Warriors: Twitter Poll for Conversation Reveals

The Fire Emblem Warriors Japanese Twitter account is currently holding a poll to decide one of four conversation scenes to reveal ahead of the game’s release.

The choices in descending order are: Marth x Chrom, Rowan x Liana, Ryoma x Chrom and Corrin x Xander. The poll runs until 5th July 2017 at 18:00 (Japanese time).

As a bonus, if the poll gets retweeted 2000 or 3000 times, the 2nd and 3rd choices will be revealed as well. Of course, the conversations shown will probably be in Japanese, but we’re sure someone helpful will come along to translate for us.

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  • Laggalot101

    Then I think I’d take Chrom X Ryoma, because then we have characters from different games conversing with eachother, and also funnily enough, two characters with the same voice actor.

    • Fastesthe1

      In English, anyway. But I argree: I look forward to seeing Matt Mercer talking with himself. XD

    • Traditional Ahri

      How amusing does that have to be to watch? Just seeing Matt Mercer in the recording booth going back and forth between two characters!

    • . (Omega)

      Seconded. But I got no twitter. So everyone else vote for Chrom and Ryoma talking.

  • Vaximillian

    Only 8% for Rowan × Liana at the moment? Surrounded, but not surrendered!