Heroes: Upcoming Tempest Trials Event Features Permadeath & Masked Lucina

An exciting new event is coming to Fire Emblem Heroes! It’s called Tempest Trials, and it’s unlike any other event that Heroes has held to date.

Each Tempest Trial consists of series of maps at varying difficulties. Complete these Trials to score points and earn rewards based on the number of points you score. One of the available rewards is the 5★ Masked Lucina that was shown during the FE Channel Livestream back in April.

In addition to the rewards given by the event itself, Heroes is also hosting a Tempest Trials Kick-Off Campaign. The campaign will reward all Heroes players based on the total number of points scored by everyone during the first five days of the event. If we reach 1 billion points by 13 June, everyone will receive 10 Orbs and 5,000 Hero Feathers!

Tempest Trials will begin on Thursday, 8 June at 7:00am UTC and last for two weeks. Read on below for a further breakdown of what we know of the event so far.

Tempest Trials Basics

Tempest Trials is a special event that will be running from 8 June through 22 June. While the event is running, it can be accessed via a new button the Battle screen.

There are several different Trials available at varying difficulties. More difficult battles will feature more maps, but also allow you to use a larger number of ally teams.

When fighting in each Trial, any allies that die in a map will remain fallen and be unavailable for the remainder of the trial. This is the “permadeath” mode that was mentioned during the April livestream. Additionally, allies that survive the map will remain in the same state for the next map, including their current HP and cooldown timer.

If all of your allies on a given map die, you will be able to immediately retry the map with remaining allies you have from a different team. However, enemies from the map will also be revived.

Tempest Trials Scoring

Once you clear the final map in a given Trial you will earn a score based on how well you performed in the map. You get bonuses to your score based on your speed, how many allies survived, and any bonus allies used. If you are unable to fully complete a Trial, you will still gain points based on the number of maps completed.

Bonus Allies in Tempest Trials function similarly to how they do in the Arena. Include a Bonus Ally on your team and make sure it goes into battle at least once to earn a score multiplier. However, Tempest Trials includes different tiers of allies that give different multipliers. Only the ally that gives the strongest bonus will be applied to your score.

We don’t get know exactly how the Speed and Survival bonuses are calculated. Based on the screenshot, it looks like there are various ranks for both categories. Presumably, Speed is based on number of turns. Play efficiently and make sure as many allies as possible survive in order to get the highest scores!

Tempest Trials Rewards

Of course, scores by themselves don’t mean anything if there aren’t good rewards to match! Rewards are given out in two categories: Cumulative Score and Rank. This screenshot shows some of the rewards available, including 5★ Marth: Enigmatic Blade.

Some other listed rewards include a 4★ version of Masked Lucina and two new Sacred Seals: Breath of Life 1 and Quickened Pulse. More rewards are mentioned for Rank, but they are unknown at this time. We’ll see the full breakdown of all available rewards once the event starts in full later this week.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • CombatMagi

    Well I got a nice roster of 40’s so hopefully ill be able to do this well enough but I hope that score is on the lower tiers because trying to get enough to get the 5 star masked Lucina, assumedly 30,000, would take quite a while if its just 250ish points a pop.

  • mrkisukes

    Time for healers to be useful

  • Laggalot101

    I think I have a decent variety of strong and capable units, so I think I can get stuff done. Sounds like it will also be valuable to have some capable healers as well, just for the sake of longevity. Either way, this starts in a few days, so better train what we can.

  • . (Omega)


  • O.H. X-1990

    Heh, no problem, I can beat Veronica and her powerful army in the Tempest Trials, and Masked Lucina will be mine!

  • don’t

    please let there be a 4* lucina cause i know i won’t be able to get the 5*

    • Kirie

      The Notifications post has been updated to flat out state that a 4* version of Masked Lucina will also be available, so you should be good! I’ve updated the article to include that information as well. 🙂

      • don’t

        thank you i’m so relieved!

  • Joseph Smith

    Cool, we finally get Masked Lucina. It’s better than getting some crappy Jugdral character that no one cares about.

    • Luigi301

      when is the last time we even got a Jugdral character?

      • Silversahde

        Lachesis and Eldigan. Seliph and Julia

        • Luigi301

          i dont think you understood my question. i know we got jugdral characters. but that was a while ago and we only have 4 of them. they werent even like Jugdral based banners. Seliph and Julia were randomly added with Eirika and Ephraim, and lachesis and eldigan were added for the siblings event. I would love to see more non 3ds crap games. 3 lucinas is more than enough and there is going to be one more for the voting contest thing in the future. I would like to see characters like Fury and Lewyn (idk what their english names are if these arent them, need to check out the feh website for that) as well as Ced. I would also like to see more PoR and/or RD characters. Where are Laguz? Where are the rest of the Greil Mercenaries? Where are Michaiah and Sothe? We got Sanaki during the siblings event (for whatever reason) and didnt even get her sister (big spoiler if you dont know). Where are Thracia characters? We are missing so much from the better FE games

          • Luigi301

            i forgot we have Reinhardt and Olwen. Again thats not enough representation for these good games.

          • Silversahde

            I don’t care. I was just listing the 4 we had gotten in case you or someone else didn’t know. I would love it we got more characters from older games. No need to bite my head off

          • Luigi301

            sorry that long post wasnt really to you. the first part was, i didnt realize you were just listing my apologies. The rest of it was more of an explanation of why i thought Joseph’s post was crazy. I just kept it all together, sorry

      • Saint_Stahn

        Exactly. Old fans barely get scraps. We don’t have Sigurd, Black Knight or a single Laguz.

        And new fans get their waifus, A THIRD LUCINA, and STILL have the gall to talk crap on old school characters other people like.

        Talk about spoiled.

        • Noktis Zariah

          Some people can never be satisfied.

    • Saint_Stahn

      Some people can’t be accounted for taste it seems. Crappy Judral character… sheesh. I’m sure plenty of people wanted to play as Eldigan cause you really DIDN’T get to in the original game.

      • Noktis Zariah

        Just another 3DS Elitist, and I mean that in the “My characters are better than yours” sense.

        He doesn’t deserve the attention.

        • Saint_Stahn

          Thanks Hiei, also the fact that ”3DS Elitist” is a thing these days with the popularity of NEW fire emblem… Dang this fanbase is just gonna self destruct even faster than Sonic the Hedgehog or Kingdom Hearts.

          Kinda regret getting into the series all those years back at this point. And I do find things to enjoy on new fire emblem. It’s just… eugh, the waifu thing is really… out of control at this point.

          • Noktis Zariah

            I’m just indifferent to it at this point, I’m just glad Echoes showed us that IntSys can find writers that don’t make quirk-centric and shallow. Besides you were technically playing matchmaker in FE4 too, just for different reasons.
            And yeah the fandom is pretty toxic these days.

          • Saint_Stahn

            Yeah. As for FE4, I don’t mind the matchmaking. It just kinda has to make sense in the narrative. 2 generations spanning many years is the only way it could work.
            Awakening… somewhat made it work but in the end just made it convoluted and silly. Geneology was executed perfectly.

            Fates just made every parent look like a negligent douchebag that is willing to put their kid on the line. Not to mention the whole dimensional nonsense that makes kids grow up fast… that was some dumb level of writing I expect in fanfiction.net. I know I lost a couple of brain cells from that.

            Here’s to expect something everyone likes from the switch one. but…. judging from IntSys’ track record… It’s just gonna get worse. =(

          • Noktis Zariah

            I sure hope it doesn’t.

            If they remake FE4 they’ll have to squeeze FE5 into it, they’ll have to tweak the story to work around that too.

            Speaking of story, I’m hoping the localization doesn’t screw around with those too games too much IF they decide to remake them. You think the newbies can get toxic, just wait until you see what the vets start pulling if Nintendo decides to go treehouse on us again.

            The worst part is treehouse use to be good.

          • Noktis Zariah

            And given the story I say Awakening did the time travel kid stuff well, even if it’s time travel logic was never thoroughly explained.

    • Noktis Zariah

      Yeah, who needs a character with zero representation to add diversity to the roster when we can have a THRID incarnation of an already known character right?

      How’s the head injury?

  • CaT

    Can you try a given trial more than once? I hope so, or else I and my friends are gonna have a really bad time.

    • Kirie

      While not outright stated, it’s certainly implied in the write-up in the Notifications Screen that battles can be played multiple times. Playing the easier difficulty modes will likely get you significantly fewer points than harder maps, but if you’re committed enough you can probably grab a good amount of points from those levels.

  • Luigi301

    I wonder how developed a team has to be to succeed

  • Sentinel

    So basically….getting up to a 5* “Marth” is going to be a grind. Oh boy….

  • CombatMagi

    You know I was thinking are the trails going to be the same every time? i.e. you can make teams around the maps per trail rather than try to balance it out and get destroyed by a Kagaro or something of the like?

  • Ikeyasu

    Gonna be my first Falchion user, hope her stat is pretty decent :<

    • Gonalex

      implying you’re gonna get her for sure

      • Ikeyasu

        as long as there is stamina, should be a way, even if my point only 100 each run :’)

  • Alm

    Well good thing I have like 80 stamina potions for this grind. Though I really only have one developed team so maybe I should grind up some units. I’m getting this Lucina even if it kills me.

  • Igor Santa Rosa

    One question: if my unit die, i cannot play with him in the event or entire game?

    • O.H. X-1990

      Only in Tempest Trials, you won’t use your dying unit in this mode ever again. But for the entire game? No, you still keep that unit forever, unless you send him or her home, inherit skills to another character, or merge allies.

      • Igor Santa Rosa

        Glad to hear that, thanks a lot!

        • Laggalot

          Actually, it is still a little more forgiving than that. Going off the wording, a unit will be disabled if they fall, yes, but only until you either succeed or fail the challenge you have taken. The Tempest Trials are a series of maps, after all, that you need to clear consecutively.

          So even if a unit falls in this mode, they are still not banished from it forever, just until your current run ends.

          • Kirie

            This is correct. If a unit falls they become immediately available again (for other Trials or for regular play) as soon as you complete the current Trial.

            Really, it’s almost more like that series of back-to-back maps in Path of Radiance (or the current shrines/dungeons in Shadows of Valentia) than traditional permadeath.

  • O.H. X-1990

    Hey, did anyone here got the update already? Because I have, and obviously, Tempest Trials hasn’t begun yet. Also, I can name my own teams now.

    • CombatMagi

      I did, was glad I could organize better and the seen designation of the defensive team was also nice.