Cipher Series 10 Introduction & Pre-Orders

Right now, Fire Emblem Cipher is touring Japan with the “Go! Go! Summer Tour!” event. However, it won’t be long before attention turns to the next upcoming release, Series 10, which will be released on 21 September this year!

Entitled Crossroads, based on the Roman numeral X for ten, S10 will be our first four-colour set! It will also be the first set dedicated to characters from Thracia 776 and Fire Emblem Heroes. We’ll also see a return to characters from both Nohr and Hoshido in Fire Emblem Fates.

S10 was formally announced during the S8 prerelease livestream, and since then we’ve gotten a few sneak previews of some art and cards for the set. Take a look below for everything we know about the set so far, as well as information for pre-ordering cards.

Thracia 776

Characters from Thracia 776 will be one of the main focuses of the set, featuring Leif as the starring lord. In fact, Leif was the first card text for the set we ever saw, as he was released as an R+X card back in S8. This implies that, like many other Lords without associated ST Decks, Leif will get SR, R, and N cards in the set.

We’ve also seen a few pieces of artwork for various Thracia characters since then as well. During the Spring 2017 livestream, we were treated to our first pieces of Thracia set art for Nanna, Eyvel, and Tanja.

Just a couple weeks ago during the S9 pre-release livestream, we got art for some males from the game as well, including new art for Leif, Finn, and Orsin.

All six characters revealed so far art plot-important characters, or characters introduced in the earlier parts of the game, which follows traditional Cipher patterns.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Many fans have been speculating some time about the nature of Heroes cards and how they’ll be represented in the game. We got an answer to that question during the Spring livestream with three revealed Heroes cards: Anna, Alfonse, and Sharena.

Even though all three of these cards are from S9, they give us an insight into Heroes‘ presence in S10. Heroes cards are both colourless and factionless, which gives them advantages and disadvantages to using them in your deck. Alfonse and Sharena were preview promos included in S10 boxes, and Anna is a Summer Tour promo.

The Spring livestream also gave us our first look at Heroes Cipher artwork with Anna’s art from the promo and new art of Sharena. We also go a glimpse of some new Alfonse artwork later during the S9 prerelease livestream.

Since Heroes cards will likely only take up a quarter of the set, we can make some assumptions about their composition. Likely the Heroes original characters will make up the majority, if not entirely, of this section of the set. As such, we’re practically guaranteed to get cards of Bruno and Veronica. Any further characters are currently unknown.

Fire Emblem Fates

Fates comes back for its fifth set with S10, making it the most prolific title in Cipher to date. The Spring livestream gave us a look at new artwork for Asugi and our first artwork for Izana, the only Fates regularly playable character to have not yet received a card.

The S9 pre-release livestream also showed us some new joined artwork for Velouria and Selkie as well as a beautiful piece of Shigure holding a fading Azura. During a discussion with Eri Suzuki, we also got to see a new shot of Soleil, who is voiced by Suzuki.

As hinted at with the focus on children characters, and the art of Shigure in particular, the Fates portion of S10 will focus on the “Heirs of Fates” DLC storyline.

Advertisements and Pre-Orders

Retailers in Japan have already begun receiving information about S10. One such shop in Japan, Cardland, recently shared this advertisement, showing some previews of upcoming cards, though without text.

Many of these cards show previously revealed artwork, though Leif’s are is new, as are both Kanas. It also appears as those Leif’s and Eyvel’s cards are promoted and the others an unpromoted, though this may change before release.

Since official information has been revealed, this means retailers can begin taking pre-orders as well! If you live outside of Japan and would like to pre-order a booster box for S10, you can do so at AmiAmi. Each booster box costs ¥4990, plus shipping.

That’s all we have for S10 for now. We’ll likely begin getting official card reveals starting in August, and we may even get some further artwork or other tidbits before then as well. In the meantime, if you’re interested in discussing Cipher with other fans, come visit the Fire Emblem TCG section of the forums!

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor