Heroes: 1.4.0 Update Includes More Teams, Quest Updates, Daily Orbs Gift, & More!

A new update is rolling out for Fire Emblem Heroes! Version 1.4.0 includes a bunch of quality of life updates and a resumption of the Special Log-Bonus of 2 daily Orbs!

The update will automatically go live tomorrow, 8 June, at 7:00am UTC. However, players already have the option to load the update manually via Google Play or the App Store. Daily Orbs will also begin tomorrow and last until 22 June.

The update notification also gives us a bit more insight into the upcoming Tempest Trials event which begins tomorrow. The last map of each Trial is considered a “Boss Stage” and will likely include a single, more powerful enemy. The Tempest Trials button and opening screen can already be seen in-game if you download the new update!

Read on below for a breakdown of all the changes we can look forward to with the new update!

Heroes Version 1.4.0:

Starting with the new update, all Heroes players will have eight team slots instead of the previous five. You can also name each team so they’re easier to keep track of and sort! Additionally, you will be able to set which team is your Arena Defense Team instead of it defaulting to the first slot.

The Quests system is also getting some updates. You will be able to claim all completed quest rewards at once with a new “Accept All” button on the Quests page. Post-battle quest notification screens will have different colours to distinguish between whether you’ve completed a quest or merely made progress on it.

The game is also making it easier to see the total number of merges performed on a hero. Simply tap the hero’s level indicator at the top and a pop-up will appear with their merged total.

In battle, Victory Conditions will be a bit more prominent. If a particular map has a victory condition different than normal, it will display at the beginning of the battle.

There will also be some new options available in the Settings screen. Players will be able to select or turn off “Double Tap to Wait” and “Auto-Battle Text”.

Currently, “Double Tap to Wait” in permanent on for all players, so if you find yourself accidentally ending your unit’s turn, you may wish to disable this option. “Auto-Battle Text” is a new option and sets all game text, including level-ups, to advance automatically.

Additionally, Arena load times will be reduced via a number of back-end changes.

If you’d like to see all the new changes for yourself now, load up your phone’s app program to download the update! Otherwise the update will automatically prompt itself on 8 June before the Tempest Trials event goes live.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor