Heroes: Upcoming Tempest Trials Event Features Permadeath & Masked Lucina

An exciting new event is coming to Fire Emblem Heroes! It’s called Tempest Trials, and it’s unlike any other event that Heroes has held to date.

Each Tempest Trial consists of series of maps at varying difficulties. Complete these Trials to score points and earn rewards based on the number of points you score. One of the available rewards is the 5★ Masked Lucina that was shown during the FE Channel Livestream back in April.

In addition to the rewards given by the event itself, Heroes is also hosting a Tempest Trials Kick-Off Campaign. The campaign will reward all Heroes players based on the total number of points scored by everyone during the first five days of the event. If we reach 1 billion points by 13 June, everyone will receive 10 Orbs and 5,000 Hero Feathers!

Tempest Trials will begin on Thursday, 8 June at 7:00am UTC and last for two weeks. Read on below for a further breakdown of what we know of the event so far.

Tempest Trials Basics

Tempest Trials is a special event that will be running from 8 June through 22 June. While the event is running, it can be accessed via a new button the Battle screen.

There are several different Trials available at varying difficulties. More difficult battles will feature more maps, but also allow you to use a larger number of ally teams.

When fighting in each Trial, any allies that die in a map will remain fallen and be unavailable for the remainder of the trial. This is the “permadeath” mode that was mentioned during the April livestream. Additionally, allies that survive the map will remain in the same state for the next map, including their current HP and cooldown timer.

If all of your allies on a given map die, you will be able to immediately retry the map with remaining allies you have from a different team. However, enemies from the map will also be revived.

Tempest Trials Scoring

Once you clear the final map in a given Trial you will earn a score based on how well you performed in the map. You get bonuses to your score based on your speed, how many allies survived, and any bonus allies used. If you are unable to fully complete a Trial, you will still gain points based on the number of maps completed.

Bonus Allies in Tempest Trials function similarly to how they do in the Arena. Include a Bonus Ally on your team and make sure it goes into battle at least once to earn a score multiplier. However, Tempest Trials includes different tiers of allies that give different multipliers. Only the ally that gives the strongest bonus will be applied to your score.

We don’t get know exactly how the Speed and Survival bonuses are calculated. Based on the screenshot, it looks like there are various ranks for both categories. Presumably, Speed is based on number of turns. Play efficiently and make sure as many allies as possible survive in order to get the highest scores!

Tempest Trials Rewards

Of course, scores by themselves don’t mean anything if there aren’t good rewards to match! Rewards are given out in two categories: Cumulative Score and Rank. This screenshot shows some of the rewards available, including 5★ Marth: Enigmatic Blade.

Some other listed rewards include a 4★ version of Masked Lucina and two new Sacred Seals: Breath of Life 1 and Quickened Pulse. More rewards are mentioned for Rank, but they are unknown at this time. We’ll see the full breakdown of all available rewards once the event starts in full later this week.

About the Author: Kirie
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