Heroes: New Summoning Focus for Weapon Triangle Skill Users!

Fire Emblem Heroes got a new surprise summoning focus today! Entitled Weapon Triangle Skill Users, its four focus heroes are Azura, Cecilia, Hinata, and Titania.

As expected based on the name, all of these heroes use the weapon triangle to their advantage. Hinata, Azura, and Titania all wield a special coloured weapon that gives them a 20% Atk bonus when fighting with triangle advantage. Similarly, Cecilia’s weapon also gives her triangle advantage over colorless foes.

We’re not entirely sure what the occasion is for the new banner. Regardless, it will be available until 6 June at 7:59am UTC. We may still get some related quests or other in-game uses for these particular heroes in the meantime.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor