Echoes: Cipher Companions DLC Out Today!

Today, the final piece of DLC for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is available to download in Japan and the West. (As soon as the eShop updates in each respective region.)

As we’ve reported in the past, Cipher Companions features 2 maps that, together, allow you to recruit the four Cipher mascots to your party: Emma, Randal (formerly known as Lando), Yuzu and Shade.

This is a very interesting turn of events given that the Cipher card game–where these characters come from–is currently only released in Japan and even the English DLC descriptions acknowledge this.

In any case, you can find the new characters’ profiles and detailed breakdown below!

Emma – Trainee Sky Knight

Class: Falcon Knight
Voice actor: Eri Suzuki

A young girl who’s training to become a Sky Knight. She’s honest, energetic and hard-working–and she will bravely challenge any situation. Although she’s a bit of an airhead, oftentimes her keen senses can suddenly rear their head.

Randal – Vagabond Knight

Class: Paladin
Voice actor: Katsuyuki Konishi

A veteran knight who flutters from place to place. At first glance, he seems uncaring and sloppy in appearance, yet he possesses much experience and tact–and is actually a reliable man with exceptional skills. Although he hates trouble and danger, he usually ends up in the middle of it anyway.

Yuzu – Violet Myrmidon

Class: Priestess
Voice actor: Juri Kimura

A girl who’s training to reach the pinnacle of martial arts. She has a serious and unpretending personality–and she is always delighted to face off against formidable opponents. Like many girls her age, she has a fondness of cute things.

Shade – Dark Saint

Class: Saint
Voice actor: Hibiku Yamamura

A woman who’s adept with magic and possesses wise knowledge. She teaches various things to her puzzled colleagues. Although she generally behaves like an adult, she tends to react poorly to unforeseen circumstances–and during those times, she can seem almost like a little girl.

Base Stats

Name Class Lv HP Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res Mov Item Tol.
Emma Falcon Knight 1 31 11 12 13 13 8 14 8 Trainee’s Lance 0.55
Randal Paladin 5 32 13 15 15 3 9 7 8 Wayward Lance 0.5
Yuzu Priestess 1 26 15 13 16 9 7 9 4 Warrior’s Sword 0.6
Shade Saint 3 30 12 11 11 7 8 13 5 0.45

Growth Rates

Name HP Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res
Emma 45 40 40 45 55 40 10
Randal 45 60 50 50 15 35 0
Yuzu 40 55 60 60 35 30 2
Shade 45 45 35 40 35 45 4

Maximum Stats

Name HP Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res
All 52 40 40 40 40 40 40

Learnable Spells

Character(s) Spell 1 Spell 2 Spell 3 Spell 4 Spell 5 Spell 6
Yuzu Fire Sagittae (Lv 5 Priestess) Recover (Lv 1 Priestess)
Shade Nosferatu Freeze (Lv 5 Saint) Silence (Lv 1 Saint) Rescue (Lv 10 Saint) Physic Seraphim (Lv 7 Saint)

(Otherwise has access to the Generic spell lists if Class-Changed to a non-default class.)


Character Plain Rich Sweet Bitter Meaty Rough Refined Tasty Yucky
Emma Li Li Lo D Lo N D Lo D
Randal N Li D Lo Lo D Lo Lo D
Yuzu Li N Li D Lo Li Lo Lo D
Shade N Lo Lo Li N D D Lo D

Support Bonus


Support Partner Rank Hit Crt Avo CEv Required Points Required Act
Randal C   +3    
B   +7    
A   +12    
Yuzu None     +5  
Shade None +15      


Support Partner Rank Hit Crt Avo CEv Required Points Required Act
Emma C       +3
B       +7
A       +12
Yuzu None     +5  
Shade None +5      


Support Partner Rank Hit Crt Avo CEv Required Points Required Act
Emma None       +3
Randal     +3    
Shade C +5      
B +10      
A +15      


Support Partner Rank Hit Crt Avo CEv Required Points Required Act
Emma None       +3
Randal None   +3    
Yuzu C     +5  
B     +10  
A     +15  


Icon Name Mt Rng Hit Wt Effect Combat Arts
Trainee’s Lance 2 1 100 0 Solo Triangle Atk.
Wayward Lance 3 1 70 2 Crt +20 Heaven or Hell
Warrior’s Sword 6 1 80 2 Crt +20 Armor Disruptor

(Forge data will be added later.)

Combat Arts

Name SP HP- Mt+ Hit+ Effect Found
Solo Triangle Atk. 20 5     3 consecutive hits Trainee’s Lance
Heaven or Hell 20 4   -30 Crt +30; 2 consecutive hits Wayward Lance
Armor Disruptor 15 5 5 30 Crt +10; deals effective damage versus armoured enemies Warrior’s Sword
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  • MetalGear Lamia

    Even though this won’t last long for me all 4 cipher characters are really good especially their weapons and CAs!

  • don’t

    i love their designs…i hope hidari stays for the next mainline fe game

    • MetalGear Lamia

      I would say its definitely likely but we’ll see

    • superdawge

      Some FE artists are one shots, but I would definitely like to see Hidari return, especially with the positive response

  • mrkisukes

    If the info on that Wayward Lance is accurate, it’s straight garbage. The base stats already are crap, and the Heaven or Hell combat arts is pure RNG. The other 2 weapons at least seem decent. The Trainee Lance’s ability is great, but it’s on a lackluster weapon (hopefully it can be forged up in power). The Warrior’s Sword seems to be the best of the bunch with the best base stats and a solid ability.

    The characters themselves seem pretty good with solid bases and growths (dat 10 Res growth on Emma). Though it is a shame that Yuzu gets basically nothing in regard to Spells, meaning unless you reclass her, with one of your precious 3 Villager’s Forks, she’s just an inferior Dreadfighter with basic spells.

    • Kimmo Pronger

      Shade gets virtually everything while Yuzu gets virtually nothing. It’s such a contrast. I guess that’s supposed to reflect the experience gap between the two or something? Other than that, I have no idea why there’s a stark contrast here between characters when it comes to spell distribution.

      • Sisyphe

        I’ll probably go through with it and reclass Yuzu to Dread Fighter to be honest. That just feels right to me somehow, in addition to being arguably more useful

        • chandelure_k

          Sadly female characters can’t reclass into Dread Fighter 🙁

      • Pokenar

        Well, besides Mage!Faye, Yuzu is the only Priestess that can use Sagittae, that might have been the idea. That and forcing you to use her as basically a Swordmaster.

        • Kimmo Pronger

          Well, nothing a little RNG manipulation won’t fix.

      • superdawge

        The idea is Yuzu is more a fighter than a mage… it’s a shame Dread fighters are gender locked in this game

  • Sisyphe

    These characters are basically Awakening characters: funny, quirky, light-hearted. I like them, and I liked Awakening, but I don’t know how well they fit in Echoes. What do people think?

    • Kimmo Pronger

      Funny, quirky, and light-hearted characters existed in other titles, too. Not just Awakening. There’s L’Arachel from Sacred Stones, Nino from Blazing Sword, Delthea from Gaiden/Echoes, freaking Oliver from the Radiant Series.

      I think they’ll fit into Echoes just fine. Their designs are still in the same style of Echoes and they’re integrated with the way the game works as well. Story-line wise, I’m sure they’ll be irrelevant, however.

      • Sisyphe

        You are not wrong. I would argue that in some cases, Nino and Delthea, there’s depth there too, while L’arachel was always a little, but acceptably ridiculous, and Radiant Dawn Oliver was totally ridiculous to me. I feel like there’s a difference, especially since Echoes is one of the more serious titles, but maybe I’m wrong.

        They do have final battle quotes, supports, and endings and such, which is really cool, so they’re hardly more irrelevant than Valbar, Leon, and Kamui kind of are.

        • Kimmo Pronger

          Nah, you’re not. I mean, this IS a remake of a game from 1992, so no doubt the approach to creating FE games were different back then. Things change as time goes on. Dust to dust, as they say.

          Supports, I get but final battle quotes and endings? Huh. Wow, they’re really trying to integrate them into Echoes. But we’ll see.

  • Kazuya

    A little off topic but does anyone have a site for S9 cards? I’m looking for Camus and Palla cards for obvious reasons.

  • Kimmo Pronger

    Pegasus Knight, then. Because of their utility as an air unit to go across any terrain and do bonus damage to terrors.

    • mrkisukes

      Sadly, Echoes lacks the depth and variety that was available to you through reclassing in Awakening and Fates.

      • Kimmo Pronger

        How, exactly? I disagree. Thing is, Echoes does have depth and variety, it’s just that it cannot be compared to Awakening and Fates. It’s in a league of its own. Gaiden was well-known for doing a lot of things differently which gave it its black-sheep reputation.

        One example I can give that showcases the depth and variety is how inventory works. There’s a lot of strategic depth to it. You can make your unit more defensive by giving them shields or more offensively potent by giving them a stronger weapon. You’re constantly weighing pros and cons of how your units can work best with what items.

        Also, you get three pitchforks through free DLC. So you don’t have to pay anything for it and you can make multiple save files to experiment with what combinations of three units to give your pitchforks to.

        • mrkisukes

          Echoes is in a League of it own as far as depth and variety goes, that is to say several league below Fates.

          The only thing that is different enough in Echoes from Fates is the existence of shields, though Fates still has similar functionality to it’s weapons so that difference is still very small. And I still found the weapon balance and system from Fates overall better than Echoes. Also, I was never having to weigh the pros and cons of inventory in echoes because late game inventory always outclassed early game ones.

          And as far as the pitchforks goes, it’s still only 3, and each character is restricted to 5 class paths for males and 4 for females. Compared to Fates where you have unlimited access to Heart, Partner, and Friendship seals being limited only by you gold supply plus the ones you obtain naturally while playing the game. On top of this each character has 2 class sets that branch into 4 paths, then can gain access to many more with usage of the Partner and Friendship seals. And as far as multiple save files goes…Fates also allows this, it’s not an Echoes unique feature.

          If I were to give, for the sake of argument, Fates a 10/10 in regards to the depth and variety it’s gameplay offers, Echoes is a 3/10. It doesn’t completely lack any, but by comparison to it’s predecessors, Echoes is shite.

          • Kimmo Pronger

            Very well. I’ll concede to you.

          • Logan Daniel Smith

            Predecessor? Gaiden is the predecessor, Echoes is a remake of Gaiden, of course it’s not gonna throw in all of this crazy new stuff found in awakening/fates that wouldn’t make it a remake but an entirely new game. They had to keep certain mechanics so it wouldn’t lose itself and just become the next ‘Fates’ and honestly I’m happy about that. I prefer the simplicity, but I’m biased seeing as my favorite FE games are the GBA and GC games, which in those games everyone was locked into a specific class (with the exception of a few units) and there was almost zero grinding (except for in Sacred Stones with the tower or the arenas but those were risky). I’m not saying crazy amounts of customization is a bad thing but I believe it would’ve changed this game far too drastically to the point where it would no longer be Gaiden. But that’s just my two cents.

          • mrkisukes

            I want to make something clear, I don’t actually hate Echoes as a whole, and I don’t begrudge anyone who likes it; it actually makes me happy to see so many people enjoy this game. I personally found several problems with it, even when not compared with the other 2 3DS titles but with even the GBA or SNES ones. I’ve played the original Gaiden before I played even Awakening and from the start I hated the gameplay, and not because of the bad UI.

            I understand people like the, “it’s a remake” argument, but that shouldn’t stop it from being it own thing and not just a prettier version of the original. New Mystery did plenty of things different from FE3, and it was a solid remake (I’m ignoring Shadow Dragon) while still not binding itself to the restrictions of “it’s a remake.”

            Now with Echoes, it had a lot of great ideas: Mila’s Turnwheel being the single best idea any FE game has come up with, and it needs to become a staple of the franchise. I liked the idea behind combat arts, but it needs fixing in that the skills are like Radiant Dawn’s 3rd tier class skills all over again, unbalanced and enemies can never have them. Dungeons are a great idea, but the repetitiveness of the battles made dungeons a chore rather than a joy. I really loved that lower ranked weapons can be forged and upgraded to higher ranked ones, and if they were to ever make a FE4 remake, this is something they’ll need to incorporate into it. And I’d even say that this feature made the forging system better in Echoes than in Fates, though I do still prefer the more customizable aspect that Path of Radiances started.

            Again, I don’t begrudge anyone who likes this game, I didn’t, but I want I.S. to take notes of the dos and don’ts for the next remake. This is why I try to always have discussions and break the echo cambers that exist within this community currently, because that’s will make the community better.

  • Pokenar

    That’s a pretty poor spell list for Yuzu, gimmick of being one of only two Priestess in the game to have Sagittae only gets you so far. I could reclass her, but perhaps I’ll just throw a Lady Sword at her instead.

  • RIP Lando’s name. I mean, Randal’s not bad but it’s just not gonna be the same. Also, the heck went wrong with Shade’s portrait for the lower screen? She looks super psycho.

  • Rance

    LOL They’re OP as fuck.