Echoes: Cipher Companions DLC Out Today!

Today, the final piece of DLC for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is available to download in Japan and the West. (As soon as the eShop updates in each respective region.)

As we’ve reported in the past, Cipher Companions features 2 maps that, together, allow you to recruit the four Cipher mascots to your party: Emma, Randal (formerly known as Lando), Yuzu and Shade.

This is a very interesting turn of events given that the Cipher card game–where these characters come from–is currently only released in Japan and even the English DLC descriptions acknowledge this.

In any case, you can find the new characters’ profiles and detailed breakdown below!

Emma – Trainee Sky Knight

Class: Falcon Knight
Voice actor: Eri Suzuki

A young girl who’s training to become a Sky Knight. She’s honest, energetic and hard-working–and she will bravely challenge any situation. Although she’s a bit of an airhead, oftentimes her keen senses can suddenly rear their head.

Randal – Vagabond Knight

Class: Paladin
Voice actor: Katsuyuki Konishi

A veteran knight who flutters from place to place. At first glance, he seems uncaring and sloppy in appearance, yet he possesses much experience and tact–and is actually a reliable man with exceptional skills. Although he hates trouble and danger, he usually ends up in the middle of it anyway.

Yuzu – Violet Myrmidon

Class: Priestess
Voice actor: Juri Kimura

A girl who’s training to reach the pinnacle of martial arts. She has a serious and unpretending personality–and she is always delighted to face off against formidable opponents. Like many girls her age, she has a fondness of cute things.

Shade – Dark Saint

Class: Saint
Voice actor: Hibiku Yamamura

A woman who’s adept with magic and possesses wise knowledge. She teaches various things to her puzzled colleagues. Although she generally behaves like an adult, she tends to react poorly to unforeseen circumstances–and during those times, she can seem almost like a little girl.

Base Stats

Name Class Lv HP Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res Mov Item Tol.
Emma Falcon Knight 1 31 11 12 13 13 8 14 8 Trainee’s Lance 0.55
Randal Paladin 5 32 13 15 15 3 9 7 8 Wayward Lance 0.5
Yuzu Priestess 1 26 15 13 16 9 7 9 4 Warrior’s Sword 0.6
Shade Saint 3 30 12 11 11 7 8 13 5 0.45

Growth Rates

Name HP Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res
Emma 45 40 40 45 55 40 10
Randal 45 60 50 50 15 35 0
Yuzu 40 55 60 60 35 30 2
Shade 45 45 35 40 35 45 4

Maximum Stats

Name HP Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res
All 52 40 40 40 40 40 40

Learnable Spells

Character(s) Spell 1 Spell 2 Spell 3 Spell 4 Spell 5 Spell 6
Yuzu Fire Sagittae (Lv 5 Priestess) Recover (Lv 1 Priestess)
Shade Nosferatu Freeze (Lv 5 Saint) Silence (Lv 1 Saint) Rescue (Lv 10 Saint) Physic Seraphim (Lv 7 Saint)

(Otherwise has access to the Generic spell lists if Class-Changed to a non-default class.)


Character Plain Rich Sweet Bitter Meaty Rough Refined Tasty Yucky
Emma Li Li Lo D Lo N D Lo D
Randal N Li D Lo Lo D Lo Lo D
Yuzu Li N Li D Lo Li Lo Lo D
Shade N Lo Lo Li N D D Lo D

Support Bonus


Support Partner Rank Hit Crt Avo CEv Required Points Required Act
Randal C   +3    
B   +7    
A   +12    
Yuzu None     +5  
Shade None +15      


Support Partner Rank Hit Crt Avo CEv Required Points Required Act
Emma C       +3
B       +7
A       +12
Yuzu None     +5  
Shade None +5      


Support Partner Rank Hit Crt Avo CEv Required Points Required Act
Emma None       +3
Randal     +3    
Shade C +5      
B +10      
A +15      


Support Partner Rank Hit Crt Avo CEv Required Points Required Act
Emma None       +3
Randal None   +3    
Yuzu C     +5  
B     +10  
A     +15  


Icon Name Mt Rng Hit Wt Effect Combat Arts
Trainee’s Lance 2 1 100 0 Solo Triangle Atk.
Wayward Lance 3 1 70 2 Crt +20 Heaven or Hell
Warrior’s Sword 6 1 80 2 Crt +20 Armor Disruptor

(Forge data will be added later.)

Combat Arts

Name SP HP- Mt+ Hit+ Effect Found
Solo Triangle Atk. 20 5     3 consecutive hits Trainee’s Lance
Heaven or Hell 20 4   -30 Crt +30; 2 consecutive hits Wayward Lance
Armor Disruptor 15 5 5 30 Crt +10; deals effective damage versus armoured enemies Warrior’s Sword
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