Cipher Spring 2017 Livestream: Cards, Artwork, and News for Upcoming Sets!

Yesterday the Fire Emblem Cipher team hosted another exciting seasonal livestream for Cipher fans! Hibiku Yamamura, the voice actress for Rinea from Fire Emblem Echoes, joined Ryota Kawade and Young to host the show.

After a bit of banter, they jumped right in to showing off some promotional goodies for S9. Instead of holo marker cards this time around, each box will contain a reprinted promo card. The two cards available in S9 boxes are of Lilina from Binding Blade and Elincia from Path of Radiance. Both cards were originally included in Japanese magazines.

Packaged in with the reprint promos are two preview promotional cards for S10. These cards feature Alphonse and Sharena, two of the original characters from Fire Emblem Heroes, as Lord and Princess respectively. These cards are particularly interesting as they feature no symbol or colour! Like all preview promos, these cards use the official art for these characters.

Additional goodies include the previously revealed promo sleeves, as well as some Cipher-related Echoes DLC. VincentASM already detailed all of the DLC details in his earlier article, so please check it out if you’re interested!

Series 9 Card Reveals

One of the highlights of watching livestream is getting to see new cards revealed, and yesterday’s stream was no disappointment in that regard. Kawade showed off a large number of S9 cards, starting off with the green portion of the set.

Green cards feature characters from Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. Laguz characters in particular have a strong focus in the set, as seen in these newly-revealed cards for Lethe, Nasir, Tibarn, and Naesala.

Of course, we’ll still be seeing a few Beorc as well, such as in these cards for Mist and Gromell. Gromell may seem like an odd choice for a card, but his character has achieved meme status in Japan thanks to his ineffectiveness in combat. In fact, his card pokes fun at this rather strongly, and will likely be a tournament promo rather than a set card.

Purple cards were next in line to be revealed. In this set, purple cards will be featuring characters from Binding Blade as well as its spin-off manga, Hasha no Tsurugi. Al, the main hero of the manga, takes the spotlight with two new cards, including an SR!

Following Al, two other manga-exclusive characters will be getting cards: Gant and Tiena. Both of these names may be familiar to FE6 players even if they haven’t read the manga, since both of them received special named weapons in the game: Gant’s Lance and Tiena’s Staff.

Cards for Binding Blade characters Roy, Elphin, and Echidna were also revealed during the presentation. Roy’s card has the same effects as his R+X card that was included as a secret card back in S7.

Finally, the presentation turned over to red cards featuring characters from Echoes. Alm and Celica, the starring lords, received newly-revealed cost 1 cards and also beautiful joined-art SR cards!

In Alm’s army, we also get to see cards for Lukas, Grey, Tobin, Kliff, Faye, and Mycen. On Celica’s side, the revealed cards are of Mae, Boey, and Genny. All cards but Mycen are unpromoted by Cipher standards, but the Villager characters have already chosen their initial promotions: Mercenary Gray, Archer Tobin, Mage Kliff, and Pegasus Knight Faye.

Series 10 and 11 News

As expected, the livestream gave us our first artwork for Series 10 and also an official announcement for Series 11!

Series 10 is scheduled to release sometime in September and will feature characters from Thracia 776, Fates, and Heroes. It was originally announced during the Winter 2017 livestream, though no artwork was shown at that time. Now that we’re getting closer to release, Kawade finally had some art to show off for us!

From Thracia, we get some lovely artwork of three ladies: Nanna, Eyvel, and Tanja. On the Fates side, new artwork is revealed for Asugi, and we also get our first art of Izana, the only playable character in Fates to not yet see representation in Cipher. Rounding out the list is Sharena from Heroes.

Shortly after the S10 art showcase, Hibiku was happy to officially announce the included titles in Series 11. S11 will feature characters from The Sacred Stones, Echoes, and also Fire Emblem Warriors! Little information has been released about Warriors until now, so we won’t know what to expect from that part of the set for some time.

Go! Go! Summer Tour!

Some additional information was also revealed about the upcoming “Go! Go! Summer Tour!” Preliminary information about the event can be seen here. While discussing the tour over the livestream, the website was also updated to show off the following posters.

Attendees of the event will receive a special promo card of Agent Anna, as she appears in Heroes. Kawade also showed off a picture of her artwork during the stream as well.

Shortly after, the stream wound down to a close. The next livestream will be held on June 17th as a pre-release celebration for S9. Until then, cards will be regularly revealed over Twitter, and we’ll likely get some further news regarding the summer tour as well.

In the meantime, feel free to come chat and speculate with other Cipher fans in SF’s Cipher Subforum. If you’d like more information about FE Cipher, including information on purchasing cards outside of Japan, please check out my Newcomers Guide.

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