Echoes: More Details on Cipher Collab. + Character Introductions

Last week, we finally got some concrete details about the mysterious Cipher collaboration DLC coming to Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

Note: Artwork is from Cipher.

A few days later, on 15th May, the Japanese website updated with some additional details about this DLC. Similar information can be found on the North America website.

Firstly, it has been confirmed that the two pieces of DLC are battle maps, as indicated by the DLC being 2-star (Medium) difficulty. After completion of each map, you will recruit the corresponding pair of mascots.

On top of that, each DLC includes brand new support conversations between the corresponding pairs and base conversations for each mascot. Most likely these conversations will be fully voiced just like the ones already found in-game.

To round off the deal, there are new exclusive items that can be earned during the first completion: Trainee’s Lance (Emma), Whimsical Lance (Lando) and Warrior’s Sword (Yuzu). Not to mention the data-mined exclusive arts and spells.

Full details can be found below. Finally, for those unacquainted with the Cipher mascots and interested to learn about them, we’ve put together an introduction just for you!

Release Date DLC Reward (notes) Difficulty Price
22nd June 2017 Cipher Legends 1 (The Lost Girl and the Vagabond) Ema and Lando, Ema x Lando support conversations, Ema and Lando base conversations, Trainee’s Lance (one-time), Whimsical Lance (one-time) ★★ 500 Yen/3.99 USD/5.69 CAD
Cipher Legends 2 (The Dark Saint and the Swordswoman) Shade and Yuzu, Shade x Yuzu support conversations, Shade and Yuzu base conversations, Warrior’s Sword (one-time) ★★ 500 Yen/3.99 USD/5.69 CAD

Emma – Apprentice Sky Knight

Class: Falcon Knight
Voice actor: Eri Suzuki

A 13-year old apprentice Sky Knight who’s aiming to become a fully-fledged knight. She’s cheerful and energetic and ever eager to learn new things from Shade and the others, although she’s easily influenced.

She debuted as a Hoshidan Sky Knight and is always represented in some form of flying class. After promoting to Kinshi Knight, she then became a Falcon Knight and a Dark Flier before rotating between Falcon Knight and Dragonmaster.

List of Emma Cards

Shade – Dark Saint

Class: Saint
Voice actor: Hibiku Yamamura

A dark magic user known to some as the “Teacher of the Black Shadow”. She’s the alluring big sister type and is generally calm and collected, unless someone unknowingly pokes fun at her or tries to steal her thunder.

First appearing as a Dark Mage, she has also dabbled with various magic-based classes such as Sage, Bishop and Witch. Despite her affinity for magic, she has worked as a Maid for Nohr and a Falcon Knight over in Jugdral.

List of Shade Cards

Yuzu – Violet Myrmidon

Class: Priestess
Voice actor: Juri Kimura

Joining in Series 3, Yuzu is a Hoshidan Samurai traveling the lands. She has trained in the arts of combat from an early age and is keen to prove her skills. While she’s well-versed in combat, she can be a little socially awkward.

After a brief stint as a Samurai, she has appeared in a variety of weapon-based classes such as Swordmaster, Hero, Sniper, Master Ninja and Dread Fighter. Her true calling appears to be the path of the sword though.

List of Yuzu Cards

Lando – Vagabond Knight

Class: Paladin
Voice actor: Katsuyuki Konishi

Joining in Series 5, Lando is a knight without a liege wandering from town to town and battlefield to battlefield. He refers to himself as a “bad” knight and is a bit of a wild card. Still, he’s very knowledgeable when he wants to be.

Initially a Cavalier, Lando has also appeared in the guise of a Paladin or Great Knight. Unlike the other mascots, he physically ages between his appearances in Binding Blade (younger) and Blazing Blade (normal).

List of Lando Cards

A special thanks to Cat Villager and pasteviolet for the heads up!

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  • MetalGear Lamia

    Awesome love these guys I better see more of them in future which based on their info/card classes very likely glad they have some convos sad there’s no Emma-Shade maybe next time!

    • BladeLord Lyn

      Yeah these 4 cipher characters are so interesting glad their not like the Amiibo units that can’t support and felt THERE.

  • Snipergys Rmz

    I can’t wait for them, and hope they come to Heroes next!!

  • Well this is one DLC I’m getting. Considering I’m just picking around with other DLC’s ( most likely just opting out the grinding DLCs). This is the type of Sh*t I like. Like BladeLord said, it feels good to have DLC characters actually have a purpose instead of being shoehorned in there (same can be said towards the Capture mechanic in Fates along with the character cards in Fates and Awakening)

  • Iavasechui

    I think you got Binding Blade mixed up with Blazing Sword since on where he appears younger since Blazing Sword is set 20 years before Binding Blade. Unless time travel is implied that I am not aware of.

  • mrkisukes

    Am I the only one who thinks Lando looks like an older Levin?