physical one.

          • MetalGear Lamia

            Yeah she now has her own signature sword now in SoV she could have a AoE skill similar to Growing Flame

  • Kotg Everest

    Oh, it was the very first time i won a GHB in the first attempt, im not used at winning easy, i dont know what ill do the next days, now… my team was Ike(reposition), Beruka(Full inheritance), Nino(deadweight) and F!Corrin (For an sibling duel). I Just think this battle would be better if theme song was thorn in you.

  • MetalGear Lamia

    Celica FINALLY can’t wait to get her!!!!!!!

    • Avestus

      3*Sophias are waiting for you!

      • MetalGear Lamia

        I’m very lucky so I’m good!

  • mrkisukes

    I did the Xander Lunatic map with Hector, Sherena, Ursula, and Roy…it was surprisingly easy.

    • Diovani Estivalet

      Thanks! I was having problems with Lunatic Xander but I decided to used a team similar to yours (Hector, Ursula, Ephraim and Marth). And I won.

  • This is the first arena season where I don’t have any of the bonus units properly trained. Does anyone know what amount of points you need in order to rank up (tier), and if it’s possible to do so without any of the bonus units? I’m guessing it should be possible, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

    • Avestus

      The bonus unit gives x2 points. It’s unreasonable not to take one. So even if your best option is 4* – go for it.

      • Yeah, I know that much. The only one I really have is Zephiel, and I don’t feel like putting down the time needed to grind him to 40, which is why I figured I could spend that time going for a 7 advanced streak without any bonus units instead. But idk.

        • Avestus

          You can just take lvl1 Zephiel with you. It will still be better than any other option. And probably your other 3 units will be way stronger than opponent’s four.

          • That might work, actually. My default arena team consists of 3 supporting fliers and Robin with bowbreaker for backup. I could push my luck and replace Robin with him.

  • O.H. X-1990

    Ha, what do you know? The Xander Grand Hero Battle Lunatic mode is actually easy! I defeated him and his army using my 5-Star Tharja, my 5-Star Reinhardt, my 5-Star Spring Camilla, and my 4-Star Olivia! Super easy!

  • JamesBond007

    Xander was the easiest. Defeated on both Hard & Lunatic on the first try. My team was Ryoma, Hector, Ephraim & Elise.

  • Xierra

    Apparently I trained and inherited stuff for Clarine without knowing. Guess now it finally pays off xD

  • Xander was really easy. With a team of Ike, Sharena, Hector, and Kagero, it took no time at all.