Echoes: Another Look at the Upcoming Cipher Collab. DLC

Earlier today, Fire Emblem Cipher fans were presented with the Series 9 pre-release livestream, which our Cipher expert Kirie will cover in full later on.

Of note, we have some new pictures from the Cipher collaboration DLC for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, which launches on the same day as Series 9, on 22nd June 2017, in Japan and the West.

For those unaware, the four Cipher mascots–Emma, Shade, Yuzu and Lando–will be available as playable characters via Cipher Legends I and Cipher Legends II. More details can be found in our previous articles.

Above, we have the finished artworks for Emma and Shade, the former of which was revealed during an earlier livestream, while the latter was still half-finished at the time.

Next we have the official artworks for Yuzu and Lando, which are both completely new.

Finally, we have some in-game screenshots showing the dialogue portraits. Presumably these are from the battle maps and/or the support conversations.

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  • MetalGear Lamia

    The designs are awesome for them at least this’ll let me come back to Echoes for a little bit!

  • SomeUser


  • Diovani Estivalet

    The units looks great! The problem is… what party should I put each pair? Alm’s Party or Celica’s Party…
    Also, I am waiting for these four units make a appearance in FE Heroes…

    • Paulo Cesar

      By any chance do you have any proof they will be in Heroes? or is just a wish?

      • Nobody has proof, but with their release in Echoes it seems likely that they’ll do a banner with the four of them at some point to get people to buy more Orbs if for no other reason. It also seems like a good way to continue to test the waters to see if Cipher would sell worldwide, so I for one think they’ll for sure be in Heroes at some point, we just don’t know how long it’ll be before they reach that point.

        • Paulo Cesar

          Allright, I understood but I hope for a banner before that (nothing personal) with missing units, like a other green dragon or even another dancer/singer.

          • Yeah, I’m not counting on the Ø4 for a long time, so you’ll probably get your other Green Dragon or Refresh Unit before then.

    • kirindas

      I’m going with Yuzu and Shade on Alm’s side since more mages there is always good. If Emma was separate than I would throw her on Alm’s side too. But I want Lando on Celica’s side. Too much Cavaliers on Alm’s already. So Emma and Lando go to Celica as a result.

  • Buitronthecrazy .

    Why is the witch posing like that? is…weird.