FE Cipher Go! Go! Summer Tour: Merchandise and More Details

Starting this July, Fire Emblem Cipher will be touring various locations in Japan as part of the Fire Emblem Cipher Go! Go! Summer Tour.

In case you missed it, here is the list of dates and venues, as well as the artists available for signing.

Event Date Venue Location Attending Artists
1st July Hamamatsu (Act Tower) Hidari, Sachiko Wada
9th July Tokushima (Awagin Hall) Daisuke Izuka
16th July Sendai (Aztec Museum) Yamada Kotaro
23rd July Fukuoka (FFB Hall) Senri Kita
29th July Kanazawa (Kanazawa Workers Plaza) Yusuke Kozaki

With two weeks to go until the first event, the official website has added more details, including a full list of merchandise. So without further ado, let’s take a gander!

Sounds from FE0 Go Go! Summer Tour – 1,300 Yen

After the success of the previous CD, the Cavalier Duo are back with another! This time, the CD, which roughly (and I mean very roughly) translates to “Olden Times; East and West” contains 4 tracks. Hence the relatively cheaper price.

It also apparently includes the same pair of promotional cards included with the first CD. Useful if you missed them the first time or want more copies for a deck, etc. As for the tracks themselves, skip to the end for some clues.

Bond Decorating Card Stand – 1,800 Yen

A fancy card stand that can hold a pair of cards, perfect for the many cards with paired artworks. Even better, the card stand includes both of the fairly rare promotional Elise and Sakura cards, which were given out at previous events.

Somebody, please hook me up.

Character T-shirt – 3,000 Yen

A sleek T-shirt that features a retro version of the “Fire Emblem Cipher” logo on the front and pixel main characters on the back. Comes in S/M/L sizes.

Play Mat (Valentia Version) – 3,500 Yen

A highly coveted play mat for playing Fire Emblem Cipher, other card games or just to look pretty. This version features the protagonists from the recent Fire Emblem Echoes, with Zofian emblems behind them.

Card Binder – 3,000 Yen

A luxurious 4-ring card binder for storing your precious card collection. Measures 310 mm x 255 mm x 40 mm.

Fire Emblem 0 Artworks – 2,000 Yen each

Thin, glossy artbooks featuring several pages of artwork from each of the Cipher expansions. The one with Chrom on the cover (Artworks VIII) features artwork from Series 8.

Ball Pens – 500 Yen each

Be the envy (or source of confusion) of your fellow office workers with these stylish ball pens. The one on the left features Hidari’s artwork of Alm and Celica designed for Cipher Series 9.

That’s the main highlight, but there’s more! Each of the five venues will feature its own exclusive selection of past Cipher merchandise. Ideal if you’re missing bits or pieces. That said, don’t expect a lot of stock.

Old friends includes card sleeve packs priced at 700 Yen each and play mats priced at 3,500 Yen each.


Card sleeves: Pixel B, Azura, Eliwood, Deirdre
Play mat: Big Sisters


Card sleeves: Takumi, Camilla, Micaiah, Sigurd
Play mat: Little Sisters


Card sleeves: Tiki, Lucina, Soren, Roy
Play mat: Little Brothers


Card sleeves: Severa, Sakura, Elise, Ike
Play mat: Big Brothers


Card sleeves: Corrin (M), Corrin (F), Lilina, Lachesis
Play mat: Heroes Pixel Version

Hardcore collectors have a bit more work to do, as there are some rare and exclusive items only available to those who actively participate in the event itself.

Those who collect three or more stamps from the Free Battle Area, Girls-only Battle Area, Pack Battle Area, Cipher Demonstration Area, Quiz Area or the Poll can choose three of ten available marker cards.

Everyone who joins in the Pack Battle Area can go home with this cute marker card featuring the four Cipher mascots.

To wrap up, among all the battles, shopping and general excitement, fans can also enjoy live music from the Cavalier Duo. Featured songs include:

  • Fire Emblem Cipher Main Theme
  • Heritors of Arcadia (Echoes)
  • Winds of Askr (Heroes)
  • Sea Winds and Travelers (Echoes)
  • Fire Emblem Main Theme

Most likely, some of these songs will be included in the new mini CD.

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